7 Ways to Seduce a Straight Guy

photo by Ezyan Y.

Let’s face it: seducing guys ain’t that hard. A little cleavage and some footsie is pretty much all it takes. The challenge is making your moves really memorable. What follows are seven classic approaches to seduction that you can make your own — and have fun doing it.

  1. The Detective: It’s the quintessential seduction technique: Show up at his door in a trench coat, heels and not much else. It’s a bold move that takes nerve and confidence. But before you bust it out, just be sure 1) he’s home, 2) he doesn’t have company, and 3) you’ve got a backup outfit in your purse in case of emergencies. And don’t feel obligated to wear the traditional lace garter-belt ensemble underneath. An oversized “Go Mets!” T-shirt, especially if he’s a fan, might work just as well. What’s sexier than a sense of humor?
  2. The Anais Nin: In an email, text or–get this–a handwritten lust note (yes, they still make nice pens), tell him what you want to do to him right now in great graphic detail, preferably sent to him when he’s in the middle of an important business meeting. This also works whispered in his ear in the middle of a crowded party, a movie theater, or a restaurant.
  3. The Centerfold: No need to have bleach blonde hair, fake boobs or access to an airbrush. A softly lit digital pic taken from a flattering angle will do the trick. Send him one on your camera phone, leave one in his briefcase, or slip one under his pillow, etc. When you take it yourself, you can art direct so as to leave something (including your identity) to the imagination. Note: Only for the man you really, really trust…
  4. The Miss Independence: Guys can’t resist a challenge, and what’s more challenging than a woman who doesn’t need a man? Make your own money, have strong opinions, know how to change a tire–and then if you stick around he’ll know it must be because you love him (well, that, and he must be a stallion in bed). Warning: will not work on old-fashioned meatheads who believe women are weak (both physically and mentally) and need to be taken care of.
  5. The Julie McCoy: Plan a guy date: take note of his likes (e.g. microbrews), hobbies (e.g. fly fishing), and interests (e.g. politics) and then plan a surprise date around them. For example, pack a picnic with a six pack of his favorite ale and have him teach you how to fish while you debate the merits of the electoral college system. From then on, he’ll be happy (okay, willing) to go shopping with you and hold your purse.
  6. The Mrs. Robinson: You take erotic control: make the first move, tell him what you’re going to do to him, have him lie back while you call the shots (you can even tie him up so he complies), you undress him, then yourself (or not)…guaranteed he’ll be putty in your hands (again, unless he’s one of those aforementioned meatheads).
  7. The Pretty Woman: For those in long-term relationships, creating the illusion of variety can help spice things up. Like Julia Roberts, don a blonde bobbed wig and some thigh-high boots (or whatever outfit or Halloween costume makes you look and feel like a new person) and have fun with a little light role-playing: “Hey there, stranger…”


  1. I have tryed all of the methods mentioned at different times during my marriage without sucesss. The meathead just did’nt get! So make sure that your partner is traveling on the same road as you!

  2. I tried the trench coat thing with my husband. I took the kids to my parents, changed clothes in the car when I got home and knocked on the door like a total stranger! He was shocked and amazed!! I was nervous because I wasn’t sure what his reaction would be but he played into the role just fine. And we made love all over the house(except the kids room)!!!! Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to spice things up.

  3. I love the help you gave.
    My “other-race” boyfriend, whom I love very much, is coming to visit.
    I want this to be the best experience he’s ever had.
    He has proposed and I accepted.
    Should I be worried he’d think I behaved this way with all men?
    I dont want to lose him ever.

  4. sometimes its better to do something new like seducing guy you love to let them feel that they havean important and impact to you

  5. Number4 works. I was once introduced to a girl while she was pulling the clutch on her F-150, and I was so smitten I eventually married her.

    Thirty-five years, two kids (and six trucks) later we are still together.

  6. Hand writing a note is always good. I prefer a sexually detailed voice message on his cell phone! Just enough detail to get his juices flowing. This is better for an ongoing relationship.

  7. All of these, with the exception of #4, are advisable only for men with whom you already have an established intimate relationship.

  8. I think this article was assuming (and I assumed as well) that the attraction of both sides is mutual (i.e. for use on a boyfriend, husband, friend with benefits…)

  9. A lot of these assume mutual attraction. It’s like advising a guy to to go caveman on a woman and ravish her – hot as hell IF she’s into him. Apalling if she’s not.

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