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Wise Guys – Are Men Intimidated by a Woman Who Masturbates Regularly?

Tue, Apr 27, 2010

Advice, Wise Guys

Advice from three of our guy friends. This week a straight woman asks,Are guys intimidated by a woman who masturbates regularly? What if she masturbates more than he does?”

Gay Single Guy (Jay Dyckman): If you’re intimidated by your partner masturbating, whether it be more or less than you, you’re a crappy partner.  As long as masturbation doesn’t interfere with the regularity of sexual encounters between the two of you, then it really should have no bearing. However, if most nights your advances are met with a “Not tonight, honey, the rabbit and I kind of had a big afternoon,” well then it’s time to get rid of that wascally wabbit.

Straight Single Guy (Tyler Barnett): A girl who masturbates regularly has a healthy sex drive, which is a great thing. I would be suspect of a girl who claims to never masturbate. If she’s going to pleasure town solo more than he is, well maybe it’s time for the guy to work a bit harder.

Straight Married Guy (David Felsen): In response to the first question: Not if she lets me watch. Then, to paraphrase Ron Burgundy, I’m not even intimidated, I’m just impressed. In response to the second question: If a woman masturbates more than me, then we’re talking about a world in which this wise guy, for one, doesn’t want to live. The role of women in our culture is crucial. If they’re out there jacking it even half as much as me then babies will go unfed, Oprah will go unwatched, and millions of women will go blind.

Our “wise guys” are a rotating group of contributors, some of whom wish to remain anonymous and some of whom like the attention. This week’s Straight Married Guy is NY writer-comedian David Felsen; our Gay Guy is Jay Dyckman, an LA copywriter; and our Single Straight Guy is Tyler Barnett of Tyler Barnett PR in LA. To ask the guys your own question, click here. To ask the guys your own question, click here.

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24 Responses to “Wise Guys – Are Men Intimidated by a Woman Who Masturbates Regularly?”

  1. Madamoiselle L Says:

    You Guys are hilarious! I really laughed out loud at your responses. *gasp* Babies unfed and Oprah unwatched? (Is that why I need reading glasses?) What a world. (Of course, Oprah refers to sexual organs as baby words and calls her vagina a “va-jay-jay” so heaven knows if she Flicks The Bean as much as it appears she needs it. My guess is no.)

  2. Dannie Says:

    I will take David’s statement as something riddled with irony and sarcasm, like Mlle. L. In which case, it is funny indeed. The sad thing is, there are guys out there who would say the same thing…very seriously. Less funny, but the joke’s on them, because ten bucks says they get laid half as much as the ironic guys.

  3. figleaf Says:

    It’s obviously fine if someone doesn’t masturbate, which is good because for any number of reasons, of course, some people don’t. But of course it’s also perfectly fine if they do.

    If I was going to be intimidated at all it would probably be more intimidating if a partner never masturbated at all.


  4. Johnny Says:

    When a woman says she doesn’t masturbate I think she’s either fibbing or a little weird.

  5. Lea' Says:

    i dont think either person should be intimidated.as for the male if he masterbates in between sexual encounters it keeps up his longevity,ie and as for a woman well nothing has to wrong w/it but,either she’s filling in for the lack of partner perticipation,its foreplay!I say if @ all possible let your partner masterbate.It becomes a team sport…..

  6. Ron Says:

    Hey, Who am I to judge? Just because I’m busy doesn’t mean she can’t go to happy town for a quick visit. I’m good but not always available. My biggest question is can I watch? LOL

  7. Phil Says:

    No, I would not feel intimidated by how much a partner flicks her bean.

    As others have said, I would be alarmed if she claims never to do so because this means she may have a low sex drive, or have issues around sex and/or masturbation being dirty.

  8. Chrissy Says:

    “Flicks the bean”??????!!!!!! HYSTERICAL!!

  9. d Says:

    Let’s not even consider self gratification intimidating. A girl who can gratify herself…knows what she wants. She also knows what she likes which makes any sexual relationship better. If you dont know what you like its alot harder to explore your partners preferances.

  10. Texas_44 Says:

    I masturbate, I talk on the phone to a friend and he will do it with me. It’s great, what a fun way to explore and he loves how open I am about what I want. He isn’t intimidated, he is turned on! So am I when I listen to him. :)

  11. prez51 Says:

    Well, i’ve been masterbating alota years and have noticed that the older you get,when using vibraters, satisfaction gets tougher. Boyfriends and husbands are eager to join in or just watch.

  12. Judy Says:

    Chrissy’s response is what was hysterical!!! Up til then I was reading along all serious thinking howcome I hadn’t heard IT called THAT before and I must be out of it. Thanks, Chrissy

  13. Krispy Says:

    Guys don’t seem to know that when a woman gets to premenopause some become insatiable.
    I had a bf that wasn’t interested unless drunk. I felt he was gay and drank because he couldn’t accept that in himself. So the vibe was well used. Now I have two guys that I have crazy sex with. One dead vibrater – smoked the motor and another that’s on it’s last leg. SO young guys go for the cougar and older guys get ready or get left behind. I’m 45. Once it was known I was free I’ve got a river coming to my door. I could probably handle all of them . But society already says I’m bad cuz I’m doing 2 and most guys are a waste of time. So I still need a vibrator (heavy duty). Also, I will never fall for a guy unless a he knows what he’s doing and doesn’t need a map to get his face in the promised land. I give very good head & after a few times of no reciprocation I lose interest quickly. Just stop answering his calls. Then the vibrator gets a workout. I need to get another before this one dies. Besides guys come and go – usually I make them go.

  14. Jamie Says:

    I’m with Krispy, the older I’ve gotten, the sexier I feel. I think about sex all the time. And no vibrators or toys yet…prefer a tongue or fingers. But, am ready to try toys because it does get a little harder to reach satisfaction. Had a friend who would chat me sexy stories and OMG…never knew the written word could get me so worked up. My significant other would be either intmidated or excited if he knew how much I masturbate now. Maybe I should ask him to watch.

  15. Madamoiselle L Says:

    Krispie said: “Guys don’t seem to know that when a woman gets to premenopause some become insatiable.” end quote

    SOME DO. My Man is in heaven. LOL!

  16. j Says:

    AMEN toys are good use mine every day!!!!
    husband talkes a talk but never walks the walk so it has became a need.

  17. RavenKnight Says:

    Masturbation is a natural form of self gratification. It is calorie and fat free, requires no special license, has a variety of options, and costs nothing. Which is probably why some people would try to tell us it’s bad for us. Every human being who intends to have sex with someone else, should be having sex with themselves first; so they can adequately show that other person how they like it; and thus have a much better relationship! As for watching? Hell ya!

  18. orosa Says:

    masturbation is great….but better yet a tongue, a finger, or the real thing…i am in my mid 40′s and i feel more sexual now than i have ever felt before…i get wet just thinking about sex…so if the men are too busy doing other silly things…yes the rabbit works just great…

  19. Clista Says:

    Im in my 40′s and I have a very strong sex drive! My husband has fizzled out and he is the same age I am! Yes! I take care of my self! The real thing is much better, but sometimes need to fill the gap in between times! :) And if I should so happen to have taken care of myself earlier and my husband wants it later….. well I put out for him later and enjoy it just as much!

  20. OMG Says:

    Screw masterbation. Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby!

  21. woodshabit Says:

    my husband LUVS 2 watch me pleasure my “show show” just as much as i get off watching him. So we do it together and it is AMAZING!!! BTW we are both 40 w a 5 yr old & 10 month old. We still got it!!

  22. BCofUIMhere Says:

    I love watching guys masturbate, especially if they don’t know I’m watching (makes it seem even naughtier ;) ). I don’t know, but I think a guy might be bored watching me masturbate…1) there’s not a lot to watch, I’m pretty quiet and don’t do a lot of moving until practically the end and 2) it can take a *long* time (more than an hour) to get to practically the end. So most of the guys I’ve dated actually think I don’t masturbate (nothing further from the truth. ;)

  23. Al Says:

    There is nothing more beautiful than a woman at the height of exstacy… no matter if she has reached it on her own, with some mechanical aide or with somebody’s help…

  24. jon Says:

    If the woman is refusing or limiting the amount of sex that is taking place, or saying she has no sex drive, yet is masturbating every night…then I think that is an indicator of a big problem.

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