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“Sex House,” and Other Non-News Parodies from The Onion

Thu, Jul 19, 2012

Pop Culture, Vids

Today marks the second weekly installment of¬†the Onion’s new web series,¬†Sex House¬†– a parody of¬†The Real World/Big Brother/Glass House-type reality shows that pretend to be about something other than throwing a bunch of people into a Sartre-esque No Exit living sitch with a bunch of raging hormones and an endless supply of cheap vodka. It’s the first series from the Onion Digital Studio, which¬†according to the Huffington Post, will focus exclusively on non-news parodies. The other three web series premiering on its YouTube channel this past week include¬†Lake Dredge Appraisal¬†(think¬†Antiques Road Show¬†meets 1980s public-access TV),¬†Horrifying Planet¬†(think¬†National Geographic¬†meets¬†When Animals Attack¬†meets¬†American’s Funniest Home Videos) and¬†Troublehacking with Drew Cleary¬†(think vloggers with delusions of grandeur).

So far,¬†Sex House¬†has the most promise — but…

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