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Advice: My New Boyfriend Has a Small Penis…At Least, It’s Small to Me

Wed, Jun 17, 2009

Advice, Dear Em & Lo

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Dear Em & Lo,
About six months ago I broke up with my boyfriend of 18 months and have recently met someone new. The other day the new boy and I were engaging in some hands-on action which led me to discover that he nowhere near measured up to my ex. The new boy was around 4-6″. My problem is that I’m really worried about having sex with him because my ex was over 8″. I feel really disappointed and I know that 8″ is a high bar that’s been set. Am I bad person or should I go looking for something more? Why can’t good-looking men come with the measurements of their penis tattooed onto their wrist or something? The problems and surprises that would solve..

Dear Sizeist,

We almost didn’t print your letter because of the emotional damage it might inflict on insecure men everywhere. It’s the secret fear that everyone — male and female — experiences at some point in their hook-up life: Am I being compared to their ex(es)? And if so, am I failing to measure up?

But on behalf of all the average-sized men out there, i.e. the vast majority of men, we think you should give Mr. 4-6″ a chance. It’s not like you’ve dated a string of 8″ men and have discovered that only a super-sized schlong can satisfy you. (In fact, you need to understand that, statistically speaking, 8 inches is freakishly long). No, you just had one great experience with one 8″ penis. And this is by no means a guarantee that sex with a 4-6″ penis will feel only 50-75% as great.

For a start, men with big swinging dicks can get lazy in the sack, assuming that size is the only thing that matters. They may also assume that intercourse is the only thing that matters — and we all know how few women climax from intercourse alone; remember, orgasm achieved through non-penile means still counts as sex! Not to mention, you may suddenly discover new penetration positions that you really enjoy — positions that perhaps were not so comfortable with a larger specimen. Oh, and don’t forget that, when it comes to size, most women agree that girth is a lot more important than length, since the majority of sensation is felt in the outer third of the vagina, thanks to the extensions of the clitoris, the g-spot, and the pelvic floor muscles around the lower part of the vaginal canal (and also since a lot of women don’t enjoy having their cervix rammed).

On a final note: Maybe he was nervous and not fully inflated, as it were. Basically, you have no idea what sex is going to be like with this man. So if you dig him (and we surely hope the handwork you exchanged means that you do), why not find out whether the motion of his ocean can get the job done?

Of course, we can’t discount the fact that you may simply be less attracted to him (or not attracted to him at all) now that you’ve scoped out his unit — you like what you like.  This doesn’t make you a bad person, though you are severely limiting your dating options — at least until your tattoo idea catches on. We suppose you could post a personal ad specifying that only 8″-penis-owners need reply, but something tells us that’s not exactly the way to find the next Boyfriend of the Year. Here’s a better idea: Why not just spend some quality time with an average-sized penis and see if the experience converts you?

Here for the little people,

Em & Lo

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716 Responses to “Advice: My New Boyfriend Has a Small Penis…At Least, It’s Small to Me”

  1. SizePrincess Says:

    Why on earth is somebody comparing clitoris size? As if that would be hurtful to be told that my clit wasn’t big enough. :P Nice try though. Guys, please stop being so butt hurt. A woman is not a BAD woman for wanting a man with a large(er) cock. A man is not a bad man if hr only dates blondes. As a matter of fact I have only heard men of average or smaller size using the whole “a woman is shallow if she would disregard a man for what he can’t change”. This is a defense mechanism. So is claiming that big men are lazy in bed. The best men with the most amazing oral skills I’ve has have been big (these men are often more experienced). Bottom line- you guys with the little ds are perfectly adequate for somebody, just potentially not for women who are experienced, great in bed themselves and know that they can get exactly what they want.

    If you truly believe that only shallow women like average plus penises, I dare you to consider what your girlfriend would think if asked the question: “If you had two clones standing in front of you and they were both me bur one has a smaller penis that i do and one a larger, would you choose the me with a 4.5 inch d or a 7?…. Chances are your caring gf will show you that size just DOES matter. Deal with it. Nobody is perfect bit nobody is blaming you for that. Please stop being defensive. Large penises serve an evolutionary advantage and it is just natural as a woman not to want to deal with a baby dick for the rest of your life.

  2. Comang Says:

    This is the most SEX NEGATIVE thread ive ever seen,especially since this site prides itself on being SEX POSITIVE…no wonder males are responsible for over 75% of all suicides in America.This is disgusting and honestly cannot believe what im reading.There is absolutely NO justification for these comments or this tread.

  3. Justin Says:

    What if my dick isn’t big enough to ram her cervix, but our personallities are 110% compatible, and she leaves me because of my size? I feel I have a right to hate that woman, because yes, sex is very important, but its not everything. If I wanted was sex I wouldn’t cause about any time of relationship, just would want a cum dumpster.

  4. Johnny Says:

    ^ You have a right to hate anyone you want, but your hatred won’t have any impact on her and will only drive you nuts. Hatred is unhealthy. So is thinking of casual sex partners as “cum dumpsters”.

  5. aditya_x Says:

    You most certainly have the right to demand a large penis in your prospective suitors. However, I believe they also have the right to demand quintisential male aesthetic standards- your bust size should be atleast above 38dd to 40dd cup size. You should also have a bubble butt. Can you satisfy such impossible aesthetic standards. If yes, sure you can. Otherwise , kindly trim your standards. Whats sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander.

  6. SpeakerOfTruth Says:

    SizePrincess: Yes, I would very much consider a man bad if he only considered women with blonde hair, and in fact might be more analogous to women with large breasts (and even then, still falls short to the comparison).

    I wouldn’t blame a man for a PREFERENCE to blonde hair or a large bust just as everyone can respect a preference to larger penises. But if blonde hair, bust size, or penis size is make-or-break in a relationship despite all else, what would you call it? Insightful? Individualistic? Idiotic?

    Your arguments are nonsensical as much as they are ignorant and insensitive. Your analogies are completely off-mark when dealing with ignorance instead of preference. Furthermore, large penises really don’t provide an evolutionary advantage and it’s obvious you don’t know much about evolution beyond a semester’s worth of what you learned in a public middle school.

    Nobody’s saying women can’t like larger penises more than smaller. Got that through your thick head?

  7. Oldfart Says:

    I’m of average length and girth. One of my former girlfriends has a vagina that was always “loose” (she was the female equivalent of well hung), my wife and I fit perfectly. Size does matter, but only as a starting point.
    For me the worst case would be having a penis large enough to be painful to the woman I loved. The second would be like the well hung ex of mine…

  8. Oldfart Says:

    Going into TMI range: My well hung ex had by far the highest sex drive of any of my partners. In retrospect it was a little depressing to have spent so much time PIV with neither one of us more than “feels good, but…” OTOH with my wife less is more. Since having kids, and Kegels, some times when she’s trying too hard it can almost be painful.

    It helps to be lucky

  9. mackie Says:

    Never found size that important when having sex and no gal complained that I had a small 5″ penis.

  10. well Says:

    Large penis does serve an evolutionary advantage. The larger penis is able suction out the previous male sperm when women were not monogamous…. This same thing other animals do. Small penis is here now due to the institution of marriage monogamy and religion. Just say’ I am Ph.D international

  11. bemused Says:

    This is a tough subject. For years I thought I was reasonably – not brilliantly – endowed (6.8 inches length, 5.8 inches circum)and, in general women I knew seemed either happy or occasionally, impressed. Recently I was told by a woman I like a great deal that I was the smallest she ever had and that she likes 10 inches or more. Though she explained I was still exciting and made her horny etc that comment ripped my heart out.Now I dont know what to do and my confidence has nosed dived. Ladies and gentleman there are ways to be honest – try not to deliver it in a cruel way.

  12. dallas Says:

    @bemused, actually, you are the ideal size for most women, including myself. Big enough to feel good, and not freakishly large enough to pound someone’s cervix all night and cause pain. I’m not sure where your lady friend is finding all these “10 inch” penises but the only place I’ve seen an assortment of cocks so large has been in the dildo aisle at the toy store. And no, I have no desire to buy them.

    I think it was pretty rude of your lady friend to actually tell you that you were the “smallest she’s been with” when most women wouldnt consider you small at all. Whether or not that was the case for her, she should have kept this comment to herself. What, exactly, did she hope to gain from telling you? Make you jealous? What a total lack of respect.

    I’m all for 6 to 7.5 inch penises, but if a man fell short, I wouldn’t dream of telling him that to his face. This is the equivalent of telling a woman how much skinnier or more beautiful your ex-girlfriend(s) were. Bemused, ditch the asshole and find a woman who you are just right for. Trust me, there are tons of us out there.

  13. Really? Says:

    Just to be clear, are these sizes flaccid or erect?

  14. Itsaperspectivething Says:

    One simple bit of information people often overlook is the fact that women are required to enjoy their sex partners. That is dfntly the point of sex…..both partners are equally responsible for what takes place. In no way should men ever put themselves down or be made to feel in any situation heterosexually intimate that they are not adequate. For some reason ppl get into their heads that women should just flop and lay there and put it all on the man to accomodate their “holy grail” pursuit of sexual

  15. Itsaperspectivething Says:

    One simple bit of information people often overlook is the fact that women are required to enjoy their sex partners. That is dfntly the point of sex…..both partners are equally responsible for what takes place. In no way should men ever put themselves down or be made to feel in any situation heterosexually intimate that they are not adequate. For some reason ppl get into their heads that women should just flop and lay there and put it all on the man to accomodate their “holy grail” pursuit of sexual pleasure and “their” orgasms. Women who men truly adore are ones whom are forever grateful that the man even chose to lay down and attempt sexual encounters with them “TOGETHER”. With that being said lets all assume their is grounds for the sizest perspective. If the woman can’t feel it or is not able to communicate this emotion then she should immediately move on..barring common sense most women remain confused and secretly uninvolved. This is where most normal men instinctly pick up on a vibe of disatisfaction. Yet women still ponder the man’s adequacy and worth to them. I used to be a very thick (go easy..slow please..wow omg don’t stick that thing in me) type erection. 8.5 x 6 were my dimensions. I had a accident involving high voltage electricution almost four years ago and it clearly coulve been death but thankfully it only screwed with my hormones. This caused me to lose a great portion of length and major girth. Now I am half the man I used to be. They say (doctors) I will someday be able to regain my original lifelong immensely pleasurable to women size but as of yet I only measure 6 x 4.6 so as for all pain and issues associated with erect penis dimensions I can certainly identify with it. My wife thank god adapted so well and she actually swears its so much better for her. I asked even about the skinniness issue and she said resoundingly YES because now we have the added element of pleasure which includes anal play and penetration with my smallness…which she swears again by the amazing orgasms it gives her. I still reach deeply into her sweet spot in doggy and legs to chest positions so she still has those deep orgasms just only squirts or gushes slightly now. Sometimes during spikes of hormones in me I get a little thicker than average and .end up being 7.5 long which is dfntly something that gives me hope. She loves me and my smallness but also she has never layed down in all the years of our marriage and put it all upon me to bring her off to mindblowing orgasms. Women learn about your body and please for gods sake learn to get into a tiny penis. That man can’t help it. Be kind and learn how to enjoy sex with any..and ALL MEN you choose to lay with in perspective passion. ok?

  16. bemused Says:

    @dallas. Thanks for words of support Dallas. I no longer quite know what to think. I did a lot of googling (like many others I guess) regarding size and found many different figures so all a bit confusing.
    My lady friend likes 10″ ideally – she didnt say all her previous had been that large, simply they were larger than me.Problem is that I like her a lot – she does excite me – so real hard to ditch her. Yet I know she is just treading water with me till someone better comes along. Ive tried everything to overcome the size limitation – toys, games, different environments, even become pretty good at oral – but she has done it all, seen it all, got the T shirt. She likes her cervix being pounded!
    If there are tons like myou out there dallas, I wish I could meet some and feel like a man again.

  17. Mobius Says:

    I dated this girl a few years back who had told me, as an afterthought, that she was worried I wouldn’t satisfy her. I’m a comfortable 6” and my erections are hard as a rock. She had told me that her ex was like 8 -9” but not nearly as rigid as me. Needless to say I fucked her lights out hundreds of times and she never had a complaint. Come to think of it there has only been one woman I haven’t been able to make cum but I had a bad case of whiskey dick that evening. Happens to the best of us.
    Oh and to all of you pretentious bitches who are really hung up on dick size. We men have news for you. Not all of you are built the same either. Some of you are tight as a drum and fit like a glove. Yet some of you are loose enough for bigfoot. I have cut ties with women after less than appealing experiences

  18. Mobius Says:

    And guys the act of fucking, as compared to being a good lover is like saying hitting balls at a driving range constitutes playing a round of golf. You should be able to get her wet with mere words or a glance before you even touch her. The biggest erogenous zone is the mind by a landslide. There are multiple variables that go into satisfying a woman. Actual penis size ranks fairly low in the order of importance. Most females, unless they are ovulating, take a bit of warming up to reach peak arousal. This includes, conversation, eye contact, touching, kissing fondling etc etc. Real life sex is not porn (well ;) it can be) porn is fictional and usually depicts what happens after you have revved her engine. Most women know weather or not they would fuck you within five minutes of meeting you. Its up to you to lead her to the place in her mind where that is comfortable for her. They want to fuck just as much, if not more than we do. They have just succumbed to the false ideologies that “society” likes to imprint us. It’s up to you to smash all of that shit down for her. Once you do she will see you as Tarzan and not some needy little bitch trying to get his pee pee wet. Dont be pussy whipped, whip dat pussy!

  19. Tony Says:

    Well this whole issue of size is over rated and some women just make it worse for men.
    The average size penis in length is somewhere around 5.5 inches with a 95% confidence interval ranging from 5 inches to 7 inches. Most men are between 5.5 to 6.5 inches according to official statistics. Most men who volunteer to be measured obviously have some good degree of confidence due to their comfortable size so I may assume that the ideal average may be less of that.

    About this post, personally I am in a relationship with a lady who fell in love with me mostly due to my size citing reasons as mine gave her the most pleasure in her entire sex life (6 inches to be precise!). After we got too personal she confessed to me that one of the reasons she chose to break up with her ex is that he was just too big for her (She never seemed to have cared about the length but the girth which she says every time they had sex, it would hurt her until she does not wish to have sex with him anymore!) and added that she tried to make him understand that she does not seem to enjoy sex with him and he should try to be gentle. She however broke up with him and she is now with me. Well after the revelations my ego was naturally wounded but we talked with her over it. Besides she says it is great with me since she is the rarest kind of women I have ever met with somehow above average sex drive/libido and admits it would be of no use if having sex only once hurts her until she does not desire to have it anymore! With me she can have as much as 8 rounds in a row (Literally the whole night!).
    That said, I consider with my average 6 inches and high sex drive, I would be pretty useless to many ladies who would not withstand huge dicks.
    Guys trust me, anyone ranging between 5 inches to 7 inches is the perfect for most ladies in this entire planet as long as you have the skills to drive a lady to orgasm. But if she wants an above average guy, who are we to dictate? It is her preference, let her go ahead and get what she enjoys..and all the best since men above 8 inches are also very rare too!

  20. Chris Strickland Says:

    A post like this makes me sick. Sadly though many females like you are senseless cold hearted materialitic no good people. If you really care about the size of your lovers penis then you need to seek mental help. Im a big guy have been all my life. I have a 4.5 inch penis, but its very wide. If i lost some weight i might gain some inches, but im happy with my self. Their are other ways to please a lover, so if the penis isnt enough a good man can do the job. But it shouldnt be an issue, because if you know how to use it the woman should never complain. Women like you need to be locked away, because you have ruined many mens confidence and broken many mens hearts.

  21. SizePrincess Says:

    Just checking in to say something. I’m actually very very sorry for men and women are aren’t confident in their ability in bed. Unfortunately some people actually just aren’t amazing in bed but I for one cannot be categorized as one of these people. I have never** had a partner who didn’t actually outright tell me that I am the most attractive and best lover they’ve ever experienced.

    Beginning to think that many people in this thread are simply just of the degree of lover that neither is skilled nor believes they deserve to be with a sex god or goddess. The vibe I’m getting from many people here is “cmon give him a chance he’s really sweet and you never know when you’re going to get another guy who is this sweet right? Oh and better not tell him he’s not perfect or else you may lose him and we can’t have that! I can learn to live his mini d instead of going and finding mr perfect ( cause well I don’t believe I deserve it)..”

    Desperate men and desperate women have dominated this thread. When you are exceptional in many ways you have full choicr in your life. It’s really a shame that most people will attack those of us who do have options even though we are NOT dehumanizing those men who don’t measure up. I have had to break up with men for small reasons (…) And never have I done it in a way that would alert them to this. Does “we’re better as friends” ring a bell?

    I do this because I can. I know for a fact that within 3 days another super nice guy will come along yet he will have a perfect penis, a perfect smile, a PhD, a great family and anything else I desire. This happens all the time. I’m starting to realize that average lovers with just adequate sexual confidence- joes who can’t please and janes who don’t give bjs are most likely the ones finding my argument most offensive.

    Please don’t be offended. The sex gods and goddesses of the world are picky because we can be. Don’t worry though, if you ever meet one of us you won’t even know. We’re busy pleasing each other and before you ever get past a few weeks of dating and a mere hand job we’ll be gone citing that “it’s not you it’s me”.. “You’re amazing but we’re better as friends”.. “You’re sooo nice. We better stay friends!”

    Bottom line: Those who can, choose. Those who can’t settle (and then belittle anybody with practices outside of their own to justify their mediocre outcomes).. Hate to break it.

  22. aboveaverge Says:

    Sizeist you need to do what makes you happy. That does not make you a bad person.

    sizeprincess…lol “a partner who didn’t actually outright tell me that I am the most attractive and best lover they’ve ever experienced” men always say that…I bet you are average in all departments.

    bemused…she is being mean. Girls spew crap out of their mouths like its going out of style. Never let your ego be based on what a woman says!!! Sleep with her until you are bored, then find a woman.

  23. Genius Says:

    SizePrincess is right in most cases. Everybody is attracted to big penis and experiencing it in real makes the difference . A girl who didn’t like 8 inch penis would go for smaller dick cuz it doesn’t make her feel good, in that case she might settle for 6 inch penis.Life is about balance.If a guy can not satisfy a women with 5 inch penis , then he can always find another women who does ,it would hurt his pride but there is no other choice ? you can try 100 girls and among them 10 would like your dick . A guy with bigger dick hurt 10 girls out of 100 and rest of em like him. Girls like tall guys , taller then her . Now funny thing is , the Size Princess gets 10 inch dick boyfriend she cant fit in ,even thu his partner is phd and from a good family , would she reject that big penis ? If it makes her feel bad , she would and she wouldn’t say bigger penis is revolutionary anymore . There is no perfect companion in life but there are compatible partners .Now think about porn stars who are highly educated n has phd degrees , why would they choose this life style , there are countless reasons , pleasure takes the number one spot for most of them. Guys and girls in this thread who are debating failed to please some guy or girl in their life , you can always improve ,if not you can alway find other options or compromise somewhere and balance it .And guys or girls who feel they are amazing , they have their own problems , cuz they have set their standards bar high , in most cases they wouldn’t find a guy or girls of their standard , that might give them satisfaction in a way that no body can be measure up to them but in truth , it makes them desperate as well .And think about it, if amazing girl SizePrincess meets a guy who is better then her in all aspect rejects her, how miserable she will be ? now you see that being amazing has its own demerits n challenges. i am not here to breed hatred but i did hit some ppl nerve i guess ,just remember if someone says say yr an idiot, and it hurts you , then you really are an idiot . Now it doesn’t mean you will remain idiot for the rest of your life . you can always change the ways of life . In my experience ppl who name themselves Princess aren’t good looking :P . ppl say i fell in love with a guy or girl . Love = set of preferences such as good looking , educated , bigger penis, bigger boobs , taller guys or girls , funny humor , status , money etc add as many as you want . if these good points disappear would you still be able to love him or her. The point is there is love is not all that great as ppl say it . You can always choose not to love someone right ? so find a guy or girl who is most compatible with you , you can not satisfy all women or men in the world and it would hurt you bad if you try so . Sorry for my bad english .

  24. FU Says:

    Lol so let me get this straight…

    SizePrincess’s Mr. Perfect needs a Ph.D and a big penis? Conversations with you must be so interesting…

    I can’t wait until the looks that you believe entitle you to the world run out.

  25. yannick Says:

    SIZEPRINCESS-its clear u are way over your head, u would cry like a little girl if a guys says ur boobs are small and u have a flatt ass or a fat nasty flabby ass, AND IF U SAY NO YOU WONT, THEN WE ALL KNOW U ARE LYING, ITS OBVIOUS THAT you have INFERIORTY COMPLEXES and your advertising it by the things you, so, u dont need to give that much info, WE DON’T KNOW U

  26. yannick Says:

    SIZE PRINCESS-THOSE WHO HAVE FAILED in relationships in the past such as urself(u said u keep finding well-endowed men from good family) yet break ups still happen?what a joke, u keep finding MR RIGHT AND U FUCK UP THAT MANY TIMES, ITS CLEAR U LACK CONFIDENCE, and people with low self-confidence needs approval, that’s why its so important to mention ““a partner who didn’t actually outright tell me that I am the most attractive and best lover they’ve ever experienced” men always say that…I bet you are average in all departments”,lol, u have no clue how much of your insecurities your spilling out just by saying this, its great, PLZ RESPOND AND LET US KNOW HOW INSECURE YOUR ARE, u can fool a lot of people who know nothing about psychology we “WE” know why ‘YOU SAY THE THINGS YOU SAY’too bad, u probably thoght u had a point, POOR THING U ARE!!

  27. yannick Says:

    to princess-its clear that you think that you are superior that everyone, again shows me how insecure you are, you find the men you like but yet ur relationships dont last, why is that?that’s quite strange for a woman who has options?are u breaking up with them because u want to? if so is shows YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND UR NEVER STATISFIED WITH WHAT YOU GOT” which shows INDECISIVENESS(due to lack of confidence) and disatisfaction is a created state, which u created in ur mind, again ur only advertising ur “insecurities”. IF U THINK U DESERVE MR PERFECT, THEN WHY ALL THE BREAK-UPS?, ITS BECAUSE U HAVE INFERIORITY COMPLEXES URSELF AND U BELIEVE U DONT DESERVE IT, CONFIDENT PEOPLE FEEL DESERVING , CONFIDENT WOMEN “DONT RANT’ LIKE U DO, SO FAR, ALL U HAVE SHOW IS LACK OF CONFIDENCE, VANITY, INFERIORITY COMPLEXES AGAINST MAN(because obviously u were used and manipulated by them)insecurities about ur worthiness and of course that’s why ur relationship don’t last, ever wonder why u get the same results over and over again, look in the mirror sweetheart, u aint no shining star, thats why u have breakups, bottom line, IF U DONT AGREE WITH ME, THEN TOO BAD, IM NOT GIVING U MY OPINION, im giving u the facts, pick up any knowledgeable psychology material, u can FOOL ME SIZEPRINCESS, SO TELL ME , u have a 24 inch waist with a bubble butt and nice boobs, chances are very slim, MEN have OBVIOUSLY critized ur body and called some of UR BODYPARTS SMALL OR UNATTRACTIVE,again i can tell a lot about u ….REMEMBER ITS NOT MY OPINION, U CANT ARGUE WITH FACTS AND WELL-RENOWED PSYCHOLOGISTS, U ARE A FOOL IF U THINK U CAN AND IF U THINK U CAN FOOL US AND PROVE US WRONF….ENJOY UR FAILED RELATIONSHIPS AHEAD, U KNOW THE DRILL, he dates u, then fucks u when HE moves on, because u obviously don’t have what he wants, u know the drill, LETS BE FRIENDS”(LIKE U SAID) or u leave ur well-endowed boyfriend because ur indecided and wants something new(because u don’t know what u want, again due to low self confidence,and of course dissatisfaction because ur a “VICTIM that why u blame other people for how u feel, UR NOT A MASTER, masters don’t go through life going through break-up after break up, VICTIMS DO, because VICTIMS(such as urself) don’t get what they want, PERIOD…now that i think about it, u must have dated a guy who was that well-endowed but yet u cared about him but yet he left u, that’s prolly where ur inferiority complexes came from as well, and why u need to bash other men and women, and u have inferiority complexes with women as well because, OBVIOUSLY MEN HAVE LEFT U for better looking and busty women.so i understand why u feel INFERIOR, but u dont need to bring everyone down with u , REMEMBER CONFIDENT PEOPLE DONT RANT AND DONT MAKE OTHERS FEEL INFERIOR!!

  28. Larry Says:

    If you expect me to have an 8 inch dick like a pornstar I expect you to have a perky pair of D’s and a thick ass like a porn star. It’s pretty simple, noones perfect. And what we ‘lack’ in size we usually make up for with our tongue and fingers ;)

  29. SizePrincess Says:

    @Yannick. I’m sorry that I have made you so angry. All of your nonsensical ramblings that you posit to be facts are BS. Why are you talking about all of my failed relationships? I’m 24 years old! I have had two VERY successful (2-3 years each) relationships with very amazing (and endowed) men that ended for reasons such as immaturity, differing future plans, etc. Each amicable, and to this day my exes are in my life in a great way. Between relationships I HAVE had many dating experiences that have usually ended because the attraction was not there and the man is too into me right off the bat.

    In Re: to your quote “confident people don’t rant and make others feel inferior”… Okay Yannick. I’ll leave you to think about why I am highlighting that one on your own.

    I have said it before that I am not trying to put people down on here. I also never said I was perfect. What I have said is that I am picking partners for whom on paper I think am ideal. I am picking partners with whom I believe to be compatible.

    Is it so wrong for me to want to date a man with a nice body, who is experienced in bed, into fitness, is pursuing higher education, is handsome, funny, and well endowed?

    I am a fitness junkie, am great in bed (adventurous and skilled), am pursuing higher education, am confident in my beauty, am fun to be around, and have curves in the right places.

    I’m not saying that I’m entitled to anything by virtue of my looks. I am saying that I am entitled to whoever I desire because we are freely choosing human beings. I am finding a lot of people on here taking the position of “SizePrincess” must be so ugly on the other side of that computer, so unconfident [sic] and used and abused that she comes on here and lies about everything to bring people down and make herself feel good”. These same people on here are attempting to bring me down by asking me to think about my (fit) ass and breasts. This is the same tactic that you are shaming no? Unfortunately it actually just doesn’t work on me.

    Really, the fact of the matter is that there are people in the world who are as self confident as I am. None of us needs to apologize for it.

    There are men who are exactly as I described earlier. Whether you as a man fit the bill or not does not define your worth as a man. All it says is that SizePrincess is not interested in dating you, that doesn’t mean that x million other women would not find you to be their type.

    What I also know is that, as great as I believe myself to be, it’s clear that many men would say that I am not their type. They may say they don’t date brunettes, only like girls > 5’5″. And this is fine and great! I love a man who knows exactly what he wants and will settle for nothing less. I would never feel inferior because somebody out there has a type that i just do not match, whether or not I can change that quality. I wouldn’t take these a attacks on my worth, just means one less man to weed through.

    I truly believe that self confidence is the key to happiness. I wish you all the best in life and love, and I leave you with a few words of advice:

    1) Be happy with what you are and have, SOMEBODY will love you
    2) If there’s something that you don’t love about yourself (e.g. spare tire?), then change it!
    3) Stay healthy, love freely and never settle
    4) Strive to be the best you can be, educate yourself, travel the world, and experience everything you can while you’re young

    Cheers People! :)

  30. Itsaperspectivething Says:

    Everyone has an opinion…so which one matters most? The one that encompasses all that is fair and honest. I see honesty in all of what is said here so where is the fairness? Lacking completely….I get aggravated at the thought I could waste my passion and even one ounce of energy on a woman who lays there secretly judging my every move and endowment. I MEAN..what the heck is wrong with this type woman. A man cannot help how he was built. Just be open and friendly at least. And women please stop being afraid to openly share your sizest mentality with a man. It can’t possibly spare his feelings knowing you kept a secret from him. Especially if you plan on dumping him in the first place. Can’t you at least be a friend to the guy and wish him luck..maybe support him in his quest for happiness. Sign him up for the blow job list….build him up. Not cringe and treat him like an abhorent plaguee to be avoided at all costs. I used to be extremely well endowed…its not a good feeling to be cast aside so awkwardly by a woman just because you had hopes she would accept you. Geesh

  31. JenBK Says:

    My husband has a small penis. Its not thick either. But he is so amazing in bed that I really forget to notice what size his penis is. yes I fantasize about big penises occasionally, but in the end it doesnt matter. My ex husband had an 8 inch penis and he was such an asshole that I dont even miss him one bit. If you love the person and they are sexy and skilled in bed it wont even enter your mind as he enters you.

  32. justsayin Says:

    Size Princess,
    Be careful in your eternal quest for the giant schlong because you might wake up one day and realize that you let your true soul mate pass you by. Life isn’t always about the super size.

    But hey, don’t worry, a sex goddess such as your self gets offered the “perfect penis” every three days. Is that how you became such a sexpert at the ripe age of 24?

    A true sex goddess knows how to get off with all shapes and sizes. Just ask Jenna Haze: “I do love the big cocks, but I have had guys with small dicks, that have made me orgasm like crazy, much more then the big ones do. I know this sounds cheezy, but it’s true – it really is all about how you guys do it, then what you have to work with. It’s the connection, the way they fuck – small dicks have definitely made me a puddle.”

  33. Sameyeam Says:

    I have what I consider an average size penis (6inches hard). The girth is also average in my mind ( about 3 1/2 inches around). I have been told buy more than one woman, that my cock was like concrete lol. The size is not important. It’s all in how it is used and how long it stays hard. If you can give a woman multiple orgasms with that “small stay hard” member, you have done your job as a lover.

  34. Genius Says:

    haha! its really turning out to be a good topic for discussion.Sizeprincess asked “Why can’t good-looking men come with the measurements of their penis tattooed onto their wrist or something? The problems and surprises that would solve..”I could ask the same , why can`t good looking girls come with requirements tattooed onto their wrist or something ?tattoo this >>”8 inch penis required to satisfy me ” what will this do for you is that you only get to date with bigger penis men , problem solved ,no more disappointments SizePrincess.

    “Is it so wrong for me to want to date a man with a nice body, who is experienced in bed, into fitness, is pursuing higher education, is handsome, funny, and well endowed?” The answer is no , its not wrong .

    “1 do this because I can. I know for a fact that within 3 days another super nice guy will come along yet he will have a perfect penis, a perfect smile, a PhD, a great family and anything else I desire.” << That is a lie . now you are not amazing any more except in bed of course :P .And we wouldn't want advice from a girl who would lie to make herself amazing . ~peace

  35. Johnny Says:

    You guys keep arguing with SizePrincess like you can negate her perspective. Assuming she’s not just a troll who’s misrepresenting herself on the internet to cheese people off… you’re all just going to have to accept her reality. Some people have a narrow range of what constitutes an attractive person (8-incher, PhD, etc). And when that person is hot enough to consistently achieve their sexual goals, we all get a little jealous. And when that person is obnoxious about it, like SizePrincess, it REALLY brings out the hater in us all.

    But the fact is, the SizePrincess of the world are here to stay no matter how you rail against her.

    Luckily for most of us, hers is only one of three perspectives consistently voiced throughout this thread. The other two are:

    1. I prefer smaller penises because of the way my body is built.


    2. I like a range of penis sizes, but there’s more to an attractive and sexually competent man than just the size of his dick.

    So forget about SizePrincess. If you’re a smaller guy, she’s just not your target demographic, that’s all. Find a woman who is.

  36. Genius Says:

    We all want the best thing in the world , if we cant, we settle for something less, happens all the time. Ppl in this thread shows us lot of things including insecurity ,avg mind judgement ,jealousy ,hatred etc.why?bcz this is a sensitive topic and most ppl are being honest in my opinion cuz they could easily say they are 7-8 inches but they are not . Now i know for a fact that if size princess tattoos “8 inch requirement ” on her body , she will be treated as bitch , whore , degraded human being and knowing that she wants guys to wear tattoo which reveal their penis size.Probably she didn’t think deep enough while writing that line.I wouldn’t care otherwise . There are different kind of ppl in this world which is why its exciting and I know for a fact that ppl who call themselves amazing are not great human being .Especially when they are constantly reminding ppl how amazing they are .Great ppl are humble and simpler then most ppl. (again I apologize for my bad English, I am still learning ).

  37. Little Lady Says:

    I think everyone is forgetting about the nature of the vagina. We ladies have the ability to STRETCH to accommodate ANY SIZE, whether on the larger end or the smaller end. If a woman is highly aroused when a man enters her, chances are it’s going to feel good no matter what size (as long as the guy isn’t too big for her or enters too fast, which can be painful!). Length is a different thing to width and is far less of a factor in a woman’s pleasure (though many women including myself enjoy deep penetration, many girls don’t and it rarely in itself leads to orgasm, since the G-spot is only a couple of cm into the vagina).

    Technique and the way a man uses his hips is far more important than size. One advantage that comes to mind for men with penises of average to short length is that if a man has a very long penis it often won’t fit in all the way, and the girl misses out on that delicious grinding on the clit, which is a huge factor for many women in reaching climax. Sure, women who have been having daily sex for months with a guy who is very thick might take a while to get used to a slimmer penis, but women can definitely ADAPT to their lovers.

    Any guys reading this with small penises – stop whinging, think about what I’ve said and get out there and please a lady! Guys who are larger and smug about it – for goodness sake don’t assume just because you’re big you only need to ram it in for the girl to plunge into ecstasy. Ladies – if you agree with me please speak up, for the benefit of the men reading this and their lovers. And guys, please please please remember that for ladies great sex is so much more about how we’re touched, whether we’re in the mood, how long it takes to get in the mood, the atmosphere of the situation, being relaxed, individual needs as to how we orgasm and of course how much we LIKE the person… Penis size is but one small aspect in a myriad of factors. Be sensible!

  38. Damiana Says:

    SizePrincess, the reason many on here are being aggressive towards you in some respect is because some of things you go on to say (such as in regards to confidence), may easily come off as arrogant. I’m not saying that you mean to emanate such an image, because only you would know that.

  39. sundaybest Says:

    I am pursuing a PhD and have a 7 inch penis. Do I win a prize?

  40. bemused Says:

    Why are people giving sizeprincess a hard time (if you will forgive the pun :-) ) She is telling it like she sees it. What is so wrong with that? Ok many guys on here, including myself, are scared of her because she would probably laugh if she saw our tiny peckers but she is entitled to her needs and desires.
    And she has a strong point because even the women on here taking about emotion, technique etc are still doing it in the context of size and clearly know what is big and what is not. Therefore they are aware of size and understand it and most of them do compare the guys they have known.
    Guys lets face it – we all know that women want big if they can have that. They may compensate that in different ways – technique, oral, toys etc – but assuming the guy knows what to do then they will take big over small anytime. Its a painful thought and it hurts to know that but it is true. I guess we have to live with the thought of being inferior

  41. Lilly Says:

    I really do feel bad for guys who get bad rap for having a small OR big penis. Honestly I have rejected a guy for having a small penis because he advertised like it was gigantic or something! It wasn’t, it was 3inches if that. Honestly I’ve been with all shapes sizes and colors and I have to say whether it’s 5inches or 9inches as long as it feels good I’m not complaining. I would never reject a guy because he wasn’t like that one guy with a cock the size of a coke bottle! Also big guys don’t really have to do much, no matter which way they lean his dick will be rubbing her g-spot and everything that feels good, smaller guys unfortunately do have to put in that extra effort. Seriously guys, (of all sizes) look up how to stimulate her g-spot during sex, if you can rub up against it, it won’t matter if you’re 2inches she’ll think you’re a God. As for girls who won’t even give you a chance? Forget them they missed out and you don’t want that type of selfish shallow girl anyway.

  42. Lilly Says:

    Also, I’m really done with guys saying that anything over 5 inches is above “above average” or freakishly huge. In truth I knew only 3 guys who were under the 7′ mark. Two were 16, one was 17. Really I mean not saying they weren’t amazing lovers (young guys have SO much stamina lol) but just stop, just because you feel inferior doesn’t mean saying negative things about bigger guys is any better than the girls who talk shit on smaller guys.

  43. marcia Says:

    Honestly, as a woman, I am sure that the penis size will always matter in the case it is too small,I won’t feel anything, I won’t even know when it is inside or outside!! If it is too big, It will be painful for sure, so a regular size, around 6” (not less, maybe a little more) is essential for any liberated-mind modern woman. Unless you find a surrealistic angel who is not driven by passion, which is what lots of men like the most. So I think you should find maybe a girl with a small body size if you have a small penis. If she’s regularly sized and not a virgin, you won’t satisfy her. I had sex yesterday with a guy and his dick was the smallest thing ever and I seriously got depressed because when you have sex is because you are looking for satisfaction and giving yourself for that, and when this happens is awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want a regular size :P

  44. crackvenom Says:

    What i find interesting is the question “does size matter”. A man has to have a good job, make good money, be in good shape, provide etc etc, and then what? A big penis? and if he doesn’t he has to me a magician in the bedroom? lol! The presupposition here is that men were created as slaves to women and its all about us matching up. Hell a woman can sleep and still a man could orgasm with her. We have to perform(get hard) where does it end. I’ve yet to hear, SHE needs to know what she’s doing” why is it a mans responsibility to be incredible at everything? Don’t be so damn lazy women! What is it that you’re offering? Its not all about men pleasing women, it works both ways. Do something. At the very least take responsibility for your own orgasm, don’t put the burden on our shoulders, we carry the burden of society as well as fight the wars. So men stop kissing ass! And if ANY woman ever says to you, “Who are going to satisfy with that?” Look her in the eye and say, “ME”… Any woman who loves you will not give a damn. And if you really love a woman she can be flat chested and it won’t matter. If that sounds alien to you, you ain’t never been in love! Cheers! :)

  45. Itsaperspectivething Says:

    We all have requirements that equal a standard of what’s acceptable. Hopefully women will stop and take time to learn how it must feel to be with someone who’s standards you cannot meet. Its pretty shallow. to play sneaky secret “please me…its all about me” games with men whom cannot meet your standards or expectations . Perhaps women should start becoming well versed in ways to enjoy EVERY SINGLE TINY OR GIGANTIC dick they come across. No? And as far as the “Omg I can’t even feel it” excuse….that’s just ridiculous. I mean I don’t have a pussy but common sense tells me that if women just get their own clit to become aroused to the point of massive hardness then pretty much any tpuch to it whether by a largely endowed or smally endowed man will send you over the edge. If its a mental thing…condition your responses to be less egotistical. then maybe the mere fact that you are engaging in any sexual contact will heighten your clitoral response.

  46. gabrielle Says:

    I would like to say there is nothing wrong with a preference but you should be a bit more sensitive to people’s feelings. I personally don’t need anything that big. Making love is supposed to be pleasurable not painful. I dated a well endowed fellow and I could never have an orgasm bc it hurt so bad, all I could think abt was when it would be over and I would ask him to stop but all he cared abt was getting him “getting off” didn’t care that I was hurting.

  47. MrAverage Says:

    According to most statistics, I have an exactly average penis size. It’s too bad that there aren’t statistics about average vagina size and musculature. And I do know about the doctrinaire view that a vagina can stretch or shrink to fit any size penis, and I call bullshit on that. There are limits in both directions, and I think much depends on the woman’s genetic makeup and physical conditioning. Some women simply have great pelvic muscles, just like some guys are born to have washboard abs. Other women have weak pelvic muscles, and Kegels can help there. Vaginal delivery of children can have a large impact, and that also depends a lot on genetics and conditioning. One thing that no amount of Kegels can help is the effect of vaginal delivery on the rugae, the folds in the vaginal lining that often get “ironed out” by childbirth. Ask any good OB-GYN.

    I have been with women who have had children and were very tight, and yes, there was plenty of foreplay and lubrication, so it wasn’t that. Sometimes they were simply too tight and it was uncomfortable for both of us. I have no idea how they had vaginal deliveries and were still that tight. That’s why I think genetics is involved.

    I have also been with women – some in my youth, so it wasn’t age – who never had children and yet whose vagina was so wide relative to my girth that I almost didn’t touch sides. And that didn’t feel good. Sure, one can compensate, but it’s not the same as a good fit.

    I was with one woman who lubricated so copiously that it took away sensation, even though she was a snug fit.

    And like Goldilocks, I have at times been lucky enough to find a fit that was “just right”. Those times were heavenly.

    I can sympathize with the size queens. If there is a serious girth mismatch, it can be frustrating for both partners. But I wonder why it’s always a case of the penis being too small and never the vagina too big? I think there’s lots of “dickism” going on in the world, and us guys end up with all the responsibility for having the right sized equipment. It just ain’t so – it works both ways. It’s worth bearing in mind that the bell curve works against people who deviate too far from the norm, so average sized guys have more chance of finding a good fit than those at either extreme.

    As a closing comment, I will say that there are some women – alas, all too few – who have (for me) an intoxicating combination of snugness, lubrication, velvety vaginal texture, responsiveness, and passionate and loving natures. Would I reject a woman who did not have all this? No. Does fit play an important part? Absolutely. If there is a serious size mismatch, as many women here will tell you, it can ruin the sex and the relationship. But that’s true of any serious mismatch, including how passionate you both are.

  48. Pam Says:

    Gotta weigh in here folks……………..We all have our preferences. This relationship is starting out and if penis size is very important, then it’s not going to work for her. If you fall in love and love everything else about him, then there are toys. The old expression ‘it’s not the size of your ship it’s how you sail it’, in my opinion is true. Look on the positive side, he may be perfect for anal sex – I wouldn’t want 8″ up there! Don’t let that be a drawback. 4″ to 6″ is a normal size. If you like the guy, then go for it. There’s more to sex than penis size!

  49. Stubby Hubby Says:

    My wife continually tells me that my penis is perfect. But I just don’t buy it. I’m about 4.5-5 inches long and about 4.5 inches girth. She was with 3 other men before me and says 2 were bigger and one was smaller. She also says that the biggest was only 6 long and just a little thicker than me. Is it possible that she only thinks I’m ok because she hasn’t had a huge one? Or is she just saying I’m perfect to make me feel better? I have confidence issues, but her vagina feels tight to me and I can’t get but 2 fingers in. She says 3 hurts really bad. Should I just consider myself lucky that I found a small vagina for my small penis, or should I worry that deep down she really wants more?

  50. Johnny Says:

    ^ Well, she married you, so you should consider yourself lucky that you found a woman with the perfect vagina for your penis.

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