4 Early Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Reader Pigeon said the following in response to our post, “Your Call: I Finally Escaped a Toxic 13-Year Marriage. Now What?” What warning signs of a toxic relationship would you add to this list?

Have a bit of time to enjoy your freedom — just remember that you are still young and you don’t have to be married. Find new hobbies and just really get to know yourself in every sense of the word! And take some time to write down what you would consider “warning signs” for a new partner… things like:

1. Isolation: Feeling separated from friends and family.

2. Pressure: Feeling like you’re being pressured into anything, either by force or guilt.

3. Physical: Any form of non-consensual physical contact. This could be a range from actually hitting to grabbing and manipulating you into sex.

4. Sense of Self: If you feel like you’re being made to do what he wants all the time and that you’re losing your own interests just to keep them happy.



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“I “wasn’t sympathetic enough” to the pain that they were in from the bladder infection. ”

to me that sounds very selfish of you. uti is very painfull and it takes long time to heal completely


You have hit the nail on the head. I am currently in a similar position with my current girl friend. ##4 and #5 really speak to my gf. I have finally come to realize that if she is not willing to put in the same effort or confront her own faults honestly, without heated conflict, there can not be progress. I am glad that I am not the only person who is facing (or has faced in your case) similar circumstances. Thanks.


I have no idea how the emoticon got there – please disregard that.

Oh, where to start . . . sadly, I can add several from a past failed relationship. 1) Watch how they treat their enemies, or people that they feel superior to. If they feel justified in being vicious towards exes and such, they will probably treat you similarly (once the romance wears off) during disagreements. 2) Bizarre rejections. After performing oral sex on her, they developed a UTI. They refused to ever let me perform oral sex on them because I “wasn’t sympathetic enough” to the pain that they were in from the bladder infection. Another example is cutting the… Read more »