Wise Guys
Wise Guys – Do You Really Want to Know How Many Partners She's Had?

photo by Raissa Bandou Advice from three of our guy friends. This week they answer the following: “When it comes to the number of sexual partners a woman has had, do guys want to know? Even if they say they do, are they lying?” Straight Single Guy (Mark Luczak): It’s the Information Age, and people […]

Ancient Dildo Dug Up

photo by Peter Zetterlund, Swedish National Heritage Board We’ve come a long way, baby. Check out this penis-shaped….shall we call it a “tool”? It was just unearthed in Sweden during an archeological excavation by the country’s National Heritage Board. Carved out of antler-bone and probably dating back to sometime between 4000 t0 6000 B.C., the […]

Dream Interpretation
Dream Interpretation: My Ex Stole My Car

photo by Donnaphoto Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about love and sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. This week, a reader asks Lauri: Last night I had a dream where I was working at my mom’s job, I met this guy […]

Blog Snog: Inside a Casting Call for "The Bachelor"

photo via ABC TresSugar: An insider’s look at The Bachelor casting call. YourTango: What’s so wrong with marrying for money? TomFoolery: How to get it on while driving. EdenFantasys’ Sexis: Nina Hartley on the truth about 69. CollegeCandy: Dating myths even the smartest women believe in. TheFrisky: Guys’ #1 request: Tell him what to do. […]

The New Abortion Providers

Dr. Emily Godfrey is our new hero: she had the courage to be featured on the front page of the NYTimes Sunday Magazine last weekend as a doctor willing to provide abortions, not in an abortion clinic but at her practice where she sees all sorts of patients. In case you missed it last weekend, […]

Dear Em & Lo
Dear Em & Lo – How Can I Dump Him If He Won't See Me?

photo by faster_panda_kill_kill Dear Em & Lo, So I have this guy friend who I met my freshmen year at college. We used to hang out a lot together and, well, I ended up liking him. The only problem was that he sometimes did not seem to feel the same way towards me. He would flirt back and […]

Vote on Your Favorite Term for the Female Equivalent of Blue Balls

A few weeks ago, we noticed The Frisky had a post about the female equivalent of blue balls, which they called (rather uncreatively, we thought), pink balls. This reminded us that a few months back we had you guys nominate your favorite new term for this achy condition. We got some great ideas but  never […]

When We Lie Online, At Least We Do It Consistently

It’s not exactly breaking news that people lie like rugs in their online dating profiles. “Recent” photos are a couple years (at least) out of date; the weight someone lists is kind of like that pair of jeans they keep around, hoping they’ll fit again; and the height listed would probably be accurate if the […]

Personal Essays
Confession: Cohabitation Is No Honeymoon

Our contributor Chloë Browne, who’s pursuing an Honors Major in Gender and Sexuality Studies at at Swarthmore College, has a confession to make: About a month ago, tethered to my parents’ couch by a recent wisdom tooth surgery, I found myself in pursuit of life advice from my technological bestie, Google. I was about to […]

Comment of the Week: Love + Trust + Strap-On = Good Times for Everyone

a Starter Strap-On Kit Yep, the strap-on post continues to rake in the comments! Today’s featured comment is #210 out of a total of 214 (and counting) responses to the original post. (Only another 70 comments or so to go to catch up with the small penis post!) I asked the girlfriend to do this […]