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Your Call – Are Women’s Ethical & Erotic Preferences About Circumcision in Line?

Tue, Jul 13, 2010

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Dear Em & Lo,

My parents did not believe in circumcision so they left me natural, and I don’t have any problems with the way I am and I have not had any problems with ladies. But I would like to know what women really think about foreskin or no skin? I ask this because there seems to be a disconnect between what some people say publicly and what they believe privately. Is there a difference between the ethical and the erotic for women?  It’s easy to imagine a woman not wanting to hurt a baby, but might that same woman find circumcised penises more of a turn on? In this PC culture, it can be hard to acertain people’s true opinions. What are the majority of women’s ethical and sexual preferences when it comes to a circumcised or uncircumcised penis — and, more to the point, are those two things usually the same?

– Uncut Collegian

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88 Responses to “Your Call – Are Women’s Ethical & Erotic Preferences About Circumcision in Line?”

  1. Doctor D. Says:

    ATTENTION: “Bettyboo” et al . . . .

    Log on to “www.circinfo.net” and you will find a wealth of data to peruse and research. Click on to “uterine cancer” as well as the link pertaining to “penile cancer”. Take note of the horrific illustrations.

    By the way, although there may be some,I personally do not know of any documented cases of penile cancer in a circumcised male. Something to think about.

  2. Di-DI Says:

    My uncle had to be circumcized at the age of 40 following an infection. He said he has always loved sex but after the cicumcision it was so much more pleasurable he was shocked. Easier to take care of, seemed more attractive to women, and felt awesome after being cut. He was thrilled to have it done.

  3. lenber Says:

    Dear Uncut Collegian,

    I suggest you grow up.

  4. Bettyboo Says:

    Ok, I’ve taken a quick look and what I’m seeing is a good argument that the HPV vaccine should be extended to boys as well as girls.. a somewhat less invasive procedure the patient can choose to have or not as it’s delivered in the teens..

  5. Roxanne Says:

    I’m 18, and my first time was with my current boyfriend who is uncut. I live in America, and have no problem with a man being circumcised or uncircumcised, it doesn’t seem strange or bizarre, or anything like that. The only problem I would have with it, would be with my own kids because I was raised in a white community and therefore everyone (I would imagine) was circumcised, I don’t think I would get it done just for the simple fact that it’s unnecessary, I get plenty of pleasure from my boyfriend, but I haven’t been with another man to verify that it’s any different. So what if they’ll feel “different” older parents need to know that kids CRAVE being different and not like everyone else… it’s not like it was when you grew up and everyone had to keep up with the Jones’.

  6. Lizzet Says:

    Don’t concern yourself with what women think either way regarding circumcision. YHWH commands it; therefore, do it.

    The physical byproduct of obedience to Him is love and as a result only then will such a question even begin to factored into your survey. Only then will a women’s role or thoughts on the topic factor in: They’ll love it! It’s just that cut and dry-clean.

  7. Madamoiselle L Says:

    Only about half of newborn boys are now circumcised. There are many studies to prove that circumcision does NOT really prevent disease, and most men who are circed as adults are astounded at the decrease in sexual pleasure.

    I could never mutilate a baby, and as only half of boys are circed, it it not something that boys get teased about “in the locker room.”

    It made no difference to me if a man was cut or uncut, I only admired his parents a little more if they decided not to go with the Status Quo and cut their babies.

    The rates of penile cancer, even in uncut men is SO low that is makes no difference. If a man keeps his foreskin and underneath clean, there is no more of a threat of ilness or smell than a woman who has a complete inner labia.

    Most of my freinds do not circ their boys, and now that many of them are teens and early 20s, there has been no complaining about how they are treated by mature girls and women who they choose to have relations with.

    It is an unnecessary medical procedure, it can effect feeding, alertness, respiration, O2 saturation in the blood for weeks in a newborn baby and the it makes no difference in performance or “disease prevention” in grown men. Also, men who are cut are less likely to have early onset problems with erectile dysfunction because the uncut penis is believed by men who have had BOTH to be more sensitive.

    I, personally, don’t beleive in either female or male genital mutilation. There is an organization caleld “Nurses Against Circumcision” and they put out some good info about why they feel this way and why they won’t participate in infant circumsision. Also, there are groups who do reserach and have found the uncut penis to actually be more healthy.

    My Man is cut, but our sons never would be. We did the research and there was no medical reason to have such a brutal operation done on a child.

  8. Del Says:

    Removal of a womans clitoris is not circumcision. It is a sick attempt at control.

  9. Bettyboo Says:

    The quote that popped into my head when I looked at the site Doctor D posted was ‘lies, damned lies and statistics’ which I forget the origin of, but basically means you can spin the figures in many ways if you have a hypothesis to prove.. in the case of penile cancer the numbers who get this are a vanishingly small proportion of the population that the fact than it is more common in uncircumsised guys could be sheer luck of the draw when it occurs in less than 100 out of 100,000.. an extra few cases can be represented as an infantesamely small % of the whole (if you don’t want to prove a link) or a giant leap (eg. if you have 40/100,000 one year and 50/100,000 another then suddenly you could say it 25% more likely (keeping actual numbers quiet) if you want to prove a link… whilst at the same time the risks for any one person are minisule… plus correlation does not equal causation.. take a look at the pastafarian/ flying spagetti monster graph’s which show global warming is due to the global reduction in the number of pirates if you want an amusing example of how 2

  10. Carolyn Says:

    cut or uncut a penis is a penis just keep it clean, but i have to say that an uncut penis works just as good as a cut one maybe better.

  11. Bettyboo Says:

    whoops, that should have ended, ‘how 2 unrelated issues can be made to look linked or like 1 is causing the other.. :0)

  12. Bettyboo Says:

    For those who are interested the data about global warming vs. pirates can be found here

    may cause offense to believers in intelligent design.. ;0)

  13. Bettyboo Says:

    Tho http://www.circinfo.net is an entertainingread.. apparently Louis XVI not being circumcised lead to the french revolution!!
    see bottom paragraph of this page

    Nothing to do with the vast socioeconomic differences between the decadent rich and the starving poor after all then, nope, all because Louis XVI couldn’t initially consumate his marriage with his child bride.. a site coming up with this drivel cannot be taken as a serious unbiased medium to report scientific facts..

  14. Doctor D. Says:

    Dear Miss Bettyboo . . . .

    Louis XVI and his unconsummated marriage notwithstanding – can you proffer a single scientific opinion to the effect that circumcision – or lack of it – has no bearing on uterine or penile cancer?

    Your comment with regard to the relationship between global warming and pirates cannot but help me wonder whether you may not be a member of any Smokers’ Rights group. They also scorn statistics.

    My suggestion: Speak with a sufferer of uterine or penile cancer – (as I have on multiple occasions) – and get their opinions. Speak to sufferers of lung, tongue or larynx carcinomas and tell them that tobacco use had nothing to do with their afflictions.

  15. Maylek Says:

    I personally do not find uncut penis’s attractive. I have never been with a man who was uncut, and while I’m not sure that if I met a completely wonderful man who was uncut, that it would change my feelings for them–honestly, I’m so thankful that I have never had to face this situation. From a spiritual standpoint, I believe it it, and I followed it. I know that there are plenty of women who do not find uncut attractive in the least–and I would never want my sons to have fear or concern over it. Someone above used the word “mutilation”. I’m sorry, but having a surgical procedure done to your child where the body is cut is not different from any other surgery–to use the word mutilate only serves to dump a cup of drama to subject. The incisions heal fast generally, and most kids do not have issues as a result of circumcision…and they don’t remember it. There are tribles of people in this world who do it as a rite of passage when a boy becomes a man. And to Betty Booooo–I am a communications major and your rambling above seemed more of a effort to share your linguistic skills rather than participation in a candid and potentially emotional conversation. Unless the Pirates are uncircumcised–most of your commentary was utter fluff.

  16. Bettyboo Says:

    never been a smoker, never will be.. smoking is in a different category as it has a definite proved causation, one of the very few carcinogens where this has been definitively shown. The pirates comment was just a humorous way to show correlation and causation are not the same thing.. my comments were lead from what I perceived as scaremongering, the idea that by not carrying out this procedure you open up all these huge risks where is reality most if not all of these risks can be negated by good hygiene, good sexual practises and a simple vaccination. In this context the risks of not being circumcised seem vanishingly small compared to risks we take and we take for our children simply by living in the modern world.

    For the record I have nothing against the procedure as part of a rite of passage etc, I just don’t see evidence that any of the cited risks are enough to warrant putting a baby boy through a painful and permanently altering procedure.

  17. Doctor D. Says:

    To Bettyboo et al . . . .

    Stats. Endometrial cancer: 39,300 cases p.a.
    Uterine cancer: 13,333 ” ”
    Cervical cancer: 13,000 ” ”

    A total of 65,633 cases per year – the vast majority are women who were intimate with uncircumcised men. Additionally, there are over 3,000 cases of penile cancer – ALL of whom are uncircumcised.

    The above figures do not take into consideration the extremely high prevalence of STD among uncircumcised men and their partners.

    To say that good hygiene as a solution to the problem is equivalent to quoting Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” – it is just not going to happen. Period.

    We may well debate the pros and cons of circumcision – but to the tragic victims mentioned above, there is no dispute.

  18. Bettyboo Says:

    The risk factor for these cancers is not the presence of a foreskin but the presence of HPV infection.. If circumcision were the only way to prevent this infection then you might have a point, but there is now a vaccine against the strains which are most likely to induce the changes in infected cells that result in cancer. In the UK at least this is now being offered to all girls at ~13-15 years of age as an active way to reduce cervical cancer, which should go a long way to reduce the infection rates in males as well, I presume concerned parents could also get boys vaccinated too. A quick google of stats revealed that the rates of these cancers are similar both side of the atlantic and given in the UK circumcision only occurs in certain ethnic groups and when a medical reason arises that seems to indicate that other factors are definitely at play here too..

  19. Mandy Says:

    Cut kinda wigs me out personally. I couldn’t imagine doing it to anyone sans their consent.
    I don’t really plan on having children so it’s not something I have to seriously think about though.

  20. Nancy Says:

    Several of my female friends and I agree. Sex with men who are uncircumcised is better than with the “cut” ones for several reasons. There is more skin on the end of the penis and it is softer, providing a more gentle stimulation inside. Also, I believe that the man lasts longer and can come back faster than uncut. Once it’s out, it looks the same, anyway. Of course, this has nothing to do with health risks of any kind.

  21. lilo Says:

    i have been with cut & uncut men before. i guess what’s important here is to be clean and hygiene. i had no problem doing blowjob when the head is clean/cut unlike the uncut/unclean version which will leave me with sorethroat & probably mouth ulcer.
    my hubby just had his penis circed & at the age of 56 he found more pleasurable than before.

  22. Robert Says:

    DoctorD seems to be asleep at the wheel.
    Apparently he is unable to access the stats from the real world.
    How is it that the rates of all these problems are LOWER in many intact countries than in circumcising countries?
    Why is this “preference” for mutilated penises only in Muslim countries, Jewish people, and in America? Ignorance and gullibility?

  23. Robert Says:

    Lilo, could you rationally and logically explain just HOW missing the majority of penile nerves could make sex “MORE” pleasurable? The only thing that comes to mind is psychological (placebo effect)–and that is hardly logical or rational.

  24. Lovereaction Says:

    As long the man himself are comfortabel with his cock no matter what, does this really matter?

  25. D - Tours Says:

    There are many web sites, like circinfo.net, that chooses the medical studies it wants and conveniently ignores studies with the opposite conclusions. The dirty little truth is that real unbiased medical reporting is an on going series of reports, from many sources, each with concussions conflicting with previous reports. The more sure and unequivocal the medical source is the bigger the bias.

    Here, in America, circumcision is a multi-bullion dollar industry and no one can make a cent opposing circumcision – hence there are far more pro-circ sites than anti.

    Another example of the bias selectiveness; circinfo.net wants us to believe that Christianity is pro-circ. To the contrary, the New Testament has a moratorium on circumcision. “Behold, I Paul say unto you, that if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing.” Galatians 5:2 King James

  26. Rose Says:

    I personally find uncut a turn off, very much. No specific reasons, just find it disgusting, sorry if any one finds this offensive but this is a question to know how women think about circum’ so I have to be honest. I was with a man who was uncut once, the moment I saw it, I completely lost interest and didn’t want to touch it again even though he was a decent guy.

  27. D. Tours Says:

    Hi Rose

    I find most American girls prefer a cut sex organ. I presume it is because most of your experiences are with cut. I say that because European girls have more experiences with uncut and prefer that. They describe it as being more to pay with, more responsive and more sensitive. It absolutely true Rose, generally, American girls do prefer a cut sex organ. I prefer small to no breasts on females but I would be hard pressed to justify surgically altering my daughter because of my sexual preference. This sounds like I’m a wise guy not taking this subject seriously but, in principal, we are talking about the same thing. Currently, the circumcision rate in America is 50-50 so feature American woman will be equally experienced with both. On the west coasts only one in three are cut. We are thinking of the feature because, most all American men are cut and there is nothing we or any body can do about that.

  28. Franz Faber Says:

    Oddly, nobody mentions LENGTH of foreskin. Mine is very short (and very loose), so cleaning “under” it has never been a problem. (My little bother has a long foreskin.) When my penis is erect, one has to look closely to see that it is not “cut”.

    Silly girl in this discussion talks about getting the foreskin out of the way and “getting to the meat”. I have news for her: my foreskin is part of the VERY sensitive meat.

    I can masturbate (sometimes surreptitiously on long bus trips or airline flights) just by pinching and twisting the frenulum. If more exposure is safe or in company where it is permissible, using the frenulum to lift my penis off my belly and bouncing or swinging it around is VERY pleasant.

  29. D. Tours Says:

    Hay Fronz
    What you wrote is probably TMI for most but I appreciate you uninhibited honesty. I never heard of such things and I’m as jealous as all get out. It must be odd to read how your naturally equipment grosses out our American women. I wonder how it would feel if the shoe was on the other foot?

  30. M Says:

    Hi, late to the party but I’ve been anti-circumcision since my early teens. It’s pretty obviously unethical. None of the reasons or rationalizations* I’ve heard have ever been solid enough to excuse lopping off the body parts of a defenseless child. (* Let’s be honest, the disease thing was something we made up after the fact to make ourselves feel better, and the benefits are negligible for any guy with access to condoms.)

    Anyway, I was initially a bit squeamish about the idea of an uncut guy, even though I believed so strongly that cutting infants was wrong. With the way (ignorant) people go on foreskins, I was imagining this smelly, weird-looking thing that tore as easily as tissue paper. I have been with 2 guys now; one cut and one not, and obviously I was wrong. Once a guy is fully erect, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference, and personally I prefer the uncut look the rest of the time. A lot of the women who are hypothesizing that they ‘would’ be grossed out by an uncut penis are probably basing that out of the same kind of ignorance I had. Keep it clean, definitely, but you probably already know that. :) Overall, I think most women with experience with both would say that cut vs uncut means very little in the big picture.

  31. Lovereaction Says:

    Circumcision are medical malpractice. Deal with it.

  32. Robert Says:

    Doctor D,
    instead of believing everything you read on rabidly pro-circ sites which select comments out of context, ignore contrary evidence, and post scare articles, you might wish to read the actual and entire medical studies pertaining to circumcision.

    You can start here:\


    Search the subject that interests you.

    IF you are a doctor, you seem woefully ignorant of the studies your SHOULD be aware of–it is your JOB to be informed of VALID evidence.

  33. Belle Says:

    I’ve been with both circed and uncirced men. They were equally good. Mmmm, nice thinking about them. Anyhow, Collegian, if you are natural, the women that you end up being intimate with will most likely have a preference. However, when you find the one that makes you cum harder than you ever have before and you can curl her toes like nobody’s business, foreskin will be neither here nor there. Good luck, man.

  34. Shell Says:

    I have never been with an uncircumcised man and I really don’t have an interest in trying. I have a friend who’s husband was uncircumcised and she told me that he would get yeast infections and then she would get yeast infections…often.

  35. mudannayake Says:

    very interesting suject.thaks.

  36. Laura Says:

    In my experience circumcised penises feel, taste, smell and look much better.

  37. Uncirc fan Says:

    I am a 55 year-old woman who has had sexual relations with several men over my lifetime – all of whom were circumcised. Until my current partner, that is. I can honestly say that I had no idea how different (WONDERFUL!) an UNcircumcised penis feels! I hope I never have to be “in the market” again, because I think I’d have to limit my options to uncircumsised men only. It’s that much better. I now feel exceptionally bad that my ex and I had our son circumcised, even though I had learned that none of my six brothers were circ’d. My [ex-]husband was and he wanted our son to “be like him.” Sex is amazing with my uncirc’d man and he’s by all definitions average in size. Since he was my first, I was intrigued enough to read about uncirc’d men (something I knew nothing about prior to him) and discovered that many men who were circumcised are attempting to stretch their remaining skin to regain their foreskin. I’m sure that doesn’t address the nerve endings that were damaged in circumcision, but they feel it’s important to return to their God-given state. I agree. For the record, if an uncirc’d penis is kept clean (my guy does) there’s nothing even remotely unpleasant about it. I would lick his any day, any time. It’s that wonderful!

  38. Mystery Tomcat Says:

    Nature really does like male circumcision

    Way down under in Melbourne, Australia is the story of a tightly done male adult circumcision of the ultimate kind. You’ll never believe the story … or will you?
    Around 17 years ago, I became aware that circumcision was of interest to me. How to go about it ? What an embarrassment, how to sneak into a Doctor cost etc. I became more and more frustrated, as I knew I wanted it done. Australia is a hot climate too and I wanted a slick model penis, not a sock, at half mast. I had learnt from school that I was bisexual, I would use the odd opportunity to check out and occasionally talk another classmate into pulling down his pants and letting me give him oral sex. Both circumcised and uncircumcised, although I didn’t know what circumcision was then, I was only ten ! We start pretty early in Australia !
    Anyway back to circumcision. I became more and more, frustrated and there didn’t seem to be a way of resolving the issue. Then I had a bereavement in the family. If I couldn’t solve this simple problem… It was a question of honor.
    So what I did may surprise many. I am an everyday kind of bloke, a family now, job and the rest of it. So don’t be too shocked. Where there is a will there is a way.
    I had been researching on the net at the time and I was reading and seeing pics of tribal and African circumcisions. There are great stories of the Tuli in the Philippines and also teens putting their penis on a log with a piece of twine and the elder slicing off the foreskin, high and tight, leaving a terrific red patched scar.
    I decided after much viewing and research that this is what I wanted. I was a bit far from the Philippines and Africa, so this is what happened.
    One long weekend when there was a Public holiday, I decided to have a go myself. This is not for the faint hearted.
    On the Friday night, I did the usual, a few beers then came home. I opened a bottle of white wine and proceeded to watch an x-rated video. Of course with a long ring barked cock or two. After a while I was ready. A bit of popper amyl and I was more or less ready to have a go. At circumcision.
    I knew the skin would be sensitive, so I had purchased from an adult store, delay spray. This I think had lidocaine like when you get Suntan mozzie burns cream from the supermarket only stronger. I applied it to my foreskin until the end of my cock felt number, than usual. Another drink and some poppers, a look at the tightly taut scarred cocks on the TV screen and it was time. Time to join the rest of my male brothers on the planet with a permanently forever nude glans and a stripped pointed helmety penis. Intention purple glans to always lead the way, from that night on or else.
    I sized and drew a line working out where to cut and checked this out numerous times. Another drink, more amyl and an inspection of the video playing and I was ready.
    I took a very sharp pair a medium size sewing scissors and sat down. Carefully lining them up, I very slowly, and I mean really really slowly, put them through the line on the foreskin I had drawn. I had already pulled the foreskin as hard as I ever could in front of my glans.
    Slowly but surely I got the job done. Everything dropped back behind my glans and my foreskin lay on a tissue. A dream come true. I couldn’t believe my absolute relief and satisfaction.
    All this time later nearly two decades on, I am still happy. A couple a days later, I consulted a friendly doctor and some stitches were added on the quiet to complete the job.
    Result is I have a very tightly circumcised penis, with absolutely no frenulum or foreskin.
    The absolute tightest male circumcision possible, for myself and any partner I should choose, whether it be female or male. Amazingly there is no two tone scar and the circumcision join is one color and height. No different levels of skin height or misalignment.

    Nature really does like male circumcision

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