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Comment of the Week: Privacy Fosters Romance in Long-Term Relationships

Wed, Nov 9, 2011

Comment of the Week, Confessions

photo via Flickr

Ella, responding to the Question of the Week, “When do you leave the bathroom door open?”:

I’ll never leave the bathroom door open (when using the loo), because my boyfriend thinks that this kills the sex appeal in a partnership. He thinks that one should have certain “secrets” to still perceive the partner as interesting and sexy. And as it’s not too much trouble for me to close a door, I don’t mind….The thing is that I don’t want to become ONE with him, but stay one individual in a (very happy) partnership with another individual (him). So there’s no problem with having certain taboos, and I really don’t have to see him on the loo.

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One Response to “Comment of the Week: Privacy Fosters Romance in Long-Term Relationships”

  1. Ella Says:

    *eep* That’s me (So that’s my 15 seconds of fame now, isn’t it? ;-) )

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