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Naked News: The Pope, Stolen Sex Toys, and Spiked Condoms

Tue, May 18, 2010


photo by rohan_chennai

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4 Responses to “Naked News: The Pope, Stolen Sex Toys, and Spiked Condoms”

  1. Toy Dawg Says:

    Why in the hell would somebody steal a truckload of sex toys? I wouldn’t think there is exactly a robust black market for those items!

  2. Madamoiselle L Says:

    Toy Dawg, good quality sex toys are expensive! I can imagine there could be a black market for them. I wouldn’t buy a luxury silicone rechargeable vibrator or some lube out of the back of a truck, but who knows what some other people would do to save money?

  3. rkmaury Says:

    Not only are good quality toys expensive, but in the Southern states, many cities do not condone the sale of sex toys. It would be a great underground business here (as there are some)We cant even buy the Trojan Vibrating Ring here in Texas

  4. Vibrators Says:

    there are toys that are like over $5000

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