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The Snuggie Sutra

Tue, Sep 8, 2009

Pop Culture, Websites

snuggie_sutraYears ago, we were part of the team that created Nerve.com’s Position of the Day. The challenge was coming up with the positions; the fun was coming up with the names: “The Quasimodo,” “The Wet Blanket,” the “I Can See My House from Here.” So we were really curious about the Snuggie Sutra, a website listing the various sexual positions you can get into while wearing (and sharing) a Snuggie. (Their tagline: “You have a Snuggie. You have sex. This was inevitable.”) It had promise: the illustrations are cute and some of the descriptions are good (“The Tablecloth [pictured above] — She lies on the table. He wears the Snuggie on his front while the bottom end covers her. It‚Äôs just not a holiday without stuffing”). But…

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One Response to “The Snuggie Sutra”

  1. Meli Says:

    *smiling* I have a t-shirt that has 365 positions on it … one for everyday of the year and some positions I didn’t think were possible I might add.

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