What Our Google Searches Tell Us About Our Exes

We’ve always been fascinated by the Google searches that bring people to You have no idea how many different ways it’s possible to spell penis. And don’t even get us started on masturbation! This week while browsing, we noticed just how many people out there are obsessed with their exes. In particular, exes and […]

Blog Snog: 9 Golden Rules That Will Save Your Marriage

The Frisky: Porn star James Deen wants to answer your advice questions! YourTango:9 golden relationship rules that will save your marriage. Pop Sugar: How to bounce back from a bad breakup like a boss (hint: sell your stuff!). Nerve:Sam Lipsyte on coming of age in the backseat of a car, and crushing on your best friend’s […]

Blog Snog: Men’s Bulges Are the New Female Boobs

YourTango: How to peacefully divorce (and spare the kids heartache). Pop Sugar: 20 signs men’s bulges are the new female boobs. The Frisky: “My vagina is not a receptacle.” Nerve: On British Feminist artist Linder Sterling’s 1980′s porn collages. 150 Shades of Play: Got spring fever? Embrace your inner Christian without losing an eye… or your sense of […]

Understanding Islamic Feminism

“Islamic feminist.” Sounds like an oxymoron, right? But this week’s episode of the PRI radio show “America Abroad,” produced and written by (our amazing friend) Mia Lobel, will get you thinking. This fascinating hourlong podcast called “Understanding Islamic Feminism” covers feminist reinterpreters of the Koran in Egypt, Morocco’s most progressive family law in the East (which makes it […]

Blog Snog: The 29 Steamiest Movie Sex Scenes of All Time

YourTango: Do women have the right to expect chivalry from men? Pop Sugar: The 29 steamiest movie sex scenes of all time. The Frisky: Apparently having sex ruins a young girl’s character, according to prom posters in Wisconsin. Nerve: What is that post-sex “glow” that is so obvious, anyway? 150 Shades of Play: Got spring fever? Embrace your inner […]

Favorite Podcast: Love + Radio

photo of Ceara Lynch via Love + Radio Ever since Serial, we’ve been looking for a new podcast addiction. And we’ve finally found it in Love + Radio, a podcast from PRX’s, which describes itself as “a collective of the best story-driven shows on the planet.” The stories that drive “Love + Radio” are compelling, […]

Blog Snog: First Pic from “Fifty Shades Darker”

photo via Access Hollywood Pop Sugar: First image from “Fifty Shades Darker” is here (tho not sure how without a director). YourTango: How to raise a bitch. The Frisky: 10 ways to rebuff or rebound from the Bad Boy (according to Don Draper’s exes). Nerve: Looking back at 1960′s EROS magazine creator Ralph Ginzburg’s obscenity trials. 150 Shades […]

Blog Snog: Why the Myth of Lesbian Bed Death Persists

photo via Flickr YourTango: 10 brutally honest reasons why women keep dating a-holes. The Frisky: Why the myth of lesbian bed death persists. Pop Sugar: 6 true tales of love on the Titanic. Nerve: Bad sex advice: How to yell at your penis when you can’t get it up. 150 Shades of Play: Got spring fever? Embrace your inner […]

Blog Snog: 7 Signs It’s Time to See a Couples Counselor

photo via Flickr YourTango: 7 signs it’s time to go to couples counseling, STAT The Frisky: How we talk about consent ABSOLUTELY matters Pop Sugar: Watch the first promo for Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer Nerve: Nudes and collages by 19-year-old Daniel Gonzales (NSFW!) 150 Shades of Play: Got spring fever? Embrace your inner Christian without losing an […]

Blog Snog: 12 Actors Who’ve Graced Us With Full-Frontal Nudity

YourTango: 10 things you should definitely not do after a breakup. The Frisky: Your new Tinder boyfriend has a 22-inch penis. Pop Sugar: 12 actors who’ve gone there, with full-frontal nudity. Nerve: The erotic surrealism of Alva Bernadine (NSFW). 150 Shades of Play: Got spring fever? Embrace your inner Christian without losing an eye… or your sense of humor!