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Wise Guys: If He Asks About Size, Can I Tell Him the Truth?

Tue, Mar 17, 2009

Advice, Wise Guys

door_penisphoto by solidstate

Advice from three of our guy friends. This week they answer the following: If a guy asks me how I think his penis ranks size-wise, and I honestly think it’s a little on the small side or perhaps too skinny, what do you think the best approach is?

Straight Married Guy (Fred): I’ll start answering this question with another question:  If I honestly think a woman is on the big side or perhaps a little chubby and she asks me if she’s fat, what do you think the best approach is? Of course I tell her that she looks great. But there’s a difference between these two situations: she can eat a healthier diet and exercise but he can’t do anything about his size. She may even be looking for a little motivation with the question, but it’s still polite to fib in this instance. Which means it’s imperative to fib in the other instance. Tell him that you think his size is great. You can add that you’ve seen bigger and, more importantly, you’ve seen smaller, and that he’s just right.  Adding that too big can be uncomfortable is always a good tidbit as well.  Being honest in this case will only serve to make him forever self-conscious or even more self-conscious than he already is (men hear all the time that “It’s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean,” but men also see the widening eyes and devilish smiles when women talk about sizable, girthy man-sausage). A finessed answer can give him the confidence that most women find attractive and will more than make up for his tiny dick.

Straight Single Guy (Chris): This is an easy one: Lie. If you tell the truth (“It’s kind of too skinny…”) his penis may never again work for you, ever. Put yourself in his shoes, “Are my boobs big enough for you? You seem to always look at girls with big boobs when they walk by…” Would you really want him to say “Well, honey, your boobs are cute, but they are much smaller than I prefer. If I could use magic to change you, I would give you natural 34DD’s.” So lie. But before you do, you need to know is that if his penis is small-ish, he already knows. He is already sensitive about it, and he is just hoping you haven’t been with any well-endowed men. So if you overcompensate with an outright fabrication such as, “It’s huge. It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen,” he will know you are lying to spare his feelings and he will feel even worse. So just say, “Honestly, it’s not the biggest one I’ve ever seen, but it works great for me and you are fantastic in bed. Let’s do it right now!” Trust me, this is the only answer that can work.

Gay Married Guy (Jon Ross): Oooh. Awkward. You might just want to end the relationship right then and there rather than suffer through such an uncomfortable conversation, especially if you can’t bluff. It is never advisable to tell a man his tool is anything but a first-rate, thick cut orgasm factory. If a man is asking you if you think he’s small, he’s probably having some self confidence issues, and confirming his suspicions will only exacerbate problems. So if you don’t mind living with his teeny-tiny skinny-minny member, lie through your teeth. Nothing good can come of you admitting you think he’s small. If the size of his prize has been an issue for you, or you’ve been looking for an excuse to break it off anyway, you might want to begin with “It’s not your small penis, it’s me. . .”

Our “guys” are a rotating group of contributors, some of whom wish to remain anonymous and some of whom like the attention. This week’s Straight Single Guy is Chris DiClerico, and our Gay Married Guy is Jon Ross. To ask the guys your own question, click here.

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202 Responses to “Wise Guys: If He Asks About Size, Can I Tell Him the Truth?”

  1. jlb03 Says:

    I think 90% of guys question their penis size at one point in their life. As a man it matters what a girl thinks about it. As a guy who is above average, I know I shouldn’t worry about it, but when you hear a fair share of girls claiming size matters and seem to exagerate how big a former boyfriend was, it kinda makes you a little less confident in the bedroom.

    Good news for guys. Most girls who claim they seen 9 or 10 inches are almost always completely full of shit. After the studies I read done on penis size shows that its extremely rare for a guy to be that large. A size that most porn stars don’t even reach. According to the study, 75% of males are between 5 and 7 inches, with 12% of guys being below that and 13% being above that. According to the study, if you put a 100 guys in a room. You might only have 1 being 9 inches or bigger at full erection.

    So in conclusion, stats don’t lie, girls do. So the next time a girl says she needs 8 or 9 inches to please her/feel it. Give your girl a ruler and ask her if she was really able to fit that inside her and if she says yes. Google up vagina deepness and print it out for her. The average girl is 5 to 7 inches deep when sexually aroused. So this will probably shut her mouth pretty quickly and make her feel like the one that has a problem, not you.

  2. Richard little Says:

    Well Emily, I value your opinion I really do. I am actually large, I simply have a distorted view due to ignorant people in my life. Your comments only validate my points. I have no desire to convince you of anything….i am simply waiting to see if Jasmine comes back. If she doesn’t I have no interest in this pathetic game.

    Here is an interesting insight i came to with one of my girlfriends recently. Women want to be equals and lash out when a guy is insecure….They want to not be judged for being a whore physically and emotionally. I agree they should not be judged, but when they no longer interest you because they are old get ride of them…..Its complete equality. Shawn Connery is still considered sexy despite his age but most women have a shelf life of about 35, isn’t equality grand:D

  3. Jasmine Says:

    Heeeeey Richard thank god sum1 with some sense cares about giving advice instead of preaching…seriously thats all i see here preaching & people who obviously have no1 tht listens to them and their pretencious “advice” that they come and barf their “opinions” on this site whr its just supposed to be for advice and support…neway things are great with him, the only “trouble” we have is when we discuss this..whether size matters or not..we’re sooo connected i sometimes FEEL what he feels about his penis..it feels natural but i dnt know, its not what im concerned about…he keeps deciding not to talk about it with me (his past experiences, his childhood, being teased or mocked or criticised from childhood to adulthood and also bombarded with all the penis jokes evrywhr and the enlargement commercials evrywhr…) however he sumtimes slips and starts talking about it with me, i dnt mind that he does but the most painful part is tht no matter how much we talk it through i still cant convince him and i know that if i was physically with him i’d just prove that it doesn’t…but im not with him…sooo we’re back to tht first Q..how do i convince him it duznt matter? without using my body (because im not with him)…thaaanx and to any1 else reading this: If you don’t plan on giving constructive advice, and showing the same courtesy you would show face-to-face then spare us all and shhhhhhhhhh

  4. Richard little Says:

    Well a week has gone by again:D I am not sure if you can convince him unfortunately. All you can do is continue to show him you care and be CONSISTENT. Don’t ever tell him what you think he wants to hear because if you lie it will come out in the end and it will destroy what you have created. The most important thing is to build a relationship on you and him. If you lie or beat around the bush with him on his size then it will consume your time together. It might very well be true that you don’t care at all about his size. I would say that its the least of your concerns to be more correct. If he is smaller then the actual average and not just messed up in the head like me than he will have to be creative but then to be a really good love so does any man. Creativity, passion and even aggression at times are what I have found to be the precursors to good sex. It all depends on knowing your partner.

  5. Jasmine Says:

    BTMVK Ur ex gf said that to hurt u because u obviously hurt her, ur penis is fine, im not sure i can say the same thing for ur personality or the rest of you – ur penis can’t do all the work for you :) Get some character

    Heeeyyy Richard thnx for the reply, ur absolutely right about staying consistent, im trying, it’s just that whn he asked me if it mattered i was a virgin and i was like…ummm i donno ive never thought about tht, i wudnt know (how the hell wud i?!?) so tht was the one insconsistency in my arguments about the matter…but i lovvve his penis, and he’s trying to not talk about it or let the subject ruin our moments together, so thts good news (right??) i think the more time we spend together and the more he realises how much he can satisfy me he feels better..so thts gr8, only problem is i dnt live in Arizona and we can only see eachother evry other week…so sumtimes i feel like whtver progress we made the week b4 fades whn i leave, he tries to hide it..he’s so scared of me giving up on him :( which i wudnt dooo i absolutely adore him!!
    newaaay thts the update so far..that we had sex..it was amazing (better than i cud have ever expected – painful at first) we’re making progress with his confidence, but whn i leave i feel like all those dark thoughts and stupid commercials and sit coms just poison his mind against his manhood and his ability and all tht..which is just SO ridiculous to me no because he’s a wonderful lover
    sooo all in all great news, sumtimes frustrating..
    cheers xx

  6. Richard Little Says:

    Jasmine I am very happy for you. Since you are a virgin I assume you are fairly young. I wish someone would have said this to me so I will say it to you. Things are not better on the other side of the fence and even the best relationship takes hard work on a daily basis. I hope that you continue to be honest with him and build a strong relationship. I also hope he continues to respect you and not take you for granted. If you two can avoid falling into these pitfalls you have a good chance of living a healthy, happy, successful life. Be aware of friends giving advice, girlfriends can screw things up for you because they would rather look at your relationship then the failings of their own. I am really happy for you Jasmine…I hope my thoughts and advice has been neutral and unbiased.

  7. Madamoiselle L Says:

    Em, Lo? Can I post a link to the online version of White and Strunk’s “The Elements of Style.” ????

  8. Richard Little Says:

    Sigh….are you really so petty as to correct peoples grammar on an internet bulletin board?

  9. Jasmine Says:

    At least she’s not preaching :S

  10. Madamoiselle L Says:

    little said: “Sigh….are you really so petty as to correct peoples grammar…”

    There’s nothing “petty” about being able to communicate so others can actually understand what you say or write. In fact, it is one of the Hallmarks of creating and fitting into a Society and being Human.

  11. Madamoiselle L Says:

    I’m glad you got the reference though, Rich. ;)

  12. Jasmine Says:

    Alright you’re not “petty” you’re just plain annoying and completely useless despite you’re grammar

  13. Richard Little Says:

    Et tu Jasmine? I was trying to be supportive and you label it preaching (shakes head).

    My point mademoiselle is that its a blog and not subject to the rules of English 101 grammar which I am willing to bet you only recently passed. I am very happy that you can write. Can you also do Chemistry and Physics? How about Multi-Veriable Calculus? How about we change the language? French perhaps? Or is your misspelled name the only word you know?

    Combien futé êtes vous petite dame?

  14. Madamoiselle L Says:

    Everything but the calc and the French. (And I passed the rest quite a while ago.) Yep, I KNOW I misspelled the French word…..but, this is an English speaking blog…and proper names are not subject to specific grammar or spelling rules (or is that just in Scrabble? ;) ) ….and once it was written, and known, I just left it. Besides, it defines me. LOL!


  15. Jasmine Says:

    Nooo I meant SHE’s preaching!! she was earlier on!!

  16. Jasmine Says:

    Rich ur advice was great and it calmed me down..seriously i didn’t mean u..sorry

  17. Newsforyou Says:

    Sorry guys n gals here’s a newsflash, my wife made some hurtful comparisons to me about her ex, way before we were married. Didn’t stop us getting married but the sex life never ever recovered. That was a long time ago…….

  18. Richard Little Says:

    Don’t fret over it Jasmine and thank you for clearing it up…I still wish you the best:D

    As to my grammar instructor your attitude seems passable today….I would even venture that we could be friends, as long as you don’t send everything I write back with red marks on it.

  19. Madamoiselle L Says:

    Rich, I’m really not that bad. Just a little prickly. A lot of what I post is tongue in cheek, to a certain extent. (Yeah, I have a bitchy exterior, but I’m not a bad chick. A bad GIRL, yes, but not a bad person.)

    I promise not to redmark your posts. ;)

  20. Liam Says:

    TELL THE TRUTH OF COURSE!!!!! nothing is worse than thinkin you go a big dick and walkin that big dick walk, pullin it out as a girl tries not to laugh

  21. Richard Little Says:

    Well I can be a bit prickly but I am not a prick….so Madam we should be able to get along just fine:D I fee all warm and fuzzy now.

    Liam yes, the truth is best!

  22. Madamoiselle L Says:

    Cool. Rich. :)

  23. Dex Says:

    I’m bigger than average, but when one of my college girlfriends told me (more than once) how huge her first boyfriend’s penis was, it did put a dent my sexual confidence.

    Even though she more often commented on what an asshole he was, the fact that she still remembered his size so well, despite the emotional damage he did, made me sometimes feel small.

  24. Jaxson Says:

    This might help with those who think they are not gifted in the loins. Get over it, you have what you have and you don’t have what you don’t have. She will like it when you take her or she will not, but then at least you will both know.


  25. ShortDude Says:

    I became aware of my waay below aver size skinny dipping with my guy friends and later with our teenaged gfs along for the swim. It was clear from the look in their eyes – they had never seen a guy like me. (Lucky for me – my penis is super cute. Short, thick and seriously cute.) One day I went swimming with the girls in the posse. The lone guy coming out of the lake naked dripping wet no towel. Judy finally broke the silence, “You’re all man – it’s just that you are a mini-man.” The young ladies all nodded and the nickname stuck.

    It’s going to come up and I say tell the truth. Don’t be brutal but if his mini-man is a deal breaker for you then it’s a deal breaker for you. Personal facts of life: there are plenty of fine females for whom this will not be an issue. I’ve found most lovers come back for seconds and thirds and …. if you make it romantic, creative, sensuous and fun.

  26. richard ludwig Says:

    it is a deal breaker with most any woman anyways – so why even bother trying when all they are going to do is heckle you because of it?

  27. richard ludwig Says:

    i faced that fact a LONG LONG LONG time back.

  28. Mike Hawk Says:

    Just don’t do what I did when I wanted to know what my size was. My girlfriend Megan and her best friend were drinking with me one afternoon. After a few beers the conversation turned to sex, of course. My girlfriend had always liked to tease me about having “the Irish curse”. I thought it was just to make me try harder in bed! lol. My girl was in the kitchen a few feet away from her girlfriend Jenn and I, when I asked Jenn to honestly tell me my size. My girlfriends voice warned from the kitchen “don’t do it”! Not an angry warning, more like a giggling taunt implying “you’ll be sorry if you do!” I was standing just a few feet away from where Jenn was sitting. I whipped down my shorts right down to my ankles…then rose..completely bare and on display. Startled and staring…Jenn’s eyes lowered on my manhood. I asked what she thought of my size. She tried avoiding a straight answer by telling me that size doesn’t matter and that if Megan was happy then that’s all that
    mattered. That’s when Meg shouted from the kitchen “just tell him the truth!” Jenn immediately blurted out “it’s tiny!” Meg came out just in time to see me naked and mortified. She stepped on my shorts so I couldn’t pull them up to cover my little penis. The two of them now laughing at my size. Meg then grabbed my whole package in one hand. I looked down at my now growing erection as they howled that my dick was still small. Jenn commented that my erect length was smaller than most guys when their soft! I finally managed to pull up my shorts, to cover my “dinklet” Meg’s private pet name for me now shared With Her best friend. They tease me all time now. Guess I got the answer to my question!

  29. Newbie Says:

    You guy never seem to believe it when we say it’s how you use it that matters… The only time I have ever reached orgasm during intercourse was with a man who was smaller than the average!

  30. Joker Says:

    Some women prefer a large penis and some women could care less… in the end you just have to find a woman who is sexually compatible with you.

    i am 5 inches hard. I have been with women who preferred a bigger dick and i have been with women who scream and cum more than once during intercourse. Test the waters and stick everything that moves, you’ll find one that works… and don’t forget to wrap it up.

  31. richard ludwig Says:

    Newbie Says:
    April 18th, 2010 at 11:19 am

    You guy never seem to believe it when we say it’s how you use it that matters… The only time I have ever reached orgasm during intercourse was with a man who was smaller than the average!


    1/2 the time we guys do not believe it because it is women lying through whats left of their teeth just to spare our feelings. kinda like women faking orgasms just to make guys feel studly and to spare their feelings when the guy is really DUDly – when she really does not have the balls to do cut the manure and to total truth with him cold and raw – and to NOT spare our feelings. to me – nothing is more attractive than a woman who tells me the complete and total truth w/o any sugar coating or warm/fuzzy feelings.

  32. Lea' Says:

    ive hd my share of sexual encounters.there hv bn the average,the weigh to small & only 2 of great satisfaction.nw havn said that its all ur state of mind-the erotic zone-u let urself go 2 when ur bn sexually fead.i love my husbands lrg penis.cant live w/out it.he knw’s its more than avrg.he told me(cocky jock)that he is 19yrs ago b4 we were about 2 entertain(im bigger than most guys)!I was like is the guy kiddn,jst gv it 2 me & stop bragn.Well it was but,he didnt knw what 2 do w/it.i kept hm cuz i saw the potential.he’s not really gd @ the husband or daddy thang(thats a whole other blog).i kp hm 4 the sex only & he’s ok w/that.so what im sayn is 1st dont lie 2 a man if its small its small & he knw’s it.if he asks say yes its smaller than id like but,im feeln u & so we’ll make it wrk 4 us.

  33. Lea' Says:

    id like 2 add ive hd amazin orgasims no matter the size of the penis b it large,average,or small.it has to do with you and that person as a couple.

  34. Lovereaction Says:

    But what is a little penis anyway?
    12-15 cm is average. And they are the best.

  35. Rose Says:

    I just wanted to say, a guy I slept with last night sent me a text asking if he was the biggest, which he is not (but it was really good), so I googled how to handle this question without lying. This came up and helped me answer quite tactfully. Thanks!

  36. Johnny Says:

    Rose – ask a silly question, get a silly answer. Here’s what I consider a good one:

    Guy: Am I the biggest?

    Rose: Close, but no cigar!

  37. Jasmine Says:

    So if anyone has been following up with my story, that guy I idealised, and fell in love with…Turns out he’s been fucking everything that moves for the last couple of months…About the same time he told me how much I “changed him” and “gave him confidence” back in his “little penis”…

    So yeah, if I ever get that question again, or even get a hint of insecurity in that area, I’m bailing…Once you give them that confidence back, let em know it’s not about size, it’s about passion bla bla, they’ll go and put your theories to the test with other women. I’m not being cruel, I’m just scarred!! He took SOOO much of my energy, belittled my opinions about sex and love, and then when our relationship “helped him” (something I am grateful for) he cheated & thennn dumped…

    My Point Is…YES, tell the truth, and DO NOT get sucked into any in-depth “comforting” conversations about it

  38. Ed Says:

    I’d agree that all of us guys are a little weirded out that our man-meat isn’t big enough. I’m somewhere between 7-7.5″, propotionate girth, have been told “don’t go so deep” and have glanced at “the competition” in the shower room. But still the niggling worry. We’d only be satisfied if the lady was cringing in terror or screaming that it was killing her. But back on OP topic…
    Tell him it’s not the biggest but you weren’
    t looking for a porn star. Tell him it works very nicely and to not be so silly when it obviously suits you. If he persists, tell him there are many ways to satisfy you. Ask him if it works for him – if so, tell him to hop on and shut up(jokingly).

  39. daniel Says:

    I will always want a girlfriend who was open and told me how she felt over one that feels my confidence is too fragile to be honest with me.

  40. Newbie Eight Says:

    This is in response to jlb03. My wife told me that I was the largest she had ever had. I measure around 8”, 8 ¼ when really turned on. We had been married for about 12 years when one night we were drinking and she confessed that she had an encounter with a larger one in college. I was a little surprised but more turned on by her confession. He was a Norwegian and was on the college swim team. She told me that after the party she was at, her friend inquired into his size. My wife pulled out a ruler and showed her. My wife said that he was long and thick. She couldn’t get her hand around his girth and figured he was about 6 ½” thick. She was able to get two hands on his length and still had plenty to suck on. She said that she could have gotten three hands on him. Well I too thought as you that the odds of his cock being 9 or 10” was not that likely. I thought that way until I ran the numbers. Yes it’s true that 1 in 100 have a cock in the 9” range and 1 in 10,000 have a cock over 10”. Based on this countries male population, that means there are 90,000 men out there swinging a cock over 9” and studies show that guys with big dicks tend to be more sexually active. My wife had seven partners before me and the activity ranged from hand jobs to intercourse. She wasn’t into the oral thing as much but that has change over the years. Since guys in general are more sexually active then girls and guys with big dicks are more active then the norm, it would be save to say that there are probably close to a million woman in this country that have encountered a cock over 9”. That makes my wife one in a million.

  41. ben mello Says:

    If a guy asks about size, its either because hes insecure about it or he knows it’s big and just wants to hear it come from your mouth. Either way you should be honest with him. I mean if he’s your boyfriend, you’re probably having sex with him on a regular basis. The best way to improve his performance in the bedroom and your experience is to be honest with him. The same goes for guys being honest with their ladies. If it’s small, just tell him it’s smaller than what you’ve encountered in the past but be optimistic. Tell him what positions work best for his size. I’ve talked with numerous females about the whole size thing and they’ve all said certain sizes are best for certain positions. Some girls like ‘em really big and some girls could care less, it all depends on the make up of her vagina. But anyways back to the OP, yes be honest but be optimistic and open.

  42. jlb03 Says:

    Newbie eight, I dont neccesarily claim your wife is lying, but even the biggest porn stars aren’t even 10 inches. You must also take into account how drunk your wife was at the time of her sexual experience with the guy. Was she seeing double? All jokes aside,it’s possible she encountered a 10 inch guy, but extremely unlikely. Stats show it’s even more rare than 1 in 10,000 guys pack that 10 inch cock. Most claim John Holmes had one of the biggest back in the 70′s and 80′s. With claims as high as 13 inches, but when the truth came out from former girlfriends, his size was closer to 10 inches.

    Women are known to be big exagerators when it comes to size. Which comes from terrible estimation skills and guys lies. Thats say she was telling the truth, I would bet 90% would more and likely be grossed out by a man that size. Most women want big 7-8, with a thickness about the size of a standard toliet paper roll. Huge and small are turn-offs to most women I spoke to.

    Your size and my size are roughly what the majority of women look for. Look at this way, women want above average in most aspects of a guy. Though their is a such thing as too much. Most girls want a tall guy, but that doesn’t they want a huge 7 foot tall guy either. 6’0 to 6’3 is the perfered height for most women. Just like most women want a guy with a nice body, but would be turned off if they seen Mr. Olympia walk through the door. See my point?

  43. Annie Says:

    I’ve had huge, average and small. The smallest is attached to the man I love more than any other. So it is perfect for me.

  44. Lovereaction Says:

    Why the hell tell a man anything else that his disk looks and feels great?

  45. Madamoiselle L Says:

    Jasmine, dear, I hate to say, “I told you so…” but…..see my response, and then yours, Dec 9, 2010.http://www.emandlo.com/2009/03/wise-guys-if-he-asks-about-size-can-i-tell-him-the-truth/comment-page-2/#comments

    Immature, insecure guys never make good mates….

    I hope you are recovering well and can find a good, mature man who doesn’t need be constantly emotional propped up in the future.

    Good luck and I hope you find someone better than this little jerk. You are better off without him, which is what was discussed over 6 months ago.

    Get a new hairdo, buy yourself some new clothes, take some time for yourself, and get back into the water when you feel ready.


  46. Madamoiselle L Says:

    And, Jasmine, as I said before it NEVER had anything to do with his penis. It was his immaturity and insecurity and need to control you all along. You deserve better, now go GET IT!!!! ;)

  47. Newbie Eight Says:

    Jlb03, I don’t argue that most woman want something slightly over the norm. My point is that there are those nine, ten and bigger that are out there and yes woman have had them. I as you did consider the alcohol as a contributing factor, and it’s not to say that it doesn’t play a role in what some woman may perceive as a large member. But in my wife’s description of her several encounters with this big dick, that fact that her hand couldn’t close around his girth and that she could get three hands on his length, well I believe that would constitute a cock that was definitely over nine inches and possibly ten. At the time she was too much in awe of his size that even if she would have had a tape measure she probably would have forgotten to use it. But then again she is a bit of a Size Queen so maybe she would have! I do think that when a woman does have her an encounter with a large cock, she may think, “OMG it has to be at least nine or ten inches!” When in reality it may only be in the upper seven to eight inch range. Add a little booze to the mix and I’m sure that there are wives and girlfriends out there tonight writing a story, posting a message or telling their man about this nine or ten inch dick they had in the past. Hey, no matter how it plays out, roll with it. Regardless of the true size, ask her what she liked about it and why. Have her tell you about the encounter. It’s harmless fun and it spices “things up!” I found it rather exciting when she told me about it because she seemed turned on by her encounter with this well hung man. She got me to pop fast on more then one occasion telling me what she was feeling and thinking when she first saw his cock outline and feeling him up through his pants. That fact that he was so big that she couldn’t pull him out through his zipper but had to get down between his legs and pull his pants down to get it out. She told me of her excitement as it swung into her view and how she proceeded to stroke him with one hand but soon realized that one this size needs and deserves two hands. She told how she sucked on the end of his cock as she stroked him with both hands. He was big enough so that she had a mouth full and still had plenty of stroking room on the shaft. She concluded by telling how that when she sensed he was near, she removed her mouth and watched in total amazement as several long thick ropes of cum blast out of his huge member. She said that she had never seen so much cum, as she jacked him off and he shot up onto the back of the couch and all over. The lust in her voice as she recalled how his cum load matched his cock size, well you get the point. Now I got one horny woman so I just enjoy it. If a woman thinks she has had a big one, let her. It’s the one that’s with her at the time she recalls her encounter that benefits. OORAH!

  48. Irene Says:

    Married guy=best answer
    size can matter, just dont be a donkey ;)

  49. angelo Says:

    Because i tell my penis is 15″ everbody say i am a bullshit er well if i could post a pic i would, i am a freak something you dont ever want to wish for believe me, be happy with your 5 6 7 8 9 inch penis over that and you make woman uncomfortable and end up lonly like me thanks

  50. Bets Says:

    If he asks me about size, I say “Stick out your tongue. Yep, just right.”

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