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Your Proverbial Stars: 03-21-11

Mon, Mar 21, 2011


grandcentral_ceiling_421photo by Simply Schmoopie

As you know, a rolling astrologist gathers no moss. So this week, we present you you your horoscopes in proverb form….

aries (Mar. 21st-Apr. 20th)
Play slow, win slow; play fast, lose fast.

taurus (Apr. 21st-May 20th)
If you get them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.

gemini (May 21st-June 21st)
You’ll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind.

cancer (June 22nd-July 22nd)
If you are in hiding, don’t light a fire.

leo (July 23rd-Aug. 22nd)
As the dog said, “If I fall down for you and you fall down for me, it is playing.”

virgo (Aug. 23rd-Sept. 22nd)
The nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat.

libra (Sept. 23rd-Oct. 23rd)
You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

scorpio (Oct. 24th-Nov. 22nd)
It is a far better thing to bespoil your youth than to do nothing with it.

sagittarius (Nov. 23rd-Dec. 21st)
From listening comes wisdom and from speaking comes repentance.

capricorn (Dec. 22nd-Jan. 20th)
Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one.

aquarius (Jan. 21st-Feb. 18th)
It is for her own good that the cat purrs.

pisces (Feb. 19th-Mar. 20th)
Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.


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