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Dumb Video of the Week: Ben Taylor’s “Wicked Way”

Mon, Aug 17, 2009

Pop Culture

Look, we’re all for the occasional casual sex, especially when it’s between two parties who equally understand the casual nature of said fling, who are fully aware of the inherent risks of such behavior, and who treat each other with kindness and respect even though they may never see each other again. But this stupid video from Ben Taylor (spawn of James Taylor and Carly Simon) is a perfect example of what’s wrong with a lot of sex today. It’s all, “Me, me, me, me. I don’t care about you, what you have to say, or what you think. I just want to get you drunk so I can basically date rape you.” The visuals only compound the offensiveness of the lyrics, further suggesting that it’s all about quantity rather than quality, that (hot) women have nothing to say, that one just blends into the next. What a terrible message about sex…and women! Claiming it’s all a “joke” to begin with doesn’t make it funny. Besides, if you’re going to do the whole face morphing thing, you better make sure it looks at least as technically good as Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video which was made 18 freaking years ago. And don’t even get us started on that pseudo accent that’s supposed to make you sound cool and sexy but actually just makes you sound like your self-involved celebrity parents dropped you on the head as a baby one too many times. And if you’re uneasy being in front of the camera for this song’s video (as you should be), why are you in front of the camera to introduce it?… Can you tell we’re annoyed?

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19 Responses to “Dumb Video of the Week: Ben Taylor’s “Wicked Way””

  1. Erin Says:

    The thing that annoys me the most is his intro. I don’t think i’d be as pissed if he hadn’t acted like a jerk and said things like “freaky sex”, or something to that line about why he was not in front of the camera and why he did the song. Maybe he could just say “hey ladies I’m a douche and want to get into your pants, but you’ll do it because my voice is like honey, but don’t even expect me to act interested in anything you say, unless it’s about your boobies. I’m only here for the sex ladies so don’t expect too much from me.”.

  2. Ellis Says:

    Yeah, this is one of those things that gets claimed as a joke so that people can pretend its not offensive, but that doesn’t actually poke fun at its subject material. I’m sure if poor Ben there didn’t look like a crazy-eyed homeless man, he’d be out there trying his best to live out the lyrics. Eugh.

  3. Dave W Says:

    I wonder if he uses roofies to help him get his Wicked Way.

  4. Dannie Says:

    Oh…my dear Lord. I’m so disturbed. Why would those women even participate in this?? This makes me want to, in the words of Lewis Black, eat a bag of nails and spit them at a nun. Or just puke.

  5. Erin Says:

    Can we just take a minute and wonder who would be in this music video if they are going to look so sad and look like they were forced to do it. It’s so ironic that he’s talking about taking advantage of women and the girls look like they have been taken advantage of by their obvious lack of enthusiasm and glazed eyes by some,while lip-sing to this terrible song. I find it a little horrifying that some of them look like they look as though they were forced to do this and look like they had been roofied. I wonder if it was part of the screening to let him have his wicked way with you, because personally thats what some of these girls faces seem to be saying.

  6. M. Says:

    Eww. See jezebel.com’s article on SexyFace. “I’m just being honest”?
    What are you 16? Just having a disclaimer doesn’t make it cool to be a D-bag. I don’t like his homeless-chic either.

  7. Nic Says:

    Ben Taylor, if I ever meet you, I will give you a swift kick in the nuts for all of womankind.

  8. gina Says:

    those woman had to have been paid cause im sorry he’s so ya looks like a homeless man who should have sold his camera to fix the gap in his teeth and bought a shower ticket at a truck stop what a loser I wouldnt let him have his way with me if he was the last human on earth and peanut butter and dogs were extinct!

  9. M Says:

    OH! and the accent is TOTALLY fake. I watched an interview of him later on. Em&Lo right again as always <3

  10. Alex Says:

    Piece of shit!

  11. Kristen Says:

    Does anyone who posted here have an education? It’s art jack asses! Get a grip!

  12. Betty White Says:

    These comments sound like they are coming from a bunch of jealous bitches who need to get laid!

  13. Kate Says:

    Okay, first off:
    I agree it is a terrible message to send that women are just objects and that Ben Taylor just wants to lay them all, but is that really the purpose of the song here? come on let’s think a little bit beyond what catches your pre-concieved rage on the topic….What man who lives somewhat in the public’s eye (excluding some lude rap music) would honestly want that connotation to himself and his music floaging around?
    The comedy of the song (from what I understand) that so many of you seem to have such trouble grasping…is in it’s irony. So many men put so much energy into ‘game’/styles of hunting women to have casual sex with through convicing them that they hold genuine motives. This guy’s just saying it out loud. If you think that Ben Taylor takes himself or the message of this song so litterally or seriously, check out his song ”Your Boyfriend’s a Really Nice Guy” and tell me if you think he’s still such a serious ass-hole.
    Even if he does mean the lyrics as a literal message, which he very well might, SO THE F**K WHAT?! He’s expressing his honest intentions when so many people don’ t…And if his (potential)partner(s)are aware of his intentions(hint:he wrote a friggin song about it) then they are obviously okay w/the same sentiment. Objectification?…his partners would be doing the same thing to him in participating in consentual,informed,casual sex.
    Inclusive of the author of this critique, Kristen and Betty are the only writers that make any sense thusfar. Everyone else should get over your blind feminist rage, and develop some creativity and a sense of humor.The End.

  14. Kate Says:

    P.S. Erin:
    Take a look at those girls…not that they are ugly but they do not appear to be models,actresses, or anything else that would make them good at acting in front of a camera. The look like pretty average,everyday, good-looking girls that were asked if they wanted to be in this video. don’t you think it’s possible they just don’t know how to act apropriatley “sexy” “playfull” enough infront of a camera as to appease your critical eye from thinking them “sad”"glazed over”?

  15. Kyle Says:

    Ok Kate fine, you’ve addressed the issue of whether or not he’s making a joke or an ironic stab at the elephant in the room that is the “player.” You’ve discussed that he’s laid it all out there with adultfriendfinder accuracy and that makes it consensual, and there fore either two people having mutual respect or choosing to not respect one another outside of physical attributes. You’ve addressed it as art, and it’s true, most art is controversial. So even if that’s all true…..


    The whole spiel he went on in the song at the beginning was to explain freaky sexuality. Did it get lost in translation? Was that line just to add to the “it’s a joke” factor to soften it up?

    This song could be the theme song for “Wedding Crashers” and is about as sexy as Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s flat-tipped nose.

    Freaky sexuality is the use of sensations outside sexual norm. Freaky sex is candle wax and ice cubes, restraint vs. freedom, domination and submission, public sex and voyuerism, etc. Freaky sexuality is the where the normal inhibitions take a back seat to the ecstasy of the moment, and allow for partners to reach levels of comfort with one another not previously attained.

    This was what I expected of Ben Taylor in this song, and none of that was delivered. Ben Taylor was not saying anything of that nature. Instead it was again, sadly like wedding crashers. I can’t believe that would be the definition of freaky sexuality were it asked to Ben Taylor. I would’ve much rather heard a song about a casual encounter with a freaky premise handled artfully than the the use-em-and-lose-em effect that he achieved in the video.

  16. Madamoiselle L Says:

    I had to stop it about a minute and a half in. YUCK! Does he live in LA? Is it the Land of Girls with No Self Esteem?

    How does one get so many girls to go along with a thing like this?

    I’m as disturbed as you all are. On a viceral level more than anything.


  17. Madamoiselle L Says:

    Erin, I highly DOUBT ANY girls were “forced” to participate in this video. People don’t need to use “roofies” to get girls with NO self esteem, who think being in the same room with a “Star” will somehow raise their internal self appraisal value, to do self degrading things!

    There are just too many young women who have no idea who they are, what they want, or the fact that they can get a good relationship on who they are. It’s sad, but no one was “forced” to do this. There are and sadly, always have been enough women everywhere (but especially in the LA or NY area) who want to be in the vicinity of “Fame” who have no idea that THEY THEMSELVES have value on their own.

    Nobody needs to “roofie” girls like this. They do, however, need some education about their own worth. They didn’t look drugged to me, just naive and silly.

  18. Tonye Says:

    My flatmate was playing this not five minutes ago, which was when I heard it for the first time. At first I wasn’t paying attention, but then “get you drunk” caught my ear, and things just went downhill from there. How any self-respecting woman can listen to this and not be disgusted is beyond me. Lmfao.

  19. Man Says:

    As expected from today’s society…overreacting.

    What is he saying?

    “I think you’re attractive and I want to have sex with you.”

    You may like to write paragraphs and essays overanalyzing but at the end of the day, it’s that simple…”I want to have sex with you.”

    This sentiment is one of the most basic of human nature right next to “I want to eat” and “I want to sleep”.

    So to take issue with this song is to take issue with acknowledging our own humanity. I think the world woulf be better off if we were all as honest as Ben is in this song.

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