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Wax Lyrical About Oral, Win a LELO Ora!

Fri, Jan 24, 2014

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Earlier this week, we introduced you to the Ora, LELO’s brand new oral sex simulator. (And it’s actually elegant and sophisticated! Which isn’t at all surprising in a LELO toy — but it’s hugely surprising in an oral sex simulator.) Anyway, we have one of these gorgeous pleasure objects to give away, and all you have to do is woo us with your best haiku on oral sex! We’ll publish our favorite haikus here on EMandLO.com, and our very favorite of all will win an Ora by LELO. Here are the rules:

1. Post a haiku in the comments section below, or submit via our contact form here — enter as many times as you like! Just remember to follow the 5/7/5 syllable format.

2. Deadline is end of day Friday, January 31st (so we can get the winner’s toy out before V-Day!).

3. Bonus points for any haikus that are 100% metaphorical.

4. Bonus points for any haikus that feature images from nature.

5. Automatic disqualification for anything too graphic.

6. You must be 18 or over to enter.

8. When you fill out the comment section below or send us a haiku via our contact form, make sure you include a viable email address (which we will keep private) so we can contact you in case you win.

9. Winners who do not claim their prize by responding to the private email from Em & Lo within seven days forfeit their prize, at which time another best haiku will be chosen.

Happy Haiku-ing!

Read more about the Ora by LELO here




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89 Responses to “Wax Lyrical About Oral, Win a LELO Ora!”

  1. Dave Says:

    Oh beautiful ring
    with your orbit and happy smile
    ecstasy nearing

  2. Amy Says:

    a sweet sensation
    light touch, sweet swirl, slight flick
    a quiver, sweet end

  3. Amy Says:

    a flick of your tongue
    a soft lick, then a swirl
    gets me everytime

  4. Inness Says:

    Your lips part mine and
    I am dissolved in velvet
    Somehow – you know – just..

  5. Inness Says:

    Peering through the moss
    You discover, of all things,
    A pearl to be kissed

  6. Inness Says:

    You’re taller than I,
    So it’s a unique pleasure,
    Gripping your thick hair

  7. Tawana Says:

    oh wonderful tongue
    i want you everyday
    lick me non stop

  8. Tawana Says:

    flickering so fast
    flickering woodpecker, oh
    wood dont stand a chance

  9. Tawana Says:

    world is beautiful
    spinning like a tornado
    make me go around

  10. Tawana Says:

    so iridescent
    hummingbird ooh keep flicking
    oh my, time stands still

  11. Tawana Says:

    A ring of Saturn
    Continues to spin nonstop
    beautiful colors

  12. Tawana Says:

    will you marry me
    so, with this ring I thee wed
    to enjoy daily

  13. Tawana Says:

    Sapphire golden ring
    I’m singing extremely loud
    sonic boom, I’m done

  14. Tawana Says:

    circular motion
    The Earth keep spinning
    no batteries are needed

  15. Tawana Says:

    Azure wave of love
    waterfalls from complete joy
    Volcanoes erupt

  16. Tawana Says:

    Lost in the abyss
    The black hole of mystery
    please don’t rescue me

  17. Tawana Says:

    polish my diamond
    Sir, please tumble my gemstone
    pulsating shimmer

  18. Tawana Says:

    Explore the ocean
    Search for the man in the boat
    Ahoy! you found him

  19. Tawana Says:

    can you decipher
    nature’s baffling Rubik’s cube
    oh yes you got it

  20. Briana Says:

    Breaths wild like a storm,
    Ebb and flow, release me now
    Oh! Yes! Ah! … Again?

  21. Tawana Says:

    spring’s breeze; single leaf
    flapping against an acorn
    it’s going to sprout

  22. Tawana Says:

    appealing mountain
    trekking the vertical slope
    the volcano spewed

  23. Tawana Says:

    the tectonic plates
    sliding shifting back and forth
    violent earthquake

  24. Tawana Says:

    a gentle kitten
    then the mouse ate her cookie
    roar like a lion

  25. Tawana Says:

    peel back the petals
    gently expose my pistil
    Then enjoy my rose

  26. Amy Says:

    delicate kisses
    small licks, slow swirls, now quick
    take me to the moon

  27. Alli Says:

    His tongue swirls so soft
    Circling, I breathe in, GASP! WAIT!
    Tis not a man, Ora!

  28. Amy Says:

    glistening pink rose
    peel back each lovely petal,
    slowly, rise with sun

  29. Amy Says:

    drowning in a sea
    first a ripple, a wave, crash
    then floating in bliss

  30. Heather Says:

    Softest fluttering
    A faint cry and a soft sigh
    Happiness infuses

    Ripples in the water
    Reaching out deep and far
    Till shuddering, stops

    Pink the gentle flush
    Clear and strong the waters rush
    Red the spreading blush

  31. Ren Says:

    steadily climbing
    to the cliff of ecstacy
    joyfully falling

    sweetest sensations
    caressing all my senses
    fiercely climaxing

  32. Tina Says:

    Slide back, for the ride
    Take it for a flick or glide
    Sixty minutes, O

  33. Monica A Says:

    Just a few quick flicks
    And I’m where I need to be
    Just Ora and me

  34. Monica+A Says:

    I don’t need him to
    ride the waves of ecstasy
    Ora, you’re a gem

  35. Monica A Says:

    After a long day
    Whimpers of pleasure are mine
    Courtesy of you

  36. Monica A Says:

    Two is a party
    Ready to rock my body
    Just Ora and me

  37. Monica A Says:

    Shake, jerk, jump and twitch
    Time flies when you’re having fun
    Ora makes me dance

  38. Monica A Says:

    A breath of fresh air
    Warmth permeates throughout me
    With a single touch

  39. Monica A Says:

    You gaze up at me
    Half closed lids hiding raw lust
    Pure pleasure ensues

  40. Monica A Says:

    Writhing in pleasure
    Every nerve ending reacts
    Floods follow the rain

  41. Monica A Says:

    Lips like velvet cream
    My body screams in delight
    You are my release

  42. Monica A Says:

    Em and lo dot com,
    Oral pleasure makes me smile
    Ora should be mine!

  43. Monica A Says:

    Feast your eyes on this
    Insatiable appetites
    Bring me much pleasure

  44. Monica A Says:

    You explore, I’ll sit
    My body is a journey
    I’ll enjoy the ride

  45. Monica A Says:

    Tongue play is heaven
    She touched me once and I learned
    Girls do it better

  46. Monica A Says:

    I have a secret
    It’s locked up inside of me
    Your tongue is the key

  47. Monica A Says:

    Who cares about size
    Does your tongue work properly?
    If so, we’ll be fine

  48. Monica+A Says:

    Should I take you back?
    I really miss your tongue tricks
    I like Ora more

  49. Monica A Says:

    I need some Ora
    No more calling my lame ex
    No more faking it

  50. Monica+A Says:

    Put a ring on it?
    I truly would on Ora.
    Beyonce would laugh

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