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Halloween Haiku Contest Winners

Thu, Oct 29, 2009

Pop Culture

halloween_zombies_kissphoto by zenobia joy

Last week we asked you to submit one or more haikus that combined love and/or sex with the macabre in honor of Halloween for the chance to win a LoveHoney “Death by Orgasm” mini-vibe. Eight of you delivered the 10 winning mini-poems — congratulations! (Those who’ll receive more than one bullet can make a few lucky friends very happy.) Thanks to all who entered. And Happy Halloween!

Pam from Saint Paul, MN:

please, babe? just the tip?
he thrusts, and…did it break off?
no more zombie sex

orgasm was great
‘cept i’m a male black widow
worth it? i think so

two bodies, writhing,
thrusting, straining, almost there –
oh no — heart attack

Adam from Boynton Beach, FL:

Vamp sex is macabre.
Or maybe it’s ma-cab-re.
Either way, it’s hot.

“Zombie Viagra!
Better than rigor mortis!”
(‚ĶI’ll miss Billy Mays.)

Frances from Bloomington, IN:

Mildewed skin and bones,
Slick with rot. Once dead, we rise
Again together.

Inness from San Luis Obispo, CA:

Dry rasping leaves curl,
Arching above chill gravestones
As we do, trembling.

Itziar from Spain:

May I bite your throat,
suck your blood, so red and sweet,
lick your frozen toes?

Shyra from New Orleans, LA:

I am not afraid
Baby, when you wear that mask
Come on, make me scream!

Leslie from Monrovia, CA:

Long curls pleasure masks
Tying each appendage down
Her witch comes to him



7 Responses to “Halloween Haiku Contest Winners”

  1. Isis Uptown Says:

    Yay, I’m a winner. Today’s my birthday; what a present!

  2. Pam Says:

    Apparently, I lose capitalization capabilities when writing poetry. But in any case, congrats to all! Rigor mortis – ohhh, that is terrible (but hilarious).

  3. Dannie Says:

    Pam, capitalization ain’t so important in poetry. Read much ee cummings? :D

  4. Erin Says:

    Pam I love you poem, funniest poem I have read in a long time and hey capitalizing is way over rated.

  5. Johnny Says:

    Cheap pirate panties
    I love Halloween, each fall
    Sorry Em and Lo

  6. Inness Says:

    Oh YAY! I’m so pleased to be in the winning group–there are some really talented haiku-ers in the bunch! I loved all of them!

    I assume I need do nothing more to receive my (really nifty) prize?

    Looking back, I wish I’d also written something vagina dentata-esque.

    Thank you, Em & Lo!

  7. Isis Uptown Says:

    My prize arrived in today’s mail. My husband and I tried it out before dinner. It works!

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