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A Documentary Film on Virginity Needs Some Lovin’

Tue, Apr 17, 2012

Movies, Pop Culture

Theresa Shecter and the gals at Trixie Films are making a documentary called “How to Lose Your Virginity”¬†– it’s goal is “to undo centuries of myths and contradictions around¬†virginity, and to encourage an honest conversation with people¬†navigating the confusing process of deciding when and why to become¬†sexual.” Its subjects include a rock violinist, an Ivy¬†League blogger, an Ohio engineer, a porn¬†producer — all subverting the virginity narrative. The¬†traileris compelling, with interviewees including former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders and author of “The Purity Myth” Jessica Valenti. The world needs virginity taken off its pedestal,¬†as we’ve argued in the past, and this could be just the film to do it. Problem is, they need some more funding to get it done. Help this film go all the way (sorry) by kicking in some cash to¬†their Kickstarter campaign. Check out¬†their blog and their crowd-sourced series of reader stories¬†for more info.

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