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Top 10 Dirtier Books

Thu, Jan 26, 2012

Books, Memes, Pop Culture

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A few weeks back we jumped on the Twitter hashtag #lessambitiousbooks bandwagon, with a list of our Top 10 Less Ambitious Sex Books (The Joy of Dry Humping, Slight Hangup About Flying, etc.). This time around we figured we’d create our own damn hashtag — #dirtierbooks — so that nobody could accuse us of being late to the game. The trick with #dirtierbooks is to be clever without sounding like a cheesy porno (The Da Vinci Load, A Tale of Two Titties, et al). Below are our top 10 best attempts.¬†So, er, anyone want to jump on our bandwagon? (That came out dirtier than we meant it.)

  1. Who Moved My Cucumber?
  2. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret — I’m About to Masturbate and I Don’t Want You Watching
  3. The Masochistic Tree
  4. The Lord of the Cock Rings (okay, we admit that one’s walking the porno line)
  5. Wife-Swapping on Tuesdays with Morrie
  6. The Girl Who Played Without a Safe Word
  7. A Room with a View of the Neighbors’ Bedroom
  8. Oh, the Orifices You’ll Go!
  9. Bi-Curious George
  10. Men Are From Mars, Women Want to Do Them With Strap-Ons

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2 Responses to “Top 10 Dirtier Books”

  1. Dannie Says:

    Pride and Pre-ejaculate.

  2. figleaf Says:

    Hey, I’d totally buy, and probably cheerfully promote, a book called “The Joy of Dry Humping.” Because ZOMG that’s just one of the most underrated things two people can do with, to, and for each other.


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