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Wise Guys: If He Asks About Size, Can I Tell Him the Truth?

Tue, Mar 17, 2009

Advice, Wise Guys

door_penisphoto by solidstate

Advice from three of our guy friends. This week they answer the following: If a guy asks me how I think his penis ranks size-wise, and I honestly think it’s a little on the small side or perhaps too skinny, what do you think the best approach is?

Straight Married Guy (Fred): I’ll start answering this question with another question:¬† If I honestly think a woman is on the big side or perhaps a little chubby and she asks me if she’s fat, what do you think the best approach is? Of course I tell her that she looks great. But there’s a difference between these two situations: she can eat a healthier diet and exercise but he can’t do anything about his size. She may even be looking for a little motivation with the question, but it’s still polite to fib in this instance. Which means it’s imperative to fib in the other instance. Tell him that you think his size is great. You can add that you’ve seen bigger and, more importantly, you’ve seen smaller, and that he’s just right.¬† Adding that too big can be uncomfortable is always a good tidbit as well.¬† Being honest in this case will only serve to make him forever self-conscious or even more self-conscious than he already is (men hear all the time that “It’s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean,” but men also see the widening eyes and devilish smiles when women talk about sizable, girthy man-sausage). A finessed answer can give him the confidence that most women find attractive and will more than make up for his tiny dick.

Straight Single Guy (Chris): This is an easy one: Lie. If you tell the truth (“It’s kind of too skinny…”) his penis may never again work for you, ever. Put yourself in his shoes, “Are my boobs big enough for you? You seem to always look at girls with big boobs when they walk by…” Would you really want him to say “Well, honey, your boobs are cute, but they are much smaller than I prefer. If I could use magic to change you, I would give you natural 34DD’s.” So lie. But before you do, you need to know is that if his penis is small-ish, he already knows. He is already sensitive about it, and he is just hoping you haven’t been with any well-endowed men. So if you overcompensate with an outright fabrication such as, “It’s huge. It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen,” he will know you are lying to spare his feelings and he will feel even worse. So just say, “Honestly, it’s not the biggest one I’ve ever seen, but it works great for me and you are fantastic in bed. Let’s do it right now!” Trust me, this is the only answer that can work.

Gay Married Guy (Jon Ross): Oooh. Awkward. You might just want to end the relationship right then and there rather than suffer through such an uncomfortable conversation, especially if you can’t bluff. It is never advisable to tell a man his tool is anything but a first-rate, thick cut orgasm factory. If a man is asking you if you think he’s small, he’s probably having some self confidence issues, and confirming his suspicions will only exacerbate problems. So if you don’t mind living with his teeny-tiny skinny-minny member, lie through your teeth. Nothing good can come of you admitting you think he’s small. If the size of his prize has been an issue for you, or you’ve been looking for an excuse to break it off anyway, you might want to begin with “It’s not your small penis, it’s me. . .”

Our “guys” are a rotating group of contributors, some of whom wish to remain anonymous and some of whom like the attention. This week’s Straight Single Guy is Chris DiClerico, and our Gay Married Guy is Jon Ross. To ask the guys your own question, click here.

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202 Responses to “Wise Guys: If He Asks About Size, Can I Tell Him the Truth?”

  1. Al K. Hawlick Says:

    I have a pretty small cock myself, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it!! Sorry, ladies! God damn I wish I could make it bigger. However, I will agree that women in general appreciate more the loving, sensuous side of sex, and although I’m envious of the guys with the big prongs, how you really make your woman cum is with your own ability to be turned on and your gentle, slow vibe. Love is a weird word, but in comes into play – you have to love. It all comes from that.

  2. Eitak 88 Says:

    I was just ran into this problem and I wasn’t sure what to say. He isn’t the biggest I’ve had but he is the perfect size to suck on and sex is great. He was joking but probingly said “Your lucky my dick is small.” So I responded “Umm babe what part of this weekend has made you think ur cock is small?! “Billy Dong Thornton is perfect for me and your fantastic in bed. It’s a very sexy combo I get to work with!” It seemed to work great!

  3. Lola Says:

    I’ve had freakishly huge and I’ve had average-to-small and average-to-large.(argh–I sound promiscuous, huh? Lol) The REAL truth? Nothing physically “feels” like a really large one, BUT; nothing compares to a guy who adores you and is driven by the desire to please you! Emotion trumps physical! It’s a no-brainer. If you’re diggin’ him, tell him his member is AMAZING, but unless it’s monstrous…don’t even indulge him in ‘size’ talk. ALL men should try these 3 things that will make her feel like your boner is bodacious: 1.Tell her she’s beautiful!(naked, clothed, or sick with the flu) 2. Learn how to give oral like it’s your profession & TRULY love it! 3. Snuggle, talk, plan, dream, laugh, and APPRECIATE her! For every 3 ‘normal’ sessions, have 1 fantasy/freaky/dress-up/public/ or wild event! Physically smaller tools need to work harder on the mental/emotional, but get over it; I’ll never have an 18″ waist or DD breasts. I have scars and stretchmarks; BUT I am so flippin hot in bed that men think I’m FAB! WHY? Because I let all inhibitions go and lose myself in the moment. People overthink sex WAY too much!

  4. sam Says:

    I’ve had huge guys, and I can honestly say I would take an average guy over a monster cock any day. I love to go hard but having your cervix rammed really takes you out of the moment..If he’s smaller or skinnier than you’d prefer, try different positions that allow for deeper penetration (try a pillow under your butt), but never, ever, EVER tell him its not the most perfect penis in the world. My boyfriend’s really IS perfect, but once I made fun of it after he got out of the pool, and I got the cold shoulder for the rest of the day!

  5. Johnny Says:

    ^That’s pretty funny, the pool thing. A guy with a “perfect penis” should be able to laugh about pool shrinkage.

  6. Shewolf68 Says:

    Excellent advise LOLA!

    Although, honestly…all men w/dicks should follow that lead!

  7. Brian Says:

    I have 8 inches long by 5 inches around,measured with a tape measure.I have hit bottom on plenty of women,and they do not seem to enjoy it as much as getting a good rythem going. Foreplay is very important,a man has to be able to make her climax orally.This may take dating her for awhile to make her more comfortable with you.Sex is important,enjoy it,take your time with her.A woman needs to feel loved,if she is just in it for the sex,you better wrap it up,cause you are not the 1st and will not be the last.If she is good at oral sex,it is from practice!If she makes love like a porn star,she believes she is,and again wrap it up!I believe the best sex is when you have been together for awhile and are comfortable with each other.

  8. anthony boredain Says:

    Well kids…it seems yet another blog about tenderfoots w small penis’ pops up to stumble across..let me start by saying most mens size varies and in some cases (such is the came w me) I can be measured at a thin 5in in length by 4.5in girth when I’m nervous and/or new to an environment..generally its 6.25 by 4.9 and no actual complaints have ever been made on its nervous size..just looks of a wondering nature..as is the look when I’m truly relaxed at 7.25 by 5.18! I guess what I’m trying to say is sure..tell the guy your feelings on the subject if you want to seem like a promiscuous insensitive yutz. Work on your personality instead of worrying about the way god made someone not up to your standards, make sense?

  9. JASON R Says:

    I’M big and proud of it, BUT the best sex I’ve ever had was when I was with a sweet, cute, loving girl with whom I could be totally loving, caring, and devoted to making her feel she is so special that I treasure my time with her; which is also quite true. I’m still with her and we have crazy, wonderful bed sessions, complete with apres orgasm cuddling and fondling.

  10. Tim Y Says:

    If you don’t want to lie but still want to make him feel good and you enjoy having sex with him, just tell him that his member makes you feel good and leave it at that. If you don’t like having sex with him and sex is a big issue with you, maybe you will need to find a different partner.

  11. Shell Says:

    This is a difficult question. I feel that Jon Ross answered it the best. A guy who is very well endowed is a blessing!

    Men are allowed to lust after women with big breasts and whatever else that they want. They will even settle for fake boobs.

    One of my sister friends brought up this topic just a few days ago. She is adamant about size. If a man has a small dick, I’m not going to be happy. We can be friends but sex will stop. It will not be fair to him or me for us to continue a physical relationship. I like sex and I enjoy it so if a man has a small penis, I won’t be having fun.

    I will give an average sized man a chance because I did have a boyfriend who was less than what I like but because I loved him it was ok. Never mind blowing but it was ok. I guess in any case, a woman can always buy toys but I suspect that a man will get the hint if she buys toys that are bigger than he is.

  12. Jimmy Crack Corn Says:

    why dont all us small gus just kill our selfs, that way there will only be large guys left, we are already the one group in society that is fair game to be disciminated against and picked on/humiliated ect… best we all just die, we offer nothing to society and couldnt possibly ever be good loving husbands and great providers, fathers and companions.. better you marry a well hung loser than a small but loving and hard working gentlemen….

  13. Johnny Says:

    ^ You bring up an interesting point… dick size is genetically determined. If small guys were such undesirable partners, they’d have been weeded out a long, long time ago. Just like short guys and bald guys and fat guys and pimply guys.

    So relax! You’re probably fine.

  14. Mandy Says:

    Well actually, considering how small the penii (penises?) of other primates are, even a not so well endowed human is an amazingly endowed animal. So I think the small dicks ~were~ weeded out a long long time ago.
    Just a theory.
    I still think what he can do with his hands is more important than what he can do with his penis.

  15. Johnny Says:

    ^ Hm… good theory. Way to punch holes in mine. I was just trying to cheer the guy up!

  16. A-Non Says:

    Well, obviously, size does matter – a little bit. Up to a point, bigger is going to be better. Past that point, well…let’s just say you’re going to hurt someone with that thing!! But size is only one small aspect of lovemaking. (Pun intended.) I’ve never been with a guy that made me think that it “wasn’t enough” or anything like that. Getting full penetration, plus a little of that pelvic grinding, more than makes up for a lack of feeling a really thick one. And what he does with his hands and lips can be much more thrilling than what he does while thrusting. One can never truly know the answer to this, but does smaller matter to the guy’s sensations and enjoyment??

    Oh, and it hasn’t been mentioned yet, but smaller is probably better for more adventurous activities… if you know what I mean.

  17. Ninja Says:

    It’s rather sad to see how many people there are in this world who are completely uneducated about sexual anatomy of humans. First off, the only 2 places most women can orgasm from are the clitoris and the g-spot (which is located approx 3″ in and upward towards the bladder) if you’re a big guy chances are that she is going to have to have her clit stimulated by some other means than with a smaller guy who’s pelvis rubs the clit.

    Secondly, women can do what are called kegel exercises and better yet, kegel balls increase the effectiveness of these exercises a lot. Basically, kegel exercises strengthen the kegel muscle (same muscle used to pee) and tighten the pelvic floor of the vagina which is nothing more than a hammock of muscles.

    If you are worried about the size “issue” then get yourself some Ben Wa kegel balls, eventually even something as small as a pinky will create stimulation.

    So please, rather than going off of what society depicts as “normal” or “better” educate yourself on human anatomy and physiology. A smaller penis tends to be more rigid and can be positioned to hit your g-spot perfectly UNLIKE large penises, ever look at a g-spot stimulating vibrator? Notice how they’re generally small, thin and curved at the tip…just saying

    It was a man who invented the dildo and a woman who invented the vibrator, I’m going to think that a woman knows how to please herself better than a man.

    Rather than argue about penis size let’s argue about good in bet or not, I generally give my Gf 5-8 orgasms per session without fail, I’m 5 1/2″ and about 3″ thick she’s never faked an orgasm with me yet and doesn’t lie about things either, if she’s not into it then she let’s it be known, but generally we have sex at least 2 times a day, and a side note, she’s also had a kid before :p

  18. Amy Says:

    If you like the guy, just tell him that his penis is the right size for you.

    Personally, I prefer smaller penises, but have had a very difficult time finding one! Very ironic. I think that maybe guys with smaller penises are shy or something.

  19. oohlookasquirrel Says:

    oh god, isn’t it lovely how guys on the internet always want to tell you exactly how big their cocks are?

    I’ve only been with guys who were too big for me. If I could change my boyfriend’s, I might shorten it by an inch, and he falls within what is normally considered average. The cervix-banging really is a mood killer. Thick guys, too, aren’t much fun for me. If sex leaves me sore, we’re not going to have as much. There’s nothing quite as disappointing as having to give up on your own orgasm because you’re too sore from a thick cock, and the pain is killing your orgasm potential (yes, even with plenty of lube and foreplay and all that good stuff).

    Of course size matters. I’ve got my favorite size and shape. But it’s definitely not “the bigger the better.” Honesty has never been a problem in my current relationship, because my honest response is that he’s too big for me, and I think he can live with that.

  20. Ninja Says:

    I’ve heard plenty of women talk about penises to their friends etc, I’ve even heard a girl say how disappointed she was with a guy once she saw how small his package was. But it’s funny, every girl I’ve ever been with usually don’t say anything to me prior to sex, afterwards the general reaction I get is, “wow, I was expecting that to be a lot worse because of your size” and generally I’m told that I am either the best or one of the best they’ve ever had.

    I think that it really boils down to the fact that from what I’ve heard from most women that most guys don’t even know how to kiss good, let alone knowing how to have sex, I can attest 100% that big or small as long as you know what women truly want and like sex will be good for them nearly every time!

  21. uhohspaggetiohs Says:

    What if your 4′ long and 2 1\2 wide, kill ya self?

  22. nubbins Says:

    As a woman, I have encountered this awkwardness before — I said almost exactly what Straight Single Guy Chris suggested, and it seemed to be a good choice. I can be very bad at lying even to spare someones feelings (I’m pretty hard on myself, and when I ask for the truth, I actually want it — I often make the mistake of doing unto others as I would have them do unto me). So saying, “You’re the biggest I’ve had” would not just be a lie, but an unconvincing one, and would definitely cause more insecurity than resolve.

    Like someone else said, if he’s small down there, he probably already knows it. If he’s AVERAGE down there, he may think of himself as small or large depending on his mood, confidence and personality. In most cases, he’s really just looking for an affirmation that he’s a prime specimen of raw male virility capable of providing orgasmic bliss to the ladies while inciting a healthy amount of envy from the inferior males. So give him the affirmation.

    I can say that my partner and I have mind-blowing sex. He’s about 4 inches, and boy, does he know what he’s doing — with ALL of his tools! I’ve had 9 inches before, and that was just too big for me. I like to have sex frequently, and that’s just something I was not as keen on doing when there was such a layover of soreness and sometimes some “interior chafing”, if lube wasn’t available. Not comfortable! I think there’s a Jack for every Jill in this regard… Larger/smaller vaginas, different heights, different tastes…

    Chemistry, trust, emotional connection, confidence, a compatible libido/ sense of adventure, and the genuine desire to please your partner are the things that really make or break sex.

  23. Veronica Says:

    My boyfriend is 18 and his dick is roughly 7 inches. To tell you the truth, I don’t mind! Sure it might feel good to have a 12 inch cock shoved inside you, but there is nothing that turns me on more than my loving boyfriend trying his hardest to make me happy(even though he gets the job done with minimal effort!). I’ve been with him for 2 years now, and I love him to death! What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t mind how long a guys’ dick is, just the fact that he wants to make you as happy as possible.

  24. Veronica Says:

    OOPS SORRY, I forgot to say something :D
    Just to inform anyone who doesn’t know this already, A girl’s G-Spot is only 3″ up the front wall of her vagina. You can guess where I’m going with this. A guy with a 3-4 inch dick and some really good positions can make a girl have a more intense orgasms compared to a guy who has a 12″ inch dick. SO yeah.

  25. Genevieve Says:

    @Lola, a big LOL. You do sound like you’ve been around. Telling us all about your scars, stretchmarks, and how ‘flippin’ hot’ you are in bed tells me alot about you. You’re very insecure about your body so you’ll do anything in bed just to get a guy to look past your flaws. Sad. You should value your body more than to throw it around. It catches up with you, it really does.

  26. shannonsteview Says:

    Well i dated a man that did nothing but tell me he had a 8 inch cock. Well when the clothes came off well i think he added 5 inches my hand is wider and i have small hands. I want to tell him not to be mean but why do men lir about it. You would have better luck just saying it not big.

  27. George Says:

    Don’t tell him he’s small because that would just make him sad/nervous probably (I know thats how it’d make me)

    I’m a male, 19yrs old, i won’t lie like most men do online and say i have a “9 inch dick, 6 inch girth with a side of gravy”
    Honestly my penis is only 5 1/3 inches long normally, and like 5 inches in girth. When i’m really aroused i can reach pretty close to 6 inches long. 5-6 inches is average so i guess i’m average, and I’ve never heard any complaints.
    My girlfriend and I are pretty open about things, and i don’t doubt she’d say something if she was unhappy, and she really enjoys having sex.

  28. sean Says:

    Be honest about the size thing if he asks, but as long as you also tell him that what he does with it works and makes you very happy then all will be fine. Been there done that!

  29. cathy Says:

    The guy I’m dating now knew my last boyfriend personally and knew he had a large penis, (gym class), but it’s never really caused a problem between us.

  30. rob Says:

    good for you george. most of the guys who comment are full of shit or they dont know how to use a measuring tape. if the average guys is 5-6 then how come theres all these 9.5 inch guys commenting on websites about men being too small.

  31. mithra Says:

    I guess I’m in the minority, but when I’m dating a woman, I’m always curious what she thinks about my penis size-wise. I’m interested in an honest answer, even if she prefer them larger ideally. Obviously I can’t make it grow, but I am still more interested in knowing my partner’s sexual needs and wants than worrying that I have the most perfectly shaped penis she’s ever happened upon.

  32. joe Says:

    I prefer women to be honest. My dick is pretty small, just 4 inches. So I can’t see how a woman could lie and tell me its big! Haha

  33. Joan Says:

    It is an interesting subject. I’ve experienced all sizes of men through college and now a few years after and think that most of the guys that ask that question are either insecure about themselves already or have a different fetish altogether.
    None of the women have mentioned any of the other now more open issues with men of color being bigger, too. In my own dating I found myself enjoying men of color more not only because of their larger size but, also because they didn’t need to talk about it. They already have the confidence to know they will satisfy us completely. I found myself not enjoying being with white men as much I think because they more often didn’t have the same confidence and by asking such questions only made me think about the fact that the sex wasn’t going to be as good. So, it would sort of sabotage the sex before it even started.
    So, I guess I’m just saying tok the guys that aren’t as well endowed that if you could just have more confidence about what you do have I think that more women would enjoy it. While I have decided that, for myself that since I’ve grown accustomed to large partners (of color) that this is what’s best for me And some of my girlfriends, I know this is not as important to many other women so work on the confidence part and those women are your perfect partners.
    Just my thoughts.

  34. Mactek Says:

    I want a woman who loves, appreciates, adores, admires and desires me. My penis is a part of me. It always has been. If I can’t trust a woman to desire my penis and sexual virility, why would I trust her with my heart.

    Ladies, if your man catches a whiff of your disappointment in his manhood, you had better believe that exaggerated mental picture will be running through his head. Good luck dealing with his erection problems.

    If you are unable to tell him that you love his size, you should show him by immediately pulling down his trow and smothering the little guy with sexy kisses and squeezes and other pleasant activities. This is your time to woman up.

  35. Purity Says:

    @Genevieve I was going to try that exact same troll but you beat me to it :-(

  36. dallas Says:

    Just dont lie to him and tell him he has the “perfect dick” or tell him its bigger than all of your ex’s cocks, if it’s a small size. He will repeat these statements later on as if they are fact, brandishing his 5 incher, with delusions of grandeur that he is one mustache short of a porno. It changes the mood from sexy to comedy hour. True story. Don’t kill him with the truth but for fuck’s sake spare him the outright lies.

  37. john Says:

    My opinion is this, if a guy askes you about his size it’s because he needs the reassurance from you and it’s not right for you to say something to him to spare his feelings then tell him it’s not big enough 30 min later

  38. Dave Says:

    I know girls who say they like a big penis that really fills them up . I have also known girls who suffer such pain from the pounding on ovaries . Two ladyfriends of middling years have husbands with really large cocks , they complained that sex with their husbands hurt so much , that after a few years never had sex with them again . Many men with a large cock , think that is all they need to be god’s gift to women .
    They need to do a lot of foreplay to excite the woman so that she is very well lubricated , they need to be very careful not to ram it in and pound too deep .
    Men who are less well endowed need to learn how to really please a woman , to use their tool in the most effective way , whether fast , slow , jirating , pounding , what the individual woman likes .

  39. Velvet Says:

    4 inches was what he had. He knew he was tiny compared to many and wished he was bigger. All I could say was the honest truth: “If you were any bigger, I’d miss out on the greatest orgasms I’ve ever had.”

  40. orchid Says:

    That’s easy! “I haven’t seen many penises.” And, I don’t care if you’ve seen hundreds!

  41. Unbelievably Crass Broads Here Says:

    A little clue for every woman on the planet: Since there is little or nothing a man can do to change his penis size (besides lose some weight, which you DO have a right to expect, if he’s heavy and you’re in for the long haul), to complain about it, or admit that it’s not your druthers, is inherently cruel. Many women LOVE to disparage a guy’s size, because they know it strikes directly at his self-image, and it’s a terrific WMD (weapon of mind destruction). Using that weapon, though, demonstrates that you, yourself, are a callous hole.

    Think about this, ladies: You’re inherently a deceptive lot, fully capable of lying to yourselves and convincing yourselves you’re right and justified if it suits your purposes. (Don’t bother denying what everyone reading knows to be true.) Use that to FIND A WAY to make your guy the best you ever had. Make it your own responsibility. Figure it the fuck out, rather than falling back on, “Hmm … he’s … hmm … not hung like a porn star, and Princess Me deserves a huge schlong.”

  42. Les Says:

    If she’s fat and ugly and asks me what I think of her, I tell her she’s fat and ugly and then if she still wants to fuck, I fuck her. And of course if she doesn’t want to fuck I just slap her on the arse and tell her to do as I told her – which is, down on all fours, arse in the air and piss flaps open.

    If “she” tells me that she thinks my prick is too small etc I tell her I couldn’t really give a shit what she thinks because she’s a woman and women don’t tend to think much at all; they’re not very good at it.

    I can’t really think of any situation why I would want to ask her what she thought in the first place and mainly due to the reason I gave above.

  43. Tony Says:

    I would try as much as possible to stay with a response that is both kind and honest. As a man, if my partner is trying to stick to those two principles I can deal with any answer a lot more easily.

    I would also answer the question behind the question – am I a good and worthy lover/partner?

    A man can’t change his penis size. He can certainly change how he approaches sex, and your relationship, with good communication. I would focus on that.

  44. CrazyKitty Says:

    You should tell him the truth, just try not to laugh.

  45. CrazyKitty Says:


  46. Claire Says:

    Dont be gross Joan. Or stop trolling.

  47. hmm Says:

    Joan gets to racist stereotype and no one calls her out and her comment doesn’t get deleted?? Typical bs troll.

  48. cathy Says:

    My previous boyfriends have been small to average in size compared to my present guy which has a large penis., And after getting used to him I have to say I like them bigger.

  49. Womanareagift Says:

    As a guy, you should really not allow yourself to waste any of your life feeling unhappy about your penis. If it’s small so what! What if you had no hands! You would be a lot less fortunate and be sitting in pleasure street way less than you can with hands and any size penis. I am around normal size perhaps a bit thicker than is typical, my opinion based on all feedback, porn and showers (15 at a time) at boarding school. I don’t feel inadequate in anyway, and you should just be real, why be concerned, did you somehow fuck up and get delivered a small one, NO you had no control on what you got, so just use it to get as much pleasure as you desire and think what if it got cutoff or you had no hands?.

    I happen to only feel guilty (in a horny way) that the thought of a big cock that made my girl cum more than she ever has and also that she would be feeling a bit of guilt, that I can tell and hear that it’s awesome is pure fantasy. I’m into my GF experiencing pleasure not imagining shit that is you have the ability to replace with a sexlife of your choosing. Don’t be tricked that your cock is not for your pleasure and it’s all about someone else. Girls don’t go out with or date a cock. If your a cock, then you might have to advertise for sex with deaf and blind girls to increase the chances of getting sex. Hey if that’s all you got is a big cock and that was all you needed for happiness, then the allure and attraction of a lady would be a lot less powerful and be way less demand! What ever cock you got, let your girl know you don’t care about its size, you care about yours and her pleasure. Oh and don’t be a fake and be keen as for a threesome setup by the wife, and then tell her before she could ever say her fantasy that bullshit you could never share her, your not sharing her, you are giving her an experience that she trusts you to give her.

    If you are freaked by the thought of her fantasy, you are scared of something else that is fake. She can’t have a threesome without you allowing it. She would be having an experience that is about her pleasure not something being taken from you. Girls are just scared to tell you cause you aren’t trusted enough to be told.

    My Girl was super surprised that I made her feel completely ok to tell me any fantasy without any judging. That is true intimacy you’ll be creating if you create total fearless environment that your girl will tell anything you ask, cause you aren’t thinking of anything but equal total truth, she will feel more turned on than she thought was possible unless you believe her mind has no purpose in the stimulation department. If that was the case, by now girls would be so over the little human cocks and be banging whatever stage in the continuing trend bigger and bigger penis evolutionary path that is pa for the story in that imaginary bullshit world that comments about her being only looking for a big dick. It’s probably more disappointing to know the number of woman that don’t care about any attribute of your cock and expect that wife is an oath you have sworn too and you can get used to the idea she can’t be bothered and has never enjoyed it, that is the worst scenario that will happen more and more with decreasing health etc.

  50. steve Says:

    I have to say, I am a smaller guy, im only around 5″, and its only been the last few years that I have been a bit more paranoid about it, mainly due to one woman who told me I did nothing for her during sex.
    Since her , I have had several partners, my ex told me that I was the best she has ever had, despite having had a lot bigger.
    She put it down to the way I touch her, the way I made her feel and how attentive I am.
    My current partner is very much the same, ive been with her for around 5 months now, and I don’t think a day has gone by where I haven’t told her how beautiful she is.
    I think also what helps is that she knows I mean every word I say.
    She hasn’t got a model figure, she has had 4 kids and has the stretch marks and extra weight to prove it, which she is herself a bit paranoid about, but ive told her she should be proud of those marks as she has 4 great kids and she is the one that brought them into the world.
    But back to the main point, I think guys think about size too much, me included, me and my lady are so into each other , and we explore each other and are completely comfortable with each other, we are completely honest with each other and we talk about what we like most.
    I am not so worried about my size now, would I like it to be bigger, sure, but what can I do about it, nothing, but I do think one thing it has made me is a better lover.
    My girlfriend has never lied to me, she has said that im one of the smaller guys ive had, but there are things that I have made her do that no one else has.
    I think what you lack in one area, you make up for in others.
    Ive loved reading some of the comments on here, and its great to get a perspective from the opposite sex.
    But my final advice to anyone like me, treat a woman like a princess, learn your trade, watch videos on how to if need be, and learn about a womans G spot, you would be surprised how many guys just don’t know about it.
    and finally, love like you would like to be loved.

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