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Top 10 Breakup Songs Taylor Swift SHOULD Write

Fri, Jan 25, 2013

Celebrities, Pop Culture

 photo via WikiCommons

Taylor Swift cannot write a bad pop song. She apparently can’t write a song about anything other than breakups, either. While we are shameless Swifties, we’d definitely like to see her branch out more — if not to different subject matter, then at least to some more honest, less PG-13 tales of heartbreak. Here are some examples of the kind of breakup songs we’d love to see on her next platinum album:

  1. “Should Have Said the Safeword”
  2. “I May Miss You But My Cervix Won’t (Jackhammer)”
  3. “Pee on Me? Shame on You”
  4. “GGG, OMG”
  5. “You’re Vanilla, I’m Kinky, I Love You, Farewell”
  6. “Don’t Leave Me Breathless (The Erotic Asphyxiation Song)”
  7. “My Ears Are Not a Steering Wheel”
  8. “I Didn’t Wet the Bed, Der (Get Some Sex Ed, Sir)”
  9. “Faked It Every Time”
  10. “Size Doesn’t Matter (But That Don’t Mean I Won’t Sing About It)”


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One Response to “Top 10 Breakup Songs Taylor Swift SHOULD Write”

  1. Dave W Says:

    “Cunnilingus ain’t an Irish airline”??

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