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2 Comments on "Blog Snog: Why Women Cheat — A Married Man Goes Undercover"

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Oh, I forgot a big one:

They got married too young, with too little sexual experience under their belts, and now that the penis holds no further terror for them, they’re just dying to know what a casual screw with a hot stranger is like.

I couldn’t get through that whole article, ADD kid that I am, so someone tell me if my theories coinciede with the author’s. Women cheat because: 1. They are no longer sexually excited by their partners 2. They are no longer emotionally excited by their partners 3. Their partners are no longer sexually or emotionally interested in them either, and the good feelings they get from being lusted after anew outweigh the bad feelings they get from doing something wrong 4. It’s been a long since they’ve had an adrenaline rush of any kind … and those are just the… Read more »