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Comment of the Week: Two Solutions to the (Really) Wet Spot

Wed, Oct 31, 2012

Comment of the Week, Confessions, Toys

photo via flickr

Two readers this week offered solutions to the really wet spot that can result from female ejaculation, in response to our post “Wise Guys: What Do Men Think About Female Ejaculation?” First, reader Ace Card from the blog The Good Sex Life suggests this:

My favorite squirting aid is our “Liberator Throe Blanket” [$89]. We ordered it from an online store and it is amazing! It‚Äôs made for squirting sex, it has a waterproof barrier in the middle with a silky covering on one side of the barrier and a plush covering on the other side for you to choose the side you like most. It looks like a sexy blanket that you just through on your bed. What I like is that it almost covers our queen size mattress entirely, this allows my wife to squirt crazy far and in different positions.

For a cheaper and more D.I.Y. solution, reader Old Faithful (ha) suggests this:

Friends! We have solved the mess problem! I mean, come on, when you are a gusher or you sleep with a gusher, there is new meaning to the term wet spot! Towels can soak through.¬†The thing that works is a product designed for incontinent rabbits ‚Äď a soft, quilted cotton pad with a soft waterproof material on the reverse side, completely washable about a yard square, holds 2 cups liquid!¬†We keep one by the bed or folded under the pillow and lay it across a chair to dry after use before going in the wash. This product can be purchased for around $20 at the site CatFaeries.com.


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  1. Evan Says:

    Great, now I’m aware of the existence of incontinent rabbits. This is a thing?

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