Do It Tonight
Do It Tonight! What to Say Next If Your Pick-up Line Actually Works

photo by hmk If your pick-up line — whether it’s “Hi my name is Pat” or “How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice!” — actually turns into a conversation, don’t assume you’re on the home stretch. Nope, you could still screw things up royally. Like talking about the weather, for […]

Do It Tonight! Shake Hands Like a Human Being

photo by Gemma Longman Knowing how to shake hands properly is not necessarily a sex- or relationship-related skill. However, it can certainly get a potential love or lust connection off to the wrong start — it could even squelch that potential entirely! So when you’re out tonight at a party, meeting new people and shaking […]

Do It Tonight! Be Submissive…On Purpose

photo by Pato Garza If you want a little freedom from all your daily responsibilities, if you’re sick of having to make decisions, if you kinda like being held down and tickled….then why not spend an evening being submissive for a change? Let your partner call all the shots. By being (temporarily) submissive in the […]

Do It Tonight! Mix Up the Pick Up

photo by Andre Natta A note to straight men: We’re constantly hearing you guys complain that you have to do all the pick-up leg-work. But then when a woman does attempt to hit on you in a bar, you turn around and call her “desperate.” (Er, who made off with your self-esteem, anyway?) Admittedly, you […]

Do It Tonight! Upgrade Your Condom

photo by trec_lit In this economy, terms like “upgrade” and “luxury” and “premium” are almost four-letter words. But if we’re talking about a product that usually costs under a dollar, we’re hoping you can afford to invest just a few more cents in it. (Come on, all the cool kids know that a recession is […]

Do It Tonight! Seduce Yourself

photo by strelitzia We know that masturbation feels like an easy lay, but just because you’re a sure thing, doesn’t mean you always have to treat yourself that way. Ladies: Light some candles, dim the lights, take a long bath (with a dirty Ducky, perhaps), pour yourself a glass of wine, moisturize your entire body, […]

Do It Tonight! Add Some Lube to Your Lovin'

photo by Mike Goren Lube gets a bad rap, so we’d like to clear its name here once and for all: Store-bought personal lubricant is not a “crutch” for people with faulty machinery. And reaching for the wet stuff doesn’t mean you’re “not into it,” “frigid” or “kinky.” For women, natural lubrication doesn’t necessarily go […]

Do It Tonight!Take the Long Way Home

photo by Wolfgang Staudt Most people have that one, fail-safe way that gets them from point A to point O quickly and directly, scenic lookout points be damned! And when you’re busy or tired (read: every minute of every day), it’s easy (and understandable) to resort to that surefire route on the rare occasion you […]

Do It Tonight!Sexify Your Gratitude Journal

photo by peregrine blue Lately everyone from Oprah to Real Simple to the guy at Harvard who teaches a class on happiness has been talking about gratitude journals — you know, every night you write down, say, five things you were grateful for that day. Could be big things (my wonderful supportive family) or small […]

Do It Tonight! The Pre-Sex Massage

photo by W00kie We’ll be regularly posting quick and easy tips you can take home with you and try out on any given night. Whether you’re a newbie, a playa, or a committed monogamist, you have no excuse for not putting a little effort into your lovin’ every now and then (even if the only […]