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Comment of the Week: A Cautionary Tale About Cuckolding

May 20, 2015


Reader Simon offered this cautionary tale in response to our post, “Your Call: I Want My Wife to Have an Affair; She Thinks I’m Nuts“:

Been there, done that; don’t try. I did this 8-9 years back with my wife, and I insisted, although she was more than reluctant. She was totally opposed in the beginning, but gave up after almost a year of having the same discussion over and over in bed and outside of bed. When she finally said “ok,” more or less to please me, she refused to go alone, so we met a few times at a motel with someone I found online, married, clean and nice otherwise.

The relationship went on for a few months, and eventually he gained our trust, so she started going alone from time to time if I couldn’t join her. At first, she was telling me before, every time she was supposed to go, then I noticed she started to “forget” mentioning when he was calling her at work to meet.

To make it short, one day he suggested they would save money if they started meeting at one of his friend’s house. She was stupid enough to trust him, and went there, where he and two of his friends practically raped her. She was too ashamed to tell me on the spot, because she felt guilty for seeing him lately without my knowledge.

She admitted years later to have been involved with him emotionally. Being raped made her break up with him, but still she didn’t tell me the whole truth until four years later, when I wanted to try again the same thing. Obviously this time she said “no” and she meant it.


Comment(s) of the Week: Detectives Em & Lo Are On the Case!

May 14, 2015


We recently received two very suspicious comments to the post “Your Call: Do Bigger Penises Lead to Different Orgasms for Women?” (which have since been taken down).

First, at 12:04am this morning, Thursday, May 14th, someone calling themselves “MSTT” wrote:

Exactly man. All women like big dicks. But they value other things more you know? emotional things, vibes, etc. All women love the feeling of being filled up by a bigger penis. 99%. But we want more than that. Peace out. Im nicole.

Then, immediately after, at 12:09am this morning, another comment was made by someone called “Linda”:

All i know is my last boyfriend had a really big penis and it felt nice, only thing i miss about him. And yes, bigger penises feel better. And ladies:when i say “bigger” you know i mean girth mainly. Write that down guys out there. Bigger is better. Yes.

Well, we put our deerhunters on, whipped out our magnifying glasses, and got to sleuthing!

  1. This post, while popular, is over a year old. What are the odds that two different people would comment on the same post in the middle of the night within minutes of each other?
  2. …basically making the exact same point and having the exact same horrendous punctuation?
  3. The first commenter, MSTT, initially sounds like a man talking about women, but then switches gears midway through the comment and becomes a woman, mysteriously and suddenly renamed “nicole.”
  4. These two comments are given different bylines, but they were generated . . . from the SAME EMAIL ADRESS! Dun dun dun! 
  5. But not only that: the email address contained the very male name of “Matt.” [audible gasp!]
  6. And here’s the most damning evidence that these comments were pure bullshit: their identical message was, well, bullshit. Sweeping generalizations made about an entire population meant to prey on insecurities, stir up anger, inflame gender wars, and basically make people miserable with silly lies. Dumb. Immature. Completely false.

The moral of this totally solved mystery? Don’t take the bait! And take any advice you find on the Internet (except ours, of course) with a grain of salt…and perhaps a margarita.




Comment: Why Size Matters…Until It Doesn’t

May 6, 2015


Reader MrAverage said the following in response to our post “Your Call: Do Bigger Penises Lead to Different Orgasms for Women?”

Size matters and it doesn’t. Let me explain that apparent contradiction.

My wife’s ex was an acquaintance of mine – we played on the same soccer team. He was hung, everybody joked about it, although not huge (my wife measured him, 8×6). He took my wife’s virginity & they had a two-year relationship before he dumped her (his loss) and my wife & I got together.

The size difference, which my wife joked about in the beginning (such as saying my 1-inch cock looks like a cocktail sausage when soft – in fairness, it does) didn’t bother me because although I’m only 5 inches erect (and 5 inches girth, which is average), I give her regular orgasms & I assumed all female orgasms were the same.

But a couple of things she said always bothered me. When we first had sex, she said she couldn’t feel me (the words she uttered weren’t exactly the ball-crushing ‘Are you in yet?’ but close enough). Also, she said she liked sex fast, hard & deep as she was a vaginal orgasmer. Well, over the years due to discussions with male and female friends and Internet browsing, I realised I give my wife loads of clitoral orgasms but nothing else.

My insecurity grew to the point that I started to pester her about how I compared to her ex (crazy, I know, but I reckoned I was mature enough to deal with the truth, and I couldn’t bear not knowing).

She assured me I was ‘fine’ and she had ‘no problems’ with my size. Call me over sensitive but I felt damned with faint praise. I continued to pester her until she finally relented, saying ‘OK you want the truth – yes he was much bigger and yes, bigger is definitely better.’

Why, I asked her? ‘I felt him, every move he made inside me, there was stretching, an amazing feeling of fullness, the constant in-out pressure on my labia and friction on my vaginal walls.’ She feels none of those sensations with me. Also because he was long, he hit a nerve (the vagus nerve, i think) at the back of her vagina (cervix, anterior fornix?) which sent tingling down her spine and into her lower abdomen everytime he thrusted.

OK, so actual sex felt a lot more pleasurable! But what about orgasm? Did size all equal out then? No, again. The orgasms he gave her were very different from the ones I give her. The ones she had with him were basically an extension of the tingling she’d felt at the back of her vagina. That became a ‘tingling explosion’ that worked up her body from inside up her spine. The tingling persisted for up to fifteen minutes after sex. She didn’t always orgasm with him but said the orgasms were more intense, pleasurable, long-lasting and deep.

The orgasms I have with her are based around the vagina and are short, sharp, superficial explosions that are over in seconds – classic clitoral, from what I’ve discovered. There’s a massive difference between vaginal and clitoral, apparently! Well, I asked!

Worse, she said that feeling at the ‘disposal’ of a really big cock – ie that the guy had the ability to hurt her with it – made her feel more feminine, and for her to regard him as more masculine.

For a while I wasn’t able to handle the truth. I knew her ex, he was a great guy, but I found myself hating him through penis envy, which is very immature but essentially very human.

Anyway, after a while I tried to compensate for my lack of size by getting bigger dildos & vibrators etc, and asking my wife to do kegels.

Yet my wife expressed no interest in anything large, which perplexed me. Also, she saw the ben wa balls I got her as a pain to use, and only uses them when I ask her. Does she wish I had a bigger penis? Yes, she admits, it would be nice, but more because of my insecurity than because of any lack of pleasure I give her, before adding that she could live blissfully without ever having those sensations again because she loves me & has actually come to enjoy clitoral orgasms immensely, especially when I use a vibrator.

No matter how hard I’ve tried to transpose my insecurities about size onto her, she resists, saying it’s so much more about the whole package, and that for her size is a small (excuse the pun) part of that equation. I believe her, despite the fact that women are perpetual liars when it comes to size, except when they’re with their girlfriends & small guys get ridiculed & sniggered over (my wife confirms that and so do a few close platonic girlfriends and gay friends).

When my wife met me she said the last thing she was thinking, despite her previous experience, was whether my penis was a decent size. This is mostly a guy thing – thinking most women think that way, when they really don’t.

Rather, she was thinking about how well suited we were emotionally and intellectually. She says she & most of her friends would list the following priorities when considering a man as a long term mate: face first, then personality, followed by body (particularly height in relation to her, shape & buttocks), intelligence, hygiene, then penis size.

Any disappointment she felt at eventually discovering my size, she says, was far outweighed by my other attributes, although she did admit a penis under about 4 inches would push the limits of what she was happy to accept.

My take from all that is: there are certainly women who will choose men based on penis size and reject those who don’t measure up – they are the true size queens. But they’re by no means the majority of women – although my wife’s best friend is an avowed size queen, so they’re definitely not a statistically insignificant minority, either.

In fact, even when a woman has sampled the pleasures of a big cock, such as my wife, they are happy to settle for less size, even far less size, if the man ticks other boxes & if she loves him.

I know many will read this & think: this is 101 of life, who doesn’t know it! But there are many insecure men – and not just those with below-average penises – who think many if not most women would reject a man because of his size.

The truth, as I’ve discovered through first-hand experience, is very different. Not even thoroughly enjoying the pleasures of a big cock is enough to turn some women into size queens, if my wife is an example.


photo via flickr

Comment of the Week: 4 Ways Men Can Seem Taller

April 29, 2015


photo of Kevin Hart via Flickr

In response to a question from a reader this week about a study saying women are only attracted to men 6 feet tall and up, Johnny — one of our MVP commenters — propped him up pretty perfectly:

HA! Bullshit.

Short guy here, reporting that I’ve always done just fine. If you’ve got a thing for tall women you’re mostly out of luck, sorry to say, but other than that, don’t worry about it.

Most women just want a guy who’s taller than them. Many will make an exception for a guy who’s the same height as them. Occasionally a short guy even winds up with a taller woman.

I mean, I’m not one to console myself with delusion: it’s not ideal to be short. Taller is better in female eyes. But what are you gonna do, roll over and die? Join a monastery and swear off women?

Here’s what you do to compensate for being short:

  1. Stand up straight. Don’t exaggerate or puff up or anything, but good posture helps.
  2. Mind the aspects of your appearance that you can control. Shower, get hair cuts, wear clean well-fitting clothes, etc.
  3. Hit the gym. Being tubby in the middle makes you look shorter.
  4. Smile, be open and friendly and flirtatious.

That’s my method.



Comment of the Week: Naming the Female Equivalent of Blue Balls

April 22, 2015


We’ve had some pretty creative additions to our poll calling for a name for the female equivalent of blue balls. Here are a few recent contenders…

What’s your favorite?


photo via Flickr

Comment of the Week: Who Causes Wet Dreams? Could It Be….Satan?!

April 15, 2015


In response to a letter from a woman who orgasms in her sleep, we got a very interesting and creative analysis of what is actually going on from Amandah. It’s not sexual tension or the subconscious playing around with one of our strongest primal urges. Nope! Amandah schools us in the facts. (Ed. note: grammatical and spelling mistakes have been corrected for readability, natch):

Mhhh, I’ve read your comments guys and I know all about wet dreams or multiple orgasms. The truth is you all have what [we] call a “spiritual husband” — it’s a very wicked sexual “demon” or…Satan. It is an attack and you need to be delivered from that thing because it can destroy your life… I know what I’m talking about. Most of you will not agree with me, but I know it’s the truth. If you’re under that demon attack, most of the time you hate your husband for no reason and sometimes you will loose affection towards your husband; you will only enjoy that sex of the night. And the truth is, it is so good, but it is hell. I was once a victim of a night sex slave, then I accepted Jesus as my lord and savior and I was delivered from all that sinful nature and I have a new life in Christ Jesus. Though that thing still comes to me in the night, the difference is now I have an ability of God to rebuke and cast that demon out of my life in Jesus’ name. I pray that God may deliver your families and open your spiritual eyes. When you sleep you’re supposed to sleep [without] having sex in your sleep — it is not normal. No doctor or anyone can help you without Jesus.


Comment of the Week: How to Pay for Dinner, and How to Let Someone Else Pay

April 8, 2015


photo via flickr

MVP commenter Johnny weighs in on our post “Who Do Men Think Should Pay On a Date?” We would say that his final line, “Two drinks buys you nothing but a chance,” should be put on T-shirts and handed out to college guys across the country. Except that certain fraternity members would probably take this to mean that plying women with drinks gives them a better chance of getting a woman in bed. Sigh.

“Whoever does the asking” is almost always the same as “the guy should pay,” because women almost never do the asking. Also I’m assuming this is an early date here, before the relationship is established.

The guy should pay. The woman should politely go for her purse, and the guy should nonchalantly tell her not to. If she insists on paying, the guy should let her.

With this in mind, the smart guy chooses an inexpensive early date. This not only saves him money, but spares her the discomfort of accepting a large offering from a suitor she might not even like. Who pays for a couple drinks shouldn’t be a big deal for either person.

If a woman can’t just accept two drinks with a demure “thank you,” she either definitely doesn’t like you, or has issues with men that will become annoying later on. Either way I wouldn’t ask her on a second date.

The guy should of course expect nothing in return – not even a second date. Two drinks buys you nothing but a chance.


Comment of the Week: 6 Rules of the Pre-Relationship Fuck-Buddy Couple

April 1, 2015


Reader Arielle wrote a nice response to the post How Often Do Fuck Buddies Become Girlfriends?, basically outlining the 6 rules of having a fuck buddy who you might want to turn into a partner some day:

All of my relationships have been fuck buddies that turned into relationships.  Twice I’ve gotten my heart broken because the guy was really emotionally damaged, and it didn’t turn into a relationship.

My recommendations:

1) Go with the flow.  Don’t try to control the direction of everything, and be wary if he’s trying to control it. If he’s trying to set arbitrary rules or limit how much he sees you or the situations you do together, tell him to chill out or get out.

2) Don’t limit the affection.  Be affectionate, sweet, caring, everything that you would be to your close friends.  If you start to feel resentful that you’re not getting more from him, that’s a red flag, and you need to discuss it with him (in person, not text) or pull back.  Don’t let his issues with relationships prevent you from expressing your emotions, expressing romantic feelings, being affectionate, being yourself.  If you feel nervous or shy in his presence or lose your confidence, you need to get over it asap: fuck buddy situations are abusive to anyone who can’t speak their mind, and a guy will lose respect for you and himself if he knows you’re letting him use you.  You need to make it clear that you have a great time with him and would regret not getting to know him better.  If he asks for more, give him a reason for why this arrangement temporarily works right now for you:  you just got out of a relationship, you’re focused on school and just want to have fun, etc.

3) Don’t let your life revolve around him.  If he’s not your boyfriend, then you have to continue to flirt with other guys, talk to other people, plan your living and job situation as if you are single.  Don’t personally rely on his plans in any important way unless you’ve made a commitment.  Don’t let him have all your weekends or time.  You are single unless specifically stated otherwise.  Don’t let him be your only fun thing going on: you have to stay emotionally healthy.  Try not to think too much about him outside of the time you’re seeing him.  Travel on weekend trips without him.

4) Limit last minute sex dates.  Make him plan to see you, and think of fun and interesting things to do.  Cook with him, share music  with him, etc.  If he gets concerned that it’s too much like “boyfriend-girlfriend”, say “Are you enjoying yourself? I don’t want you to feel pressured. I just want to have fun and this was fun.”

5) Make sure you’re always having fun.  If he stops being fun, or isn’t there for you when you need it, then pull out and say, sorry man.

6) Make sure you guys talk like friends in between, and are physically exclusive.  Don’t get an STD from this ish.

The pros of fuck buddy first are that a) you make sure you have awesome chemistry before committing; b) you make sure you guys have great sex before committing;  c) you can get to know who he is/what his apartment looks like, his real self, etc. before you commit to someone that is basically a stranger.  It’s more natural and less contrived.

The cons: Obviously, he might actually not want a relationship.  You might have sex with someone that has a lot of issues and get your feelings hurt. He might not put as much effort in, or feel he owes you anything.


Comments of the Week: Sexuality Is Fluid

March 25, 2015


photo via flickr

We loved these two responses this week to our post, “Your Call: I Was Bi, But Now I’m Not Attracted to Men. What Happened?”

The first is from reader (and frequent Comment-of-the-Weeker!) Nikki:

You should look up “fluid.” That might be you. Some people’s sexual orientation shifts over time. In fact, some people identify their sexual orientation as fluid. There is research out there suggesting that fluid sexuality may be far more common than we think, especially among women.

I am sorry you are dealing with depression. As far as your attractions go, I think pointing to the depression is a red herring, or an attempt to pathologize your current lack of attraction to men. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not being attracted to men, even if you used to be. You might become attracted to men in the future, or you might not. You might still be bi, or you might be a lesbian. But don’t let anyone tell you who you should or shouldn’t be attracted to.

And the second is from Dave, another regular around these parts:

Disclaimer: I am not Bi.

However, I know I go through sexual phases. Sometimes I’m more interested in butts & sometimes I’m more interested in boobs. Sometimes I’m thinking about oral sex and sometimes I just want vaginal sex. Sometimes I’m interested in the same thing for a month or two and sometimes I want as much variety as possible.

I think it would be perfectly normal for a bisexual to go through phases as well and a couple of weeks is too short of time to lose your status as bisexual.

To be perfectly honest, after my son was born I was so tired that I barely thought about sex in any way for a month or two and that didn’t make me asexual because I’m back to a fairly normal sex life now.


Comments of the Week: The Sexual Satisfaction & Compatibility Quiz

March 18, 2015


photo via Wiki Commons

This week, in response to our Your Call question “My Husband and I Don’t Care That We Don’t Have Much Sex. Should We?“, two of our MVPs were quick on the draw with spot-on answers. First, Nikki wrote:

This sounds like more of the tyranny of “normal.” If you have a happy marriage, and you are both satisfied with the amount of sex that you are having, then you have nothing to worry about. Relationships and sexuality are not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

You are right that sex is important in a relationship, but what I think most of what you’re hearing is leaving out that “sex” really means “sexual satisfaction.” If you and your husband have that, you are in good shape.

The easiest way to put your concerns to rest is to have a frank and honest conversation with your husband. You say you have a trusting relationship, but you don’t mention whether this conversation has ever occurred. If it hasn’t, make sure it does. You can keep it simple: “Honey, I’ve noticed that the amount of sex we have has kind of fallen off over the years. I’m fine with it, and am happy with the way things are, but I want to make sure you are too.” If your husband is also content, you have nothing to worry about. If he misses having more frequent sex, then you can have a conversation about how to make sure his needs are addressed.

Then Johnny added his take:

Sex drive decreases with age. I was borderline priapic in my early 20′s. In my mid 30′s I am noticeably less horny than I was then.

Attractiveness also decreases with age (sorry. I’m not calling you or anyone else unattractive or old. But this is just a universal fact. It happens to everyone). So basically you’ve got two people who aren’t as hot or as horny as they used to be. This is totally normal and is only a problem when –

- attractiveness and horniness decrease at disparate rates between partners

- one partner’s attractiveness and horniness really PLUMMET.

Sounds like you and your husband are actually experiencing the ideal sexual denoument. Again, NOT singling you guys out here – what’s happening to you guys happens to ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF PEOPLE. You guys just happen to be experiencing this, like so many other things, as a healthy and loving couple. You’re going through it togeter – that’s good. Going through this as individuals is bad.

You’ve had three kids – mission accomplished. Your sex drives did what they’re there for. Anything else is just for fun. And if you both like the same amount of fun – whether that’s more fun or less fun – then great!

You and your husband sound like a great match. Don’t panic.

Based on their excellent responses, we’ve come up with a Sexual Satisfaction & Compatibility Quiz you and your partner can take:

  1. Are you happy together?
  2. Are neither of you complaining?
  3. Are you being honest with yourself?
  4. Are you being honest with your partner?
  5. Are your libidos lagging at similar rates?
  6. Are you aging (in looks) at similar rates?
  7. Have you talked about your sexual satisfaction with each other?
  8. Do you both feel sexually satisfied?

If you’ve both answered yes to five or more questions, then you and your partner are sexually satisfied and should not worry about the amount of sex you have. It’s about quality, not quantity.