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Blog Snog (07-31-09)

Fri, Jul 31, 2009

Pop Culture, Websites

robert_pattinsonphoto by Angie22Arts

A weekly roundup of some of our favorite sex- and love-related posts from various blogs and websites:


3 Responses to “Blog Snog (07-31-09)”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    … the penis is “the big girls’ pacifier”. WOW.

  2. tay Says:

    IDK if it is possible for me, personally to cum FROM giving a bj, as much as I enjoy giving them. That having been said, I have cum WHILE giving a bj. Those wearable clit vibes are a lovely invention :-)

  3. phatbootycutie Says:


    I’ve always had more male “freinds” than ladies, so I get all the info most of us women only question each other about. Surprisingly enough (NOT), men prefer women who actually enjoy giving them oral pleasure,rather someone who just does it to do it, or only does it because the man wants it.

    It’s such a personal thing to me, that I think of it as an art, and TRULLY love it. I always have loved it, even before I ever tried. Not to brag, but the very first time I ever tried it, my BF swore it was so good, and insisted that I’d done it before! Lol…ubeknowst to him, it was the begining of my love for the act. ;)

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