Do It Tonight
Top 10 Unsexy Things That Can Improve Your Sex Life

Improving your sex life isn’t always about switching positions or adding more lube (though those things can help, too). Here are ten everyday things you can do to improve your sex life. 1. Get a good night’s sleep. When you’re tired or stressed you feel unsexy and irritable. And have you ever noticed how, after […]

Do It Tonight: Banish Your Phone

photo via flickr In an interview on Fresh Air last week, Sherry Turkle, author of the new book Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less from Each Other, discussed people’s emotional dependence on digital devices. Her theory is that people are not making the important emotional connections with people that they need, […]

Do It Tonight: Blindfold Your Partner

photo by nyki_m The blindfolds that come free with a transatlantic Virgin flight (oh, really, you shouldn’t have, Richard Branson) are sometimes printed with the phrase “forty winks” — and we think we know what kind of winks they’re talking about. Who hasn’t stuffed a complimentary blindfold into their carry-on and thought, “Ooh, I should […]

Do It Tonight: Treat Yourself to a Pebble Vibe

The Lelo Nea at You know those sand-buffed pebbles that you find on the beach that feel so nice in the palm of your hand? They’re pleasant and comforting to hold in your pocket, like nature’s own worry beads. Well, pebble vibrators are the X-rated version of this: external vibrators that fit perfectly in […]

Do It Tonight! Get Some Fiber in Your Diet

add a little psyllium husk powder to O.J. We guess this is probably more a “Do It This Morning!” kind of thing, since prunes go better with sunshine. But no matter what time of day you do it, adding fiber to your diet can improve your sex life. We shit you not. (Ba dum ching!) […]

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photo by Studio Mohawk ***CLICK HERE!*** It’s a link to our SUNfiltered post on The Top 10 Things Your Mama Inadvertently Taught You About Sex. By clicking on any of the links to it in this post you’ll help us try to win a most-trafficed-post contest, which will help us keep up and running. […]

Top 10 Things Your Mama Inadvertently Taught You About Sex

photo by Lara604 It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday — don’t forget to call and thank her for all the wonderful advice. Always wear clean underwear. Trim your fingernails and wash your hands thoroughly and often. (It’ll help you avoid infection and make you less likely to tear delicate internal linings during manual sex.) Ladies first. […]

Do It Tonight! Fake First-Date Confidence

photo via dutchtl Confidence — as opposed to swollen-headed cockiness — is always sexy, and especially so on a date. You know how guys are always complaining that women ignore the nice guys in favor of bad boys who never call them back? Well, perhaps women aren’t just masochists who want to be walked all […]

Do It Tonight! Be Kind to the Waitstaff

photo by independentman On a dinner date, always be courteous to the waitstaff. Never snap, clap, cry “Waiter,” or worse, “Garcon!” to get your attendant’s attention; wait until you catch your server’s eye, then simply nod, gently raise your eyebrows, or, as a last resort, raise your hand. Say please and thank you — never […]

Do It Tomorrow Night! Turn off the Lights

photo via Google Earth This Saturday, March 28th, at 8:30pm local time all around the world, individuals, companies, historical landmarks, towns and countries have committed to turning off the lights for one hour to highlight the threat of climate change. According to‘s Facebook page, Sydney turned off the lights in 2007 and cut their […]