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About Our Redesign

Wed, Sep 23, 2009


construction_signphoto by meddygarnet

As you probably noticed, EMandLO.com just got a bit of a face-lift. (We’re hoping the work is more Demi Moore than Joan Rivers.) We know change is hard, but if you give it a chance, we think you’ll find that it’s easier to find the stuff you like with this new format. We produce so much content every week and before it was disappearing so fast! This way, everything’s categorized — if you like Wise Guys, there are the last four entries right on the homepage; if you like our advice, same deal; if you like confessions and polls and comments of the week, there they are in the Confessions section. Plus, a nifty animated feature scrolls through all the best recent content.

You probably also noticed our new toys section — we’ve partnered with our favorite sex toy store, GoodVibes.com, to give you easy access to some of the toys we think are the best out there. Let us know if you’ve got a favorite toy you’d like to see featured. And because we gots bills to pay, we’re also looking for advertisers, so please spread the word! Our rates are ridiculously reasonable, and our readers — er, that’d be you — are quite the catch. Here’s an incentive: If you introduce us to an advertiser and it leads to a campaign on our site, we’ll send you a free signed copy of one of our books. You’ll also be helping to make sure that this site sticks around, because we can’t keep doing it for free forever.

Stay tuned for a few more new features, including a more vibrant and user-friendly “Latest” section right on the homepage. If you have any constructive criticism or suggestions for how we could improve the site, please feel free to leave your comments below, or email us directly using our contact form. But if you’re just going to poopoo the site because you liked the old version better, please save your breath and simply bookmark “The Latest” page — it’s basically a replica of our old homepage, allowing you to quickly browse the first paragraph of the ten most recent posts and click back through the archives chronologically.

Finally, we’d like to give a million thank yous to the designers, Rob Tourtelot and Joey Cavella, who also happen to be our respective other-other halves. (If you’ve got a site that needs “work,” you should hire them!)



15 Responses to “About Our Redesign”

  1. AmanadaAtWork Says:


  2. Slartibartfast Says:

    At the risk of seeming gratuitously contrarian, I rather like the redesigned EmLo space. I’ve found the “Recent Comments” section to be a handy feature and the strategy for maintaining archived posts allows me to easily find any that I might have missed for a given category. Really a step up in terma of functionality. The old layout was dull and tedious (although I’m too polite to have said anything), but the new version is exciting, effortless and has taught me to laugh again.

  3. rob Says:

    Why, specifically, Amanada? If there’s something you’d like to see that you’re not seeing, it’d be helpful to actually spell it out rather than just stomping your feet.

    Besides, if you liked it better the old way (assuming you at least skimmed the above post before commenting, which seems highly unlikely), you can click on THE LATEST up top to view the site as you always have. Bookmark that page if you want to view this site that way for all eternity.

    If you’re going to spout that you HATE something, at least have the courtesy to let Em & Lo (and us, the humble designers) know what it is that you find so disagreeable. We have spent–and will continue to spend–a large amount of time to make this site as great and usable as possible for you. While we won’t always nail it 100% on the first try, we appreciate your patience and any thoughtful, constructive feedback.


  4. rob Says:

    And thank you for that, Slartibartfast. Comments like that, of course, make a designer’s day.

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    I agree with Slartibart. I love the new site. It kind of took me by surprise the first day, but it only took a minute to figure out and all is well. :) I love the new toy section. I don’t really shop for them often, but I am going to need to get some new ones soon, and these have given me good ideas! :)

  6. emandlo Says:

    Thanks guys! We know there are a few things that still need tweaking, so please do continue to weigh in here with any suggestions (and, of course, compliments, which we love!).

  7. Fred Says:

    Looks Awesome! Nice job Rob & Joey.

  8. Jocelyn Says:

    i love the new design! i usually read mostly everything on the site, but sometimes if i need a quick boost of emandlo, there are certain sections i like to go to first. Now i dont have to roll through a bunch of other stuff to find what im looking for, they’re all grouped together in neat little sections! i love this site! being so young (18) its my guilty little pleasure =D

  9. Tony Says:

    Just did a quick comparison using “the latest” tab. New design gets my vote!
    I’m trying my best to round up some more visiters for you. Yes, you’re welcome.

  10. trillie Says:

    Love the new design as well! As Elizabeth says, it took no time to get used to it, and that’s what good interface design should do.

    The only thing I don’t like is the pillows logo and the top area containing it, but that is just personal preference I guess.

  11. AlanK Says:

    Tell the nice web-lackey who’s doing the grunt work that the site now loads properly on my machine. The letters section has the article title nice and indeed quite elegantly separated from the letter itself. Looks real good. Congratulations. Now, if only someone could do quite as good a job on my love life….

  12. emandlo Says:

    Aw, thanks Alan! Good to hear. So what’s the problem with the love life? We know these two advice ladies who are wise beyond their years… http://www.emandlo.com/contact/

  13. Patricia Says:

    It took me a few days to get used to the new design, but now I love it! I especially love the “recent comments” section, so I can see at a glance what people are commenting about. Good job, ladies. Keep up the good work!

  14. Sophie Says:

    I like the new layout although I find the colours a bit cold. Also, wasn’t there a search functionality before? I would like to be able to look up an article that I remember reading here some 5-6 weeks ago. But still, good job!

  15. emandlo Says:

    Re: the search box. Yes, there was a search box and it’s coming back very soon! The redesign broke it and our designers are working on getting it up and running asap.

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