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Comment of the Week: Love Me, Love My Morning Breath

Wed, Jun 23, 2010

Comment of the Week, Confessions

photo by kwimsnr

Why is there no option for “Yes, morning breath is never a problem for me or my partner”? What‚Äôs wrong with this world that we have to sterilize everything about ourselves, even the idea that our breath might not be naturally minty fresh. My partner and I spend hours in bed in the morning kissing, making love, and speaking clearly to one another without holding our noses. Why isn‚Äôt that an option in this “poll”?

Maudette, in response to “Poll: Do You French Kiss When You Wake Up?”

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5 Responses to “Comment of the Week: Love Me, Love My Morning Breath”

  1. Jack Says:

    This “comment” made a good “point.” I “appreciated” its “stance” on this “issue.”

  2. frenchmix Says:


  3. Susan Says:

    I can’t wait to wake up & kiss my lover. Thank you for making me smile

  4. emily Says:

    Love both Maudette and Jack’s comments. Morning sex is my favorite kind, and http://www.unnecessaryquotes.com one of the funniest blogs out there.

  5. Rice Says:

    There’s a morning breath and there’s just a bad breath.

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