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G Is for Gimp

Fri, Mar 29, 2013

Books, Pop Culture

The following is from our very own naughty dictionary,¬†150 SHADES OF PLAY: A Beginner’s Guide to Kink.¬†Bolded words signify individual entries that appear elsewhere in the A-to-Z section of the book. Anything with a tie icon¬†¬†indicates an activity or prop mentioned in the¬†Fifty Shades¬†series (symbolic of the famous woven tie¬†Christian Grey¬†uses to restrain¬†Anastasia Steele…and oh how we wished there’d been a gimp suit in Fifty!). The idea being: look up something you‚Äôre interested in and, from there,¬†make it a choose-your-own-adventure book by following any bolded words that pique your interest to their own dedicated entry. Or just start at A and don‚Äôt stop ‚Äėtil you get to Z‚ÄĒor ‚Äėtil you‚Äôre compelled to try something out with your partner, whichever comes first!:


gimp suit

Kinky onesies made out of¬†leather, pleather,rubber,¬†PVC, etc., and typically worn by a (male)¬†submissive. Some have attached hoods, while others are combined with a bondagehood¬†or¬†mask. Made famous by the 1994 Quentin Tarantino movie¬†Pulp Fiction;¬†made (almost) sexy by FX‚Äôs 2011 TV show, ‚ÄúAmerican Horror Story.‚ÄĚ Please note: Saying ‚ÄúBring out the gimp‚ÄĚ at a kink¬†club¬†will not go over as well as you might imagine.

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