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Your Call – Are Women’s Ethical & Erotic Preferences About Circumcision in Line?

Tue, Jul 13, 2010

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Dear Em & Lo,

My parents did not believe in circumcision so they left me natural, and I don’t have any problems with the way I am and I have not had any problems with ladies. But I would like to know what women really think about foreskin or no skin? I ask this because there seems to be a disconnect between what some people say publicly and what they believe privately. Is there a difference between the ethical and the erotic for women?¬† It’s easy to imagine a woman not wanting to hurt a baby, but might that same woman find circumcised penises more of a turn on? In this PC culture, it can be hard to acertain people’s true opinions. What are the majority of women’s ethical and sexual preferences when it comes to a circumcised or uncircumcised penis — and, more to the point, are those two things usually the same?

– Uncut Collegian

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88 Responses to “Your Call – Are Women’s Ethical & Erotic Preferences About Circumcision in Line?”

  1. sugarmag Says:

    I chose not to circumcise my son because it just felt wrong to me to subject him to unnecessary surgery. As for my own sexual preference, I really don’t have one. I am now single and dating and if I am attracted to a man, it really doesn’t matter to me if he is circumcised or not.

  2. Restoring Tally Says:

    Many women in the US have never seen an intact penis, only circumcised ones. I am restoring my foreskin so I have crossed over from being circumcised to having a foreskin, even if it is restored. My girlfriend has never been with a man who had a foreskin. Every indication I have is that she loves my foreskin. We used to need lots of lube. Now we rarely use it. She used to get sore from sex. Now she is always ready for more and is never sore. I cannot imagine a women not enjoying being pleasured by an intact penis because the natural penis works so well. A circumcised penis is missing its foreskin and does not work the same way as an intact one.

  3. Neeva Says:

    As a German I’ve never seen a circumcised penis. In most european countries circumcision is considered a strange practice of some cultures. Not as a crime like female genital mutilation, but strange and unneccessary.

  4. bogart4017 Says:

    Every woman i’ve ever been with or talked to says the same thing. You cannot feel a difference except an uncircumsized penis tends to lube itself.

  5. Johnny Says:

    Younger women tend to have an “eeeuuuww!!” reaction to uncut, but I think that’s just cause it’s unusual to them in the States.

    If I have sons I will not snip them.

    Tally – I have heard about foreskin restoration, but it sounds like bullshit to me. I don’t believe you can regrow real, actual foreskin just by stretching out your remaining dick skin. Even if you can get it to look uncut – which I bet you can’t – it won’t have the same nerve endings that make real foreskin allegedly more pleasurable.

    Correct me if I’m wrong. But if I’m not wrong… damn dude… be careful. You only get one dick.

  6. TC Says:

    Ethical preference is absolutely INTACT– and I have always been very open about it (sometimes even a bit of an activist). I have a son and chose to not have him circumcised. And as for my husband, he’s French and uncut, and we have amazing sex, but I have no preference sexually, as I don’t think I can tell the difference!

  7. QoB Says:

    I can feel a difference (intact is better than cut or either type while wearing a condom) but it’s not major and it wouldn’t put me off a guy sexually.
    But I would never circumcise any child of mine. It’s an awful, unnecessary thing to do to an infant.
    Plus, really any preference for circumcised penises seems to result from what a woman is used to i.e.: what is normalised for her: and this is mainly a North American thing.

  8. John Says:

    Why do it? And, yes, I’m convinced my intact version likely has better sensitivity.

  9. Stella Says:

    Wow I guess I’ll be the odd man out here… I’ve never been with a partner who was uncut and I’m pretty pleased about it. I don’t have anything against uncut guys. I kind of see it as any other physical preference people have some chicks like partners with light hair and some like partners with no foreskin. I’m nowhere near ready to have kids but I think that when and if I do I would have them circumcised partially because of my jewish heritage and partially because I live in the states and wouldn’t want my child to feel like an outcast. Either way I don’t have any ethical aprehension I’m not sure if that makes me a bad person but I’m just not really weary of a procedure that’s been performed for thousands of years.

  10. trillie Says:

    I’m also German like Neeva and can confirm that in Europe, circumcision is very unusual. Personally, I think it’s just as unneccessary as, say, a boob job — and in a way even worse, because the person circumcised didn’t even have a say in it.

  11. Heather Says:

    I have to agree with Stella. My physical preference is for a guy who’s been circumcised. An uncircumcised penis just looks gross to me, even if it is natural and healthy. And that’s just my personal preference. As for ethics, I have no ethical dilemma in regards to circumcision. I say to each their own!

  12. fuzzy Says:

    I’m a health care professional….and am so tempted to favor cut men: the end result of seeing so many unwashed and uncut penii: YUCK!

    OTOH, my son is uncut, and just because people can’t wash doesn’t mean they should cut it off. Plenty of unwashed twat out there, too…….

  13. piki Says:

    I’m with Neeva and Tillie… Honestly, I am put off by a circumcised penis because it just doesn’t feel ‘right’ to me, not morally, but it just isn’t what I’m used to. I would have no idea what to do with it!
    Honestly, if I liked a guy enough to get naked with him, whether he was circumcised or not would not put me off of him. It would just take some getting used to. :)

  14. Nora Says:

    I agree with the Europeans! Being one myself, I find the idea of circumcision bizarre. I wouldn’t even know how to work it!

  15. Anathema Says:

    I love love love love my boyfriend’s uncut cock. I’ve been with both–probably more circumcised, being an American, but luckily I seem to have managed to often end up dating European or Australian, or Mexican, or child-of-hippie-parents blokes, so I’ve gotten to play with more foreskins than the average American gal, apparently.

    I like it because it’s fun to play with, slides up and down so nicely, and many uncircumcised men have greater sensitivity, so that’s always entertaining.

    Finally, the foreskin is a sex organ in and of itself. Even though I’ve been with a fair number of uncut guys, it took my current boyfriend to really teach me that–when I pull the skin up over the head of his hard cock and just lick or nibble the tip of the skin itself, he seems to find it quite enjoyable.

    And as to parents in the US circumcising boys “so they won’t feel different” — worth noting that circumcision as an automatic thing is dropping in the US, partly as it becomes politicized and parents begin questioning why they’d want to, and also due to our growing Latin population. And, my final word, I loved what Dan Savage said when people asked why he didn’t have his son circumcised “so he would look like his dad.” Savage said, basically, that he’d heard a whole lot of comments on his cock over the years, but was very grateful that no one had ever said, “Oh! It looks just like your dad’s!”

  16. Emma Says:

    Uncut, absolutely. Circumcision seems to me like an archaic practice. Foreskin is a piece of functional flesh, not a birth defect. Healthy babies do not require immediate surgery after birth. It doesn’t prevent STDs. It’s not like it’s very hard to keep clean. It’s only common sense that it kills some sensitivity, not only because of the missing nerves in the foreskin itself, but when all the nerves underneath are permanently exposed, they have to shut down some. They wear out. Otherwise, cut men would be walking around creaming their jeans every two minutes from all the friction. Honestly, to women considering mutilating their future sons: how would you like to feel less when you have sex? Doesn’t sound good, does it? Maybe that’s why female circumcision is illegal in most of the world! Talk about a double standard…

    I can’t believe people do it so their kid will “fit in”…. If your child had naturally bright red hair, would you dye it darker so they “fit in” at school? Because that’s how that logic sounds to me. Kids are cruel and they’re gonna pick on each other. Then they grow up and get over it. That’s life.

  17. Tanya Says:

    Soooo…. I dated this guy for a long time who, just for “fun” decided to get himself circumcised in his early twenties. According to him, sex was much more pleasurable afterward. I also enjoyed sex much more, his being circumcised, than I did with other men who were uncircumcised. It’s also more hygenic, especially in the case of older children and teens who do not have great personal cleanliness habits. So I’m all for it.

  18. Sir Wheaton Says:

    in response to emma:
    what in the fuck kind of kid makes fun of another kid cause of his penis?

  19. eddie perez Says:

    circumcision is I suppose a painful nonsense that many male children have to suffer because their parents ignorance and religious beliefs so outdated that should be considered criminal,it is not antyhigienic to have your penis foreskin,dont you shower every day? And finally I say to Fuzzy the health care therapist,go and have an operation in your twat so you became what you preach.

  20. Emma Says:

    Sir Wheaton:
    I don’t get it either, but parents seriously cite this as a reason for circumcision: so they fit in, so they don’t get teased in the locker room. Stella already mentioned this too: “I would have them circumcised partially because of my jewish heritage and partially because I live in the states and wouldn‚Äôt want my child to feel like an outcast.”
    I respect the religous aspect because that’s your faith, but the other reason I just don’t understand.

  21. ASIANA Says:

    No a big deal at all though. For me as an Asian, I would prefer a circumcised guys even if they are less sensitivities, it would be no became a big deal also, as a sex is part to express a love feelings to his partner. So as long there are a love always, a sex activity would be happened anytime when the right feelings come. The benefit from a circumcised guy; his genital is cleaner more & hygienist more, also no smelly at all. & when in the interlude season, no its own skin against mine. So it’s a pleasurable more thoughts.

  22. Lovereaction Says:

    Uncut cock is the best, but I would not turn my back on a guy just because he was cut.

  23. shabel Says:

    Well I’ve read a number of studies which show that the foreskin is a major spot(?) for the Human papilloma virus which causes STDs like HIV/AIDS, when the penis is not washed thoroughly.

    I’m not saying guys don’t wash but we all know how laissez-faire many people can be about hygiene! Other than that, uncut dicks can look real weird.

  24. Molly Says:

    I love an uncircumcised cock, but the first time I encountered one, I had NO idea what to do with the foreskin. If you’re sleeping with American girls at college, they’re likely to be a little intimidated or clueless if they’ve never encountered one before. Also, they’ve probably heard at least one horror story about uncircumcised cocks being dirty. As long as you wash regularly, nothing to worry about, but something to keep in mind.
    oh, and learn how to put condoms on yourself, because she’s probably not going to know what works best with your foreskin.

    Just don’t pull it out like something’s wrong with you. You can show her how to handle your foreskin without being a jerk about it. If she looks weirded out, you can always remind her that this is what a real human male looks like.

  25. tina Says:

    I dont like the look of an uncircumcised penis. And doctors say that if they arent cleaned properly, bacteria can be present.So there is a fear of getting an infection.I would rather not date someone who hasnt been circumcised

  26. fuzzy Says:

    @ eddie:
    ummm…I didn’t, if you will note, circumsize my son. I did say that I’ve seen some seriously crummy dick out there….bleah. And uncut simply means that there are more spots to hold dirt. Double bleah. Unfortunately, the less able one becomes, the less able one is to wash the body. Family, who might wash armpits and feet and even dab ever so gingerly around genitalia, are NOT going to skin back the foreskin and get that thing clean.

    There is the corresponding unwashed twat. It is just as yukky…..However, by the very nature of the beast, it gets washed more often. Poop gets up there, and it is more likely to get clean.

  27. Heblew Says:


    1) Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) does not cause HIV/AIDS. It causes genital warts/and or cervical cancer. There is a vaccine for it man of the most dangerous strains.

    2) Failing to wash the penis when one has the human papilloma virus does not lead to AIDS. You may not have meant to say this, but that is what the words you wrote mean.

    3) The foreskin is not any more likely than any other part of the penis to be infected with HPV. The end of the penis might be. On uncut men this is where the foreskin can be found. On cut men this is where the glans penis is found. On cut men the glans is protected by the foreskin. Without the foreskin HPV may be found more readily on the glans.

    @A Bunch of You:
    Comparing male and female circumcision is apples and oranges. On women this includes removal of the clitoris. The female equivalent of male circumcision might be the removal of the clitoral hood. Or to flip it around, the male equivalent of female circumcision would be the removal of the entire head of the penis, without which male orgasm is nearly (if not completely) impossible.

  28. E Says:

    To the people who have mentioned how it’s easier for bacteria to get in there, uh, wash them shits. It’s not hard. Besides, uncut makes for easier impromptu handjobs. Mmm.

  29. Hannah Says:

    You make a good point. As a mother, I think it would be a very difficult decision to circumcise my son. It seems entirely unnecessary and not pleasant for the baby either. But as a woman, I do judge on the basis of circumcision. And I definitely have a strong preference for circumcised penises. To be perfectly honest with you, in my experience, uncircumcised are universally less clean than circumcised. I have never seen an exception to this rule. But I do think stuff tends to hide under the skin and it tastes really awful and smells pretty bad too. Circumcised men just don’t seem to have the same spunky taste, and you never find unpleasant debris hiding around there. So I think if you are dating American women who are used to circumcised penises, the best think you can do is just clean it really really well, and make sure you get underneath the skin, since she might be putting her tongue there too. Maybe carry some baby wipes along with you in a plastic bag so you can freshen up in the bathroom. And actually, a little trim of the hair can do wonders for the smell and generally feeling of cleanliness for your partner too. Honestly, if circumcised men would exercise that one courtesy, I would have no preference for one or the other. Well, actually foreskin is better for some things too, like handjobs. So if I found an uncircumcised guy who kept it super clean and freshened it up before I put my mouth on it, I wouldn’t care in the least that he wasn’t circumcised.

  30. Emly Says:

    I have an Uncut boyfriend, and honestly it doesn’t look that “weird” to me, I could NEVER do that to my sons!! not only would i feel bad for putting them through traumatizing pain, but why should sex be less enjoyable for them? I have no problem with my man being uncut!! :)

  31. lambskin Says:

    No offense, but for a “health care professional” (whatever that refers to exactly) you sound really unprofessional and I would definitely not want you to provide any sort of health care to my family or me with your attitude.

  32. fuzzy Says:

    sweetness, healthcare workers, while providing good care to you and your family, are like any other human beings….the jokes we tell are not motivated by malice, necessarily, but a means of surviving the environment. When you, in the course of a single shift, catheterize a man who hasn’t washed his genitalia in probably 3 years, because he is unable due to massive obesity, clean heme+ stool off of you, the patient, and the bed, slurp snot out of someone’s trach, digitally disimpact a patient, and remove boots and socks from a homeless person, only to discover wildlife–i.e., maggots—in his feet……then possibly you will understand.

    I don’t, actually, believe that circumcision is a good thing. I said, rather facetiously, that seriously unwashed—and often inflamed and infected—penii were enough to make one think that it might not be as bad of an idea as we think. It is easy to say, as an unimpaired person, that you would never leave yourself unwashed. However, many families are seriously reluctant to handle the genitalia of their parents….and as such, the patients go unwashed. Even more are they less willing to skin back the foreskin and actually clean that thing….

  33. Lovereaction Says:

    American health care personell is not that used to uncut dicks, so perhaps you should not listen too much to them?

  34. SexyLeslie Says:

    Oh, I totally prefer uncut men. The various things that can be done to give and get pleasure are enormous. There is such a big turn on seeing the engorged ,purple cock head slowly exposed as you slip the foreskin down the head and over the rim. mmmmmm! I’m getting moist thinking about it.

  35. Amrita Says:

    Maybe I’m hypocritical – I’ve seen infant boys circumcised when they’re only a few days old, and I think it’s obscene. However, I’ve only had sex with an uncut man once – basically because I never saw another one before or since – and I think it’s ugly, although the sex was good. When I was dating my future husband, I started to ask “Have you been…” and he interrupted me and said “yes, I have.” He knew I was talking about circumcision and didn’t even need me to finish the sentence. Obviously, men know the sensitivity around ownership or lack of foreskin! I have to say I was relieved. I wouldn’t turn down a guy because of being uncut but I sure would rather have the other. BTW, my late husband did it as an adult for hygienic reasons. As for the women who compare cutting off a foreskin to “female circumcision,” it doesn’t even come close. Female genital mutilation (or circumcision as it’s sometimes called) is cutting off the clitoris and, in some countries, the labial folds as well then sewing them up. Sex is incredibly painful and many girls die from infection (it’s often done without anesthesia). It’s not even to be compared with a clip off a guy’s dick.

  36. jolly padrida Says:

    I consider the practice of circumcision to be a form of sexual mutilation, so wouldn’t opt to subject a son to it. As far as adult cock appreciation goes, I’m fine with either cut or uncut; it’s my feelings for the guy the cock is attached to that take primacy.

  37. The Snuppalupagus Says:

    I have 5 kids 3 are boys all natural. My last one has a different daddy and he wants him circumcised because of stigma although he is not. I hate that thi sis lines up to happen and I pray the insurance falls though. Uncircumcised is natural is beautiful and I believe the only reason it became popular was because of religeon and somewhere along the line non Jewish people thought hey i want to be one of Gods chosen few lets get circumcised. That is the difference between Jew and Gentile. its biblical and it became popular thereafter somewhere along the line. There is nothing wrong with an uncircumcised Penis…an accessory to play with if your a female extra pleasure if your a male. I say the hoodys need to stay and power to the Snupalupagus….

  38. Pappy Joe Says:

    I not sure who told you that as man’s penis is more sensitive uncut. I’m cut and tremendously sensitive. How can a penis be more sensitive when it’s got a rubber sock on it. The feel of a wet, warm vagina with a raincoat on?! Come on!
    Most women have most of the feeling close to the entrance of their vagina. Around and in the lips, their clit and the vaginal walls. So it’s really about the size of a man’s head (and his ability to use it).
    And it would stand to reason that it’s a whole lot harder to keep clean if it’s uncut.

  39. NATEX Says:

    If a woman wants a circumcised mate, I say circumcise yourself first.

  40. Marta Says:

    To every Mother of uncircumcised sons: I hope you plan on raising your Grandchildren, paying for their clothes, schools and weddings. I hope you have plenty of love to share. Why? Because, chances are – the mother of those lovely grandchildren with an uncircumcised father will suffer from cancer and not be able to mother her children. So you will have to take on that job yourself! Hope you get your PAP smear once a year!!!

  41. NIKKI Says:

    I suppose if you love the man it won’t matter whether or not he is circumsized. However, I am Jewish and I do believe in circumcision because it is more hygenic and the man will have far less complications in the future.

  42. Doctor D. Says:

    To circumcise or not is absolutely a matter of personal choice. However, as a medical professional I feel obliged to state that the vast majority of uterine cancers are to be found in women who have sexual relations with uncircumcised men. This is an absolute fact.

    Further to the above, the majority of penile cancer cases – a truly devastating affliction – are with men who are not circumcised. My only advice is to form your own conclusions and make your own decisions based on them.

  43. Bettyboo Says:

    Doctor D – state your sources?

  44. Tatiana Says:

    Cut for me, but both have their ups and downs, no pun intended.

    Uncut has quite a few entertainment possibilities as Anathema described so well above. However cut is more aestheticially pleasing both visually and smell-wise.

    I prefer playing with a cut penis because its like getting to the meat without having to maneuver the skin.

    Either way, I by choice will learn to appreciate my man whatever way he comes. I prefer to prefer the one I am with.

  45. t wenkens Says:

    At about the age of 24 I was with my first uncircumsized man, who ended up being the father of my youngest child.I was not forwarned that he was not circumsized, when I reached down and touched him, I was initailly shocked and a little put off. Once we got into the act I thorougly enjoyed the experience. I cant say that circumsized is better than uncircumsized, or vice versa. Both are pleasureable, although there are times when I missed the feel of “hard head” penetrating me.

  46. Kay Says:

    With my first husband of 20 years, all I had known was a man that had been circumcised. When I remarried, I found out that my second husband was not circumcised. Of the two, I much prefer the visual aspect of a man that is circumcised and also much more enjoy the feel of it. The uncircumcised penis reminded me of a gooey-duck or of the alien on the movie alien vs predator. I saw nothing wrong with a man being hung naturally… it’s just that sweet head standing out there that better suits my taste and is more appealing to me. But I am only one woman… and there are so many men. “wink”

  47. katherine Says:

    Both sexually and ethically I prefer cut. I have been with men who are both cut and uncut. when they’re uncut we’ve had such difficulty keeping condoms on that we just gave up on intercourse.
    and if I were ever to have a son I would circumcise them. I was with my sister every day she was in the hospital after she had my nephew, who got circumcised the day after he was born. it was a quick surgery which healed surprisingly fast. whereas my godson was left natural, and even though my best friend is a hygiene freak he would still get rashes-once even a small infection, under his foreskin.
    So for me, it is circumcised all the way ethnically, preferably and hygienically.

  48. MarriedWidow Says:

    I’ve been married three times and my late husband was uncircumcised while my latest husband isn’t. Other than the look of their penii, sex with either of them was/is beyond satisfying. If I had a son, I would leave things naturally. As an older American, I share the perception that is apparent in many posts–an unnatural circumcised penis seems “normal” to me. However, I believe this will change as parents discover with today’s hygiene there is no reason, other than religion, to cut off a baby boy’s foreskin. So, I am certain younger women will find it weird to see circumcised ones. I agree with jolly padrida, it isn’t the skin that matters.

  49. C Says:

    Dear Cut Collegian,

    I don’t think about the foreskin when they think about having sex with my husband. I used to, before I was married. I was certain that one way was ‘right’ and the other was ‘wrong.’ Then, I met my husband, and he was the other way than I thought I would like! So, it’s not cut or uncut, it’s the PERSON that makes the difference.

    When we are frisky, I think about a) our cleanliness and b) making him happy. Cleanliness comes from daily hygiene. All men and women should practice it to their culture’s standards. Making the other person happy means being willing to put them first. If both the husband and wife buy into this concept, then you should have a very pleasurable love life.

    You should think about the same two points when you’re with your wife. a) Am I clean and b) what can I do to make her happy?

  50. C Says:

    when *I* have sex… sorry, typos stink.

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