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Comment of the Week: Relativism Schmelativism

Wed, Apr 13, 2011

Comment of the Week, Confessions

photo via Flickr

In the comments section of last week’s discussion of female genital cutting in Africa:

Anthropology 101: Cant judge this tradition from our western eyes, cultural relativism people!

Johnny: Relativism, schmelativism. Cutting off girls’ clits is wrong and the men who do it should likewise have the tips of their dicks cut off under third-world sanitary conditions. Speaking of which, I want my foreskin back.

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One Response to “Comment of the Week: Relativism Schmelativism”

  1. ralphie Says:

    Johnny, female circumcision is usually done by other women. As far as male circumscion in developing countries, the practices are not always the same as in the west. There is a lot of information about both practices available.

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