Do It Tonight
Do It Tonight! Clean Your Room

photo by jinkazamah Your bedroom should be a sacred space for rest, relaxation, and rolling in the hay. Any reminders of everyday stresses — CNN on the television, files you brought home from the office, stacks of unpaid bills, your cellphone — can fill your room with negative energy. If you look over your honey’s […]

Do It Tonight! Make Out at the Movies

photo by _StaR_DusT_ Do you want to feel that rush of first love again? Do you want to feel the tingle of a junior high crush? Do you want to “extend foreplay” like all the sexperts tell you to but you keep running out of things to do? Do you want to go on a […]

Do It Tonight! Leave Something On. Just Not Your Socks.

photo via bobster1985 Total nudity is not always a prerequisite for great sex: leftover clothes give the sex a sense of urgency and spontaneity, like you wanted each other so badly that there was simply no time to brush your teeth, disrobe, and get under the covers. Or like you’re doing it outside and you’ve […]

Do It Tonight! Practice Reciprocity

photo by zaphodsotherhead If we all followed the golden rule of reciprocity in bed, we think there’d be more sex, more orgasms, less bickering, fewer sex advice columnists (we’d be out of a job!), and possibly even world peace. Remember, if your partner tickles your back, it’s not just because they’re being nice — they […]

How to Have a Pretend Threeway

One of the most common letters we get from men writing into our advice column — right after “How can I safely enlarge my penis?” — is “How can I convince my girlfriend to have a threeway?” Unfortunately, guys, nagging is never going to get her in the mood to invite her roommate into bed […]

Do It Tonight! Ladies, Get Yourself Fitted for a Bra

photo by As a woman, it’s hard not to hate your own boobs. You always want what you don’t have. And it only gets worse as you get older and your boobies start to head south (unless of course you just reach that zen state of not giving a shit anymore). One thing you […]

Do It Tonight! Hit Your PS-Spot

photo by liz_noise You’ve heard of the G-spot, the spongy tissue surrounding the urethra that can be stimulated via the front wall of the vagina (pleasurably for some, not so much for others). And we hope you’ve heard of the P-spot (a.k.a. the male G-spot, a.k.a. the prostate gland). But what about the PS-Spot? Well, […]

Do It Tonight! Go Ahead and Close Your Eyes

photo by net_efekt It is officially not bad manners to close your eyes while receiving head if that helps you get to your happy place — especially for the ladies who may need a little help staying focused during cunnilingus. That said, it’s nice to occasionally take a peek to check in on your partner. […]

Do It Tonight! Give Your Partner a Love Bite

photo by P. Baker Yes, we’re talking about the good old-fashioned hickey — that simple little expression of unbridled passion that can immediately take you back to your first few heady times of making out (oh, to be young again!). Of course, the love bite should not be administered (or accepted) willy-nilly. Only the hidden […]

Do It Tonight! Make Your One-Night Stand a Little Naughtier

photo by Aoife city womanchile Next time you take a beautiful stranger back to your place for a one-night stand, use the opportunity to experiment with acts that you consider out of character. (And no, we don’t mean letting them tie you up — remember, kids: don’t stare at the sun, don’t run with scissors, […]