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A Poem Called “Promiscuous”

Tue, Sep 27, 2011

Pop Culture

photo via Flickr

It’s not often that you wake up to NPR to hear Garrison Keillor (above) saying “slut” over and over again, but today was a lucky day! His daily AM installment of The Writer’s Almanac — a five minute collection of tidbits from literary history and some poetry — concluded with the poem “Promiscuous” by William Matthews, from Search Party: Collected Poems (Houghton Mifflin, 2004), which is like Wheaties for feminist linguistic nerds who majored in English and keep deep-thought journals.

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One Response to “A Poem Called “Promiscuous””

  1. Johnny Says:

    I often don’t get poetry, and this is one example. What does the verse-like staggering of the words add to make that a better piece of writing?

    Except for paragraph 4, where the author gets all poety for a moment, I think the whole thing would just be better as prose.

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