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Comment of the Week: I Never Met a Vulva I Didn’t Like

Wed, Jan 4, 2012

Comment of the Week, Confessions

photo via Flickr

John Bender, in response to the post “10 Reasons Your ‘Ugly Vagina’ Is Normal and Gorgeous”:

I am almost 60 years old. I have been with a fair amount of woman in my life. All colors and persuasions. I have never seen a vagina that I did not grow to love and adore. Because it was a part of the woman I had grown to love and adore.

Occasionally a few had very strong aroma, but it was usually a medical condition from poor body chemistry balanced (caused by diet or stress) or a yeast infection. I always gently discussed with my girlfriend and with a little attention the issue was resolved.

Other than that long lips, small lips, large amount of hair, sparse hair, I never consider this organ could ever be considered “ugly”.

NOTE: The current trend to shave the vulva totally turns me off. I don’t want to be with a prepubescent girl I want to be with a woman. And the 5 o’clock stubble really sucks.

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6 Responses to “Comment of the Week: I Never Met a Vulva I Didn’t Like”

  1. john Says:

    I’m with you, except that all hairstyles work for me too.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I appreciate what you have to say. Except one thing – people need to stop making the “no hair = prepubescent girl” argument. Plenty of people, myself included, shave because it just feels better. Hair gets in the way. If other people want to have hair, more power to them, but it’s not for me. The argument that men who prefer (or even like!) the hairless look because it makes the woman look prepubescent makes no sense. Would you argue that women who prefer a clean shave to a beard are the same – also preferring a prepubescent look?

  3. KT Says:

    Well said Elizabeth!

  4. Lily Says:

    I think it does make sense – prepubescent girls have no pubes, hence you will look like one if you go hair free. Some men like it some don’t. A male beard and female pubes can hardly be compared in that context, not all men can grow a beard. What makes someone attractive has nothing to do with pubic hair in the first place does it. If you think you’re hot, it’s contagious.

  5. MM Says:

    I agree the prepubescent girl comment can get irritating – but so do comments about pubic hair getting in the way, or that it’s gross or unclean. You don’t need to justify what you like or criticize what you don’t. No body is ugly to someone who cares about you and that should include yourself!

  6. Paul Ngaia Says:

    A Vulva is what we see , A vagina is what we can’t. women can’t say vulva, vagina or vjay jay, what is it with that . Men have had enough, Front and ceter Women and proudly present your parts, after all we all come from down there.

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