Top 5 Love Lessons from The Bachelor (Juan Pablo, Ep 6)

screenshot from ABC’s The Bachelor Everyone has their patented move (e.g. gently curling your date’s hair behind their ear). Just make sure your move doesn’t become an automatic, robotic gesture when a) you’ve run out of things to say, b) you’re not interested in the words coming out of your date’s mouth, and/or c) you’ve […]

Top 5 Love Lessons from The Bachelor (Juan Pablo, Ep 5)

screenshot from ABC’s The Bachelor Your date being interested in hearing about your career is not “AMAZING!”, it does not make him an extraordinary human being with mystical qualities that make him the perfect guy for you. Asking you about your job and him actually listening to the answer should be the bare minimum for […]

Top 5 Love Lessons from The Bachelor (Juan Pablo, Ep 4)

photo courtesy of ABC/Christopher Jue When your date confides in you about their terrible, deadbeat, alcoholic father who abandoned them, do NOT respond with, “Wow, that must have been so difficult for your father.” The appropriate response is, “Wow, that must have been so difficult for your YOU.” Don’t tell your date what you think […]

Top 5 Love Lessons from The Bachelor (Juan Pablo, Ep 3)

photo courtesy of ABC/Rick Rowell Date location don’ts: cold and dirty city harbors (that you intend to swim in), sport stadium hot dog kitchens (that you intend to make out in), and bungee-jumping bridges next to busy 8-lane freeways. If you put just the tip in, it doesn’t count. We’re of course talking about putting just […]

Top 5 Love Lessons Learned from The Bachelor: Juan Pablo, Ep 2

photo courtesy of ABC/Todd Wawrychuk Sensual massage and talk of the dearly departed do not mix. If someone on a date is pressuring you to do something that you don’t feel comfortable with, that goes against your values, and that you simply don’t want to do, then stand up for yourself and don’t do it! […]

How to Get Over a Breakup…with Breaking Bad

In honor of the last episode ever of Breaking Bad (sniffle), we’ve reconnoitered our classic “How to Get Over a Breakup” article so Breaking Bad fans the world over can better deal with the loss of their loved one and try to fill the void left behind by the series ending.  Come here, Baby Blue, […]

A Round-Up of Thoughtful Spankings Over the Miley Cyrus Spectacle

There’s been a LOT of talk this week over Miley Cyrus’s performance at last week’s VMAs. Here’s some of our favorite analysis: The 2013 VMAs Were Dominated by Miley’s Minstrel Show How Ratchet Culture Became The New Implied Bisexuality A 6-Minute Guide to the Prejudices of the Entertainment Industry What Miley Cyrus Did Was Disgusting […]

The 10 Best and Worst Moments from the 2013 VMAs

photo via THE WORST 1. Lady Gaga’s 26 costume changes into smaller and smaller outfits, ending in a Little Mermaid-inspired seashell/thong number. She’s just fucking with us at this point, right? 2. Miley Cyrus’s self-demotion to porny arm candy during her Blurred Lines “duet” with Robin Thicke (or was it the simulated rimming during […]

Top 5 Love Lessons from The Bachelorette (The Finale)

Rebound sex, or even a rebound relationship is understandable after a bad breakup. But a rebound engagement? Probably not a good idea (especially if you can’t stop crying throughout the entire process). Having equally weird families (overly aggro brothers, overly handsy dads, etc) can really bond a couple, because each can understand and empathize with […]

Top 5 Love Lessons from The Bachelorette (The Breakup Edition)

Ouch. We find Des to be a bit of a matzah bachelorette (flat and bland), but even we felt really, really bad for her last night. Getting dumped is hard, but it’s at least twenty-five times harder when it’s televised nationally. And what are the odds: you’ve got 25 potential suitors and you fall for […]