Blog Snog: Why I Dated a Guy Even After He Raped Me

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Blog Snog: The Cure for Benedict Cumberbatch’s Engagement News

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Blog Snog: An Open Letter to Men Who Think Catcalling Is Flattery

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Blog Snog: Lot’s o’ Halloween Couples Costume Ideas

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Photos of the Week: Lip Pics by Olena Chernenko

Generally speaking, Olena Chernenko creates surreal, Alice in Wonderland-style images (check her out on Getty Images). Specifically, she seems to be a bit obsession with lips: plump, painted, just kissed, about to be kissed, used or even abused. The result is mouth-watering photography… #125144053 / #125143084 / #117144547 / #108317106 / […]

Blog Snog: One Woman’s Search for a Happy Ending…Massage

photo via YourTango The Frisky: 20 non-sexy reasons for making really sexy sounds. YourTango: One woman’s search for a sexy happy ending massage. PopSugar: Get your sex life back on track with this 7-day sex challenge. Nerve: 10 Victorian sex tips, from the ridiculous to the kind of hot. 150 Shades of Play: Get some kinky […]

Please VOTE for!

photo via Flickr All you  have to do is press the pink “VOTE” button on our Kinkly page HERE! is holding a Sex Blogging Superheroes Contest: whichever blog gets the most votes from their fans gets not only the glory, but $500 in cash from our favorite pleasure object purveyors, LELO! And we […]

Blog Snog: Dating Advice from Mindy Kaling

YourTango: 4 reasons why you should fall in love with a failure. The Frisky: Watch old people react to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trailer. PopSugar: Smart dating advice from single-lady hero Mindy Kaling. The Date Report: You’re not as cool on Tinder as you think you are. Nerve: The official Nerve glossary of sex […]

The Best Animal Kisses from Getty Images

When you do a search for “sex” on Getty Images, you get a lot of interesting results — so many, in fact, that we were compelled to create a superlative series of Getty “sex” search images. A lot of the animal-themed images that come up are just adorable kissing photos, so today, it’s decidedly PG in the animal kingdom. […]