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Ladies Only Poll: Does Size Matter?

Thu, Apr 8, 2010

Confessions, Poll

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23 Responses to “Ladies Only Poll: Does Size Matter?”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    Personally, the length isn’t that much of a big deal. The width is more what I care about.

  2. Eve Says:

    Not so much the length, the width matters for me.

  3. Molly Says:

    I have always been bugged by people taking “size matters” to mean “the bigger the better.” I don’t think anyone would deny that sex with a smaller than average partner would feel a whole lot different than a huge partner.

    Anything longer than about 6.5 inches has to be handled in a very precise way to avoid banging on my cervix (which hurts).

    Also, “size” doesn’t specify length or width. I can’t stand lengthy sex with guys who are very thick, but other women love it.

    Where’s the option for “yes, size matters; I want a guy with an average cock that isn’t too thick!”

  4. Neeva Says:

    yes size matters. Too big is plain painful. That option is missing too.

  5. Suzanne Says:

    I’ve only had one sexual relationship with a small guy and yes, size does matter. I couldn’t feel much and I don’t think he was anywhere close to my g-spot.
    Since then I have been fortunate to pair with partners who can satisfy me in terms of length and girth.
    On the other hand I have a friend who had a guy with such a long one that it hurt her when she engaged in sex with him.
    I guess there is a size and shape to suit everyone out there.

  6. Heather Says:

    Yes size matters. I recently had sex with a guy who has no concept of what a cervix is. . This guy may have a large penis but he had no idea what to do with it. He just wanted to pump away and ram into my cervix. If your a guy with a large penis you should be fully informed that a vagina is not a never ending whole. At some point you will hit my cervix. And if you do its going to hurt. And if your a complete ass hole like this guy you will just tell me I’m being a baby.

  7. KeeKee Says:

    I find that size doesn’t necessary matter as long as the concept as well as technique is in place. I must admit a larger penis can create a situation however if the man is skilled enough then it is a win/win for both parties. However a man with a smaller penis must be honest with himself and he may have to be willing to work a little harder to get the woman to a place of pleasure.

  8. nikki Says:

    Size somewhat matter. Too big is no enjoyment. I’ve had (2) bad small incidents and there was NO satisfaction in it at all. Average you should have pleasure with each other

  9. Madamoiselle L Says:

    A man who disregards when sex is causing your PAIN needs to be either educated or dumped! That is incredibly disrespectful, to tell someone they are being a baby, when something hurts them. It’s bordering on abuse. It IS abuse.

  10. Karl Says:

    Thank you very much ladies. You have answered my thoughts and i’m glad to know, that being average is good! I had thought i was kinda small, but as 1 woman put it, 6.5 is just fine! So, average i am!

  11. hehe^^ Says:

    lol I’ve only been with one man all my life so I have no idea on how other sizes are. I agree with “size doesnt matter”, it makes perfect sense if he knows what he’s doing with an average size vs a huge one who doesnt know how to use it. I also wouldnt want a huge one banging on my cervix either lol(if you’re curious, my husband is average~_^)

  12. Laurie Says:

    Thickness, thickness, thickness! However…when a man is sexually attentive and he is average…..he is the best of all worlds sexually!!!! I would take an average sized man (5-7 inches) any day of the week AS LONG AS he is into the sex he shares.

  13. Chipmunk Says:

    Thank You ladies for the information. Us guys think that size matters when it comes to a woman’s vagina.

  14. OMG Says:

    The only guy I have ever had sex with has a huge penis 9-10″ on hard and wide. Needless to say he didn’t know what to do with it. He was a classic case of I watch too much porn lets experiment. He refused to let me take the reigns. He tortured me so bad to the point I would have to brace myself. I would do things like bounce back on him to keep myself from blacking out. Otherwise he rammed my cervic so bad that I would see stars! I even swelled shut down there once and couldn’t sit or stand because he was so abrasive. He would do things like swirl in a circle saying he needed to open me up. What was he trying to do fit his balls in there too. Which are also huge by the way. He even tried to introduce sex toys but I could just claw his eyes out thinking of how crazily he would probably ram those sex toys up my poor kitty cat. I’m tramautized. I think I need counseling. I would prefer a man with a 5-6″ penis that isn’t selfish. :)

  15. Keyvah Says:

    Of course size matters. Anyone that says other wise is lying to themselves and their partners. That being said bigger is not always better. Oral is very difficult on a larger penis, anal can hurt with a larger one as well, a smaller one might not be felt vaginally or felt the same.

    Chalk me up with the ladies that prefer a nice average size man who knows how to use it!

  16. DC Says:

    I’m not too sure if size does matter. Although, I’ve only had 6 partners in my life, they were all average & above average except for one. He was smaller than average, but wider than any of the others & might I add that the width matters more than the length! Of the other men that I did have, only 1 seriously knew how to use it for my TOTAL pleasure! Even though this man was above average, he didn’t hurt me because he KNEW how to use it! Experience & respect matters too!!

  17. Sara Says:

    The best way to see what size you need is by using a dildo or other toy. Measure the length that fits just right for you and the width. You could even have a few different sizes to compare which one feels better to you. Some women who say size doesn’t matter have not experienced
    different sizes. I used to be one until I finally had someone that was about 7 inches. Every women is different just like every man is a different size. Knowing the right size that will fully satisfy you as a women is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself and any relationship you are in. Although size is an important factor to any relationship, so is communication as well as personality, attraction, trust, and mutual respect. I will say that even though I have had plenty of experience, the one person that was the right size for me was not the right person for me to be with. So in that case, size doesn’t matter when it comes to the heart and how someone treats you. It’s a mixture of all of those things for me. I definitely think that understanding what length and width is the best fit can give you a new perspective on your sex life.

  18. Beth Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with those who say, “there is a size and shape for everyone”. In my younger days, I thought I prefered larger (thicker) men. However, as I matured sexually, and met a man on the smaller-average side, I realized it is about chemistry, passion, openess, communication, etc. as well as the willingness to always experiment within your comfort zone. There is so much more to sex that “size”. This man drives me insane (in a very good way) and I never even think about his size.

  19. Christina Says:

    My Guy is a little smaller than average, he is awsome in bed. i have been with a guy who was very small, and this wouldn’t have been any issue if he took as much time and care to make sure he was making me feel good, he just wanted what he wanted and didn’t help me at all. Guys just take time and put effort into your encounters with us.

  20. Jane Says:

    I never really thought a size and a shape for everyone but it makes total sense. And just had aha moment realizing that the reason sex with my second partner hurt was because he was bigger than my first and kept hitting my cervix. Two years later, and I finally realize that was the reason and it wasn’t because I wasn’t as comfortable with him as with my first boyfriend.

  21. timepasss2010 Says:

    thank you girls. I m with 5-6 inches, but my is thin. I had few sex but always scared size does matter to you. Finally i have a lady around 40. She gave me confidence to enjoy sex without thinking about size. What matter her was sex i give her never size. I would request u guys if u have even 5 go for it gradually & give the pleasure. She will just enjoy it… All the best.:)

  22. dallas Says:

    Like some other girls here have said, 6.5 inches and fairly thick is the absolute ideal, for me as well. I’ve had friends brag about being with men who have been much larger, and to be honest, the one guy I was with who was upwards of 8 inches was PAINFUL. Some positions, like doggy style, were removed from my playbook while having sex with him because it really wasn’t pleasurable. I can say with conviction that if I ever come across another man with upwards of 7.5, I will not be letting him into my bed.

    Conversely, short and thin doesn’t do the job for me either. I dated this guy once who liked to talk a real big game, and the sex ended up being TERRIBLE. It wasn’t just his penis, but the fact that he also had no idea how to use it. I hated his wretchedly fast, shallow thrusts, and hell my vibrator is more passionate.

    I would much rather have a 6-7 inch, fairly thick, passionate man any day of the week, over a guy with huge junk or someone who screws like he’s still in high school!

  23. Truth_86 Says:

    I’m shocked in many ways to hear how women can jus come on here and talk about penis size. It makes you women all look and sound like hoes. One girl said she ONLY had 6 partners. As if six is a small # of people to have had sex with. Its jus disgusting. You hoes need to MATURE because I swear, no good man want another mans damaged left overs. You will have emotional scars that will mess things up with your new man, so jus take care of your damn self and stop being so easy.

    I’m into penis exercises. My penis is pretty big 8×6. I’m a guy and it matters to ME how my penis works and functions. Love making is NOT about the size of a mans penis anymore than it is about the size of a womans breast. It really shouldn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I’m not married yet but I hope my next partner will be my life partner : )


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