Blog Snog: The 20 Hottest Sex Scenes in “Game of Thrones”

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New Web Series: “Swipe Click Bang”

The new web series from director Michael Sasso called “Swipe Click Bang” is about the mating habits of Millennials in the age of Tinder. Each webisode focuses on one couple who’ve just met through a hookup app and are either about to do it, are doing it, and/or just did it. According to Sasso, the […]

Blog Snog: 10 “Weird” Things You Do As a Couple That Are Actually Normal

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Photos of the Week: Feet in Bed

When you do a search for “sex” on Getty Images, you get a lot of interesting results — so many, in fact, that we were compelled to create a superlative series of Getty “sex” search images. Since we’re in the market for a lot of PG-rated images that convey sexual congress here at, we decided to narrow our […]

Blog Snog: The Double Life of a Human Carpet

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Blog Snog: Fifty Shades of Bad Tattoos

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