Do It Tonight
Do It Tonight! Embrace Your Inner Goth

photo by jswieringa Here’s a quick science lesson for you: Scented and colored candles often contain plasticizers, which make them burn much hotter, i.e., way too hot for your sweetie’s fleshy parts. Black candles and beeswax candles burn the hottest of all. (Besides, what are you doing with black candles anyway? That’s so Trenchcoat Brigade.) […]

Do It Tonight! Throw Away Your Novelty Toys

photo by Foxtongue You might think “novelty” means “nice, fun sex toys,” but you’d be wrong. It’s actually a legal term for products not intended for serious use. And thanks to A) bullshitty obscenity laws still on the books in some states (we’re talking to you, Alabama), B) no government regulation overseeing the safety and […]

Do It Tonight! Break Out the Body Paint

photo by psalms133 Who wants to paint the town red when you can stay home and paint each other? Playing with edible finger paints is like having a smokin’-hot Montessori teacher encourage you to “indulge your inner Picasso” while going down on you to help “unleash your creative juices.” (And if that just turned you […]

Do It Tonight! Have Shower Sex, Not Shower Intercourse

photo by turydddu We don’t recommend attempting intercourse in the shower — there are just too many possibilities for water-related injuries! Plus, you could be setting yourself up for failure — it’s often impossible to get in the right positions for pleasurable penetration, considering the cramped spaces and slippery surfaces. But we do understand that […]

Do It Tonight! Designate a Dialer

photo by jlcwalker Are you trying to get over your ex? Or are you trying to gain “hand” in a booty or dating situation? Or do you simply have no shame? If any or all of the above apply, then you need to designate a dialer before heading out on the town. A designated dialer […]

Do It Tonight! Add Some Baby Wipes to Your Secret Sex Drawer

photo by Just_SallyRye Once you get over the slightly seedy feeling of using a baby product for sex, you’ll realize what an ingenious invention baby wipes are. Use them to wipe off a sex toy immediately after use, or grab one after any kind of back door exploration or money shot. (A note to lazy […]

Do It Tonight! Rip Your Shirt Off

photo by ellie Sometimes it’s nice to take things slowly, to undress each other as an act of love, to undo every button with unrushed focus. Other times, you just want to rip off each other’s clothes, literally! But this is often impractical. People pay a lot of hard-earned money on their wardrobes, and as […]

Do It Tonight! Embrace All Those Dating Cliches

photo by mikebaird Dates are not unlike weddings: None of the traditions are trite when they’re happening to you. For this reason, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going for long walks on the beach, making out on a shag rug in front of a roaring fire, buying each other a single red rose from […]

Do It Tonight! Try a Polyurethane Condom

When you consider the long history of condoms (they’ve been around since people started putting tortoiseshells on their jammies), one of the more recent developments is polyurethane: the material of the future, a Walt Disney wet dream, plastic. The benefits of polyurethane are myriad: Much, much thinner, odor-free and tasteless, transparent and thus respectful of […]

Do It Tonight! Okay, So Maybe You Can Leave Your Socks On.

photo by eyeliam Just a week ago we told you to leave something on in bed every now and then — just not your socks. But we feel it is our duty to report that scientists have found that keeping your socks on makes it easier for both men and women to have an orgasm. […]