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Blog Snog: How Tae Kwon Do, Bulimia & Fantasies Can Affect Sex

Fri, May 21, 2010

Pop Culture, Websites

photo by ivan cabrera



One Response to “Blog Snog: How Tae Kwon Do, Bulimia & Fantasies Can Affect Sex”

  1. tia Says:

    my fiance has 50 years old, he has female friendship for more than 7years , she used to send him her daughters (19-20-17 years old0 to stay in her house for days, for many reasons: to let him help them in their college registration..or for having fun as he has a very larg house..once he hangup with me to go out with them to have fun,,i mean is that acceptable? realy i dont know
    i mean they invite each other to stay and to go out with him,,once the girls say : next time will bring mum,,and the mum say: i wil send u my daughters to stay at your house for days..she is not divorced..ahaha email me what do you thing…well for me i will not let my daughter sleep out of the parents house…a waiting to hear from you

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