Alabama Supreme Court Upholds Sex Toy Ban

We have a special place in our hearts for Sherri Williams: the owner of a sex toy store called Love Stuff in Hoover, Alabama, she has been fighting her state’s ban on sex toys since the law was enacted in 1998. Yep, you read right, 1998: this isn’t an antiquated law Williams is trying to scrape off the books, it’s a shiny new law to keep all good vibrations out of Alabama. Sadly, her 11-year legal battle just hit a dead-end in the state’s Supreme Court: They voted 7-2 to reject a challenge to the state law that bans the sale of sex toys except for limited purposes.

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Madamoiselle L

As per the article:

Hence the upswing in sales in hairbrushes with long, thick handles, “ultra sonic” rechargeable toothbrushes, Coca Cola in those cute little green 8 oz glass bottles (cheaper than a “hand blown” glass dil) and everything from vibrating facial “massages” to mascara that vibrates.

From the Reddest State of all. What DO they hope to accomplish?

Em & Lo

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Michael K

Wow being a guy I was once afraid of living up to sex toys until i started using them in my interaction with females and since my sex life has had a tremendous boost both for me and my female partners…. alabama needs to get a clue!!

Miss Jackson

At least there is the valiant champion, Rep. John Rogers to fight for sex toys in this grand state.


But seriously, check out the endearingly crazy Loretta Nall’s commentary on sex toys in the state. Her actions (like mailing an inflatable lovable pig to the attorney general during her “toys for Troy” campaign) have inspired some of the best political cartoons I have every seen.



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However, I hope the Supreme Court agrees to hear this case and rules is WRONG. Because it’s ridiculous. What I put in, on or around my genitals is no one’s business but mine and my partner’s.


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