Audio Erotica for Women: Because Oscar Wilde Said So

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Oscar Wilde once said, “Men love with their eyes, women love with their ears,” and the folks over at FacelessVoice.com have taken this sentiment to heart (amongst other organs) — it’s even posted on their site as a mission statement of sorts. They offer sensual and sexy audio stories for women, which you can download and listen to on your computer, smartphone, or mp3 player. Because some stories are just better told out loud. And some — okay, many — women find themselves too distracted by the bad acting and cheesy costumes in traditional porn to ever get turned on. Audio stories let women imagine those details themselves — while keeping both hands free, heh.

Some FacelessVoice stories are sweet and romantic while others are dirty enough to make you blush, depending on the mood you’re in — the offerings are broken down into three categories: GoodGirl (e.g. Tutoring Christy), BadGirl (e.g. Favorite Patient), and NaughtyGirl (e.g. Alyce in Wonderful Land). And within those categories, you get to choose whether you want a male or female reader for each story (a first in the audio publishing industry). Their featured narrators are Duane Dale and Lucy Blue.

The stories are currently $3.99 for one, $5.99 for two, and $7.99 for three — that’s a 20% discount for the holiday season. Consider treating your partner to a selection as a stocking stuffer (guys, think of it as a helping hand in the foreplay department). Or treat yourself, to make up for all those fruitcakes and pairs of socks you’re going to get from distant relatives. Just remember this: the polite erotica listener always uses headphones when indulging in the workplace.

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