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Crazy Las Vegas Billboard

Mon, Oct 5, 2009

Advertising, Pop Culture

sexist_vegas_billboardphoto by EMandLO.com

Sometimes what happens in Vegas simply can’t stay in Vegas. While driving through Sin City this past weekend, Lo saw the crazy-ass billboard above — so crazy-ass that she had to pull the car over and take a picture.¬†The ad is for a night club — not a BDSM club, or the He-Man-Woman-Haters-Club, or a club for would-be date rapists — just a night club (MGM’s Studio 54). ¬†So what’s with the extremely passive woman who looks like she’s been Roofied, about to gag on the disco testicle being pushed into her mouth by the dominant man-hand commanding “Take it all in”? WTF!

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