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Design Your Own Sex Toy, Win Fame and Cash!

Mon, Feb 28, 2011


Remember when we told you guys about a new sex toy called the Sqweel? It’s an oral sex simulator that was launched back in 2009 with all the¬†pomp and hype of a new Apple product ‚ÄĒ we were sent a free sample in advance only once we were sworn to secrecy, which made us feel kind of like the James Bonds of the sex toy world (but with a better gadget!). And we have to say, despite having a name that sounds like a ride at your local county fair, the toy totally delivered. Well, the Sqweel was the winner of LoveHoney.co.uk’s Design a Sex Toy competition that year. And their 2011 competition is now accepting entries! Closing date is June 30, 2011.

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45 Responses to “Design Your Own Sex Toy, Win Fame and Cash!”

  1. Tammy Cote Says:

    Hello. I have a sex toy idea. How do I go about selling it?

  2. Jessica Says:

    I have an incredible sex toy idea and I am not sure where to start.

  3. ron Says:

    i have a toy i would like to make how do i get started

  4. Kevin Hill Says:

    I have an Idea for something I call the Infinite Dildo. Also does a toy chainsaw exist yet?

  5. Tom Says:

    I am in need of a longer prostate massage tool/toy. I am constantly in search for something in the 6-7″ insertable with a bend at the end. Not everyone has their prostate 3-4″ in. I have a design in mind.

  6. John Says:

    I have an amazing idea, I have been using in for a year now and u would be shocked, today my girl came 4 times in one session. what we use is in every house and truse me it hits the point big time, with a little help from me. I don’t know how to go about the construction ,advertisment and selling and all that’s needed for it?

  7. boxy Says:

    put silicon vagina under 7″ android tablet. put some sensor inside the silicon, which detect pen*s movement. this sensor connected to tablet via USB or bluetooth. the display then can show video or image of the girl who will response the pen*s movement,.

  8. Christopher Says:

    I have a unique idea for a toy aimed at both male and females. There is nothing like this on the market and would go worldwide. I would love to discuss the idea further with you. I await your response.

  9. Mary DelPlato Says:

    I have a sex toy idea…how do I sell it?

  10. Mary DelPlato Says:

    Dick on a stick most women get tired of having to reach all the way down there….this would also have a vibrating finger on it to stimulate the clitoris at the same time

  11. Kay Says:

    I have a invention idea for a adult toy. I am unsure of how to get started on it. I have it drawn and have been doing research on patents. Please help?

  12. Jacqui Says:

    I have an Idea for a lesbian sex toy, after buying a large variety of strap ons & other boring sex toys I truly believe they are all made by men, I’m all into pleasure & there’s seriously nothing out threre that totally pleasures both partners at the same time ( & I’m not talking double Enders!! ), theres so much mor√© to pleasure then just penetraci√≥n & i have an idea for The ultimate pleasure Toy, just necedad to Know how i go about making it? :D

  13. Joey Kneisel Says:

    Wjo do I contact to show my man sex toy idea

  14. Brian Says:

    I have some ideas for new sex toys, as far as I’ve seen and heard there isn’t one like it out there. I’m wondering if I can make money from it.

  15. Terry Says:

    I have a sex toy ideal that haven’t came out and was wondering what my next step. I already drew it up and now im trying to design and see where i can get material or have a place i can go to.

  16. ian jarvis Says:

    I have a new idea for a sex toy, it is called the love bug, it is not invasive and can be turned on and off without interrupting the riv-um of sex. The idea can be adapted to the breast and their are no wires at all. I do have other ideas for men as well, this idea would help with the size of a man penis while still pleasuring is partner during sex.
    I have the ideas draw up and read to go.

  17. Darren Says:

    I have a really good idea for a oral sex toy. It will completely change the way men are stimulated and give women and men confidence in pleasing their male partner. It combines two methods of pleasure and can be done with little to no fatigue. The best part about it is that it is simple and easy to understand. I have the design and am looking for help taking the next step.

  18. Olivea Says:

    I have several ideas to make a better sex toy. How do you go about it. Im ready to get things started

  19. marie Says:

    Hey i have a good idea for a sex toy how do i go about selling it? Thanks

  20. Casey Says:

    Hay i have a idal for a sex toy that teach guy how to stroke and ladie how to stop being lazy sex partners

  21. Robert Kowalski Says:

    I honestly have a GREAT idea that will Shock, Stun, every Female in the world that has used a dildo i call? the Majik Double header i got the design and whats needed best of all? the secret is ? it will replace one of the most used toys used in the Adult Business and i know it will sell like Hot Cakes Funding i need and making the product if you contact me and if possible we can talk terms but whom ever likes this Great idea will get rich incredibly fast

  22. bobbi Says:

    I have a wonderful new and very exciting toy in mind that I just thought of. My nickname..is tornado. Just think of the great vibrator that goes above and beyond just like the weather! Every mood and every day life situations. My great idea needs to be put into play. “Sex play” that is! Need to hear back from you asap! This storm is not giving out any more information for my idea to be revealed just yet. The calm before the storm!

  23. Izzy Says:

    I Have A Great Idea For A Sex Toy.. This Toy Is Amazing …Yea We Have Sex Toys To Hold In Your Hand.. Damn That’s Tiering ..Wouldn’t You Want Something That Haves Some what Of A Mind Of It’s Own.. Yea A Sex Toy That Can F**K You Just Like You Program It To Do Or Have You Ever Watch Porn ( Ladies IM Talking To You too) Have U Ever Thought To Your Self And Say ” Damn I Wanna Be f**Ked Like ThaT?” Or Even Getting F**ked By Your Favorite Porn Starts And Hubby When Your Both Away And Can’t Get Home For That Quickie.. ThiS Sex Toy Isn’t Your Average Sex Toy …This Sex Toy Can Be Used From Both MaLe And Female.. Yea I Think It’s Time That We Freaks Can Enjoy Sex On Our Freakiest Level…Choose Me As Your Winner

  24. Jessica Says:

    I have an idea for a sex toy. You could call it “The Triton”. 3 dildos, one for anal, one for vaginal, and the third for the clitoris, they could all vibrate. If that wouldn’t increase an orgasim entirely, I don’t know what will.

  25. Tiffany Smith Says:

    Who do I contact about a sex toy idea?

  26. Ann Says:

    I have a sex toy idea for woman, I’ve tried Trojan and invent help.com and know one will take it or answer me back.Will this site help me and if so, where do I start?

  27. pam Says:

    I have a great invention. How do I get stArted.

  28. Yvonne Says:

    I have a great idea for a sex toy and I need to get it out there.. please help.. this is one every women in the world should have and feel!

  29. guy Says:

    I have many really good ideas. but have no idea how to start, i am afraid of trying to start a company on my own and have all my ideas stolen from bigger companies.

  30. Felicia Heriot Says:

    I have an idea that I would like to put out to the world. My wife thought it might be nice if I reached out to someone about it. Would love to share it with you.

  31. Jake Says:

    I have an idea, have made a prototype, and there is nothing out there like it. email me if interested.

  32. matias Says:

    I have an idea
    email me if interested

  33. inventor Says:

    I too have my own creation made up. I cannot find one like it & I made my toy by taking existing devices and piecing something together. Its for males, handsfree, and USB powered (no batteries or recharge time!)

    Makes me shoot across the room and then some. I need to know how to get the idea rolling into a product with some backing.

  34. DeAndre Harris Says:

    I have lots of ideas and was wondering how to gp about get them out there for the world to experience. Please hit me back with any info.

  35. jed martin Says:

    When is the next contest?

  36. JOHN L. Says:

    I have a new sex toy idea that will change dildo’s forever in to the new 21st century and i also have a 2nd model that will change it entirely.

  37. James Says:

    I had an idea that I thought about last night seems simple but hard to explain. What do I need to do to get this ball rolling!!! Can’t wait for hs reunion showing up as a sex toy inventor rich as crap haha

  38. john Says:

    I have an expansive idea to take sex chat to the next level how do I go about selling that idea?

  39. Tyra Says:

    Hello, much like everyone else I have an idea for a sex toy and don’t know where to start. Please help.

  40. John Miller Says:

    My idea is an app controlled his n her vibrating underwear set, blue tooth controlled. How about that?

  41. Charlie Tribbey Says:

    I have an idea about a variation of an existing toy, but have not found anything online. Need to know where to start.

  42. Jessica Fett Says:

    I think I have an awesome toy idea! I would love to know what to do to get started.

  43. Troy Says:

    I believe I have an idea, and would like to discuss this with someone.

    Please help.

  44. cvrsun Says:

    This is the greatest thing that you will have ever seen or used, please contact me asap its going to be amazing .

  45. Ms.Mimi Says:

    Evening….I have an idea for a sex toy that I feel will be great to add to any toy collection as the #1 pick. I sketched it out but I have no means of bring it to life…Please contact me for assistance.

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