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Comment of the Week: To Tattoo, or Not To Tattoo…

Wed, Feb 17, 2010

Comment of the Week, Confessions

photo by madaboutasia

I’d agree with everything on this list except #7. For chrissake, don’t get a tattoo that has anything to do with the ex. It’s inevitably the same in a breakup: at first it consumes your world to an extent that makes it seem tattoo-worthy — oh, the pain! But by the time you screw a few more guys, then land yourself an awesome new BF, your suffering will be part of the past, the drama you pumped into the situation will seem a little over-blown, and you’ll have a chuckle about it. And you’ll be DAMN glad you don’t have to look at a tattoo commemorating a guy who’s not part of your life anymore.

Johnny, commenting on the post “How to Get Over a Break Up in 10 Easy Steps”

I think Em and Lo meant a “I’m released, this is the new me, and I love it” kind of tattoo, not a “Why did Fuckface leave me, I will never love again” one.

After a difficult breakup I went on a 3 week trip with friends (it had been booked before the breakup), and got a conch piercing during that time. Maybe it’s a cliché to get pierced while travelling, but for me, it was like getting a new haircut: Telling the world and myself that I have changed, I’m free, my batteries were recharged by the trip, and I had a great time. Then again, the ring is removable, and the remaining hole is less noticeable than a “Fuckface broke my heart” tattoo on the upper arm.

Trillie, responding to Johnny

(And yes, for the record, Trillie’s right — that’s exactly what we meant!)

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2 Responses to “Comment of the Week: To Tattoo, or Not To Tattoo…”

  1. Wesley Says:

    Yeah, but when Jack got tattooed he was in the worst episode of Lost ever. Would *you* want to be in the worst episode of Lost ever?

  2. Slartibartfast Says:

    I got a tattoo shortly after my breakup with my first girlfriend. Just to remind me that she, and we, were real. Nothing so obvious that anyone else would ever make a connection. I’ve had it nearly 15 years and have never regretted it. Rather, I still enjoy the ink and don’t mind the occasional reminder.

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