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Last Chance to Enter Our #KegelizeAMovie Contest!

November 5, 2014



You only have until EOD Thursday, November 6th at 11:59 EST to enter our awesome  #KegelizeAMovie Contest and get the chance to win a new Luna Smart Bead from LELO!

There’s a lot of great entries so far, but they’re only by a handful of entrants, so your odds are still EXCELLENT! Here’s how to play:

Tweet a movie title on Twitter.com and replace one key word with “Kegel,” so that it conveys the importance of pelvic health. Don’t forget to include these three things in your Tweet:

  1. the hashtag #kegelizeamovie
  2. @emandlo
  3. @Lelo_Official

Feel free to submit your entries in the comments below also, though only Tweets that follow the guidelines above will be entered to win. Enter as many times as you like, though each entry should be a different kegelized movie title (NOT the same one over and over). You must be 18 or older to enter. And do NOT create multiple Twitter accounts to enter.

We’ll pick one MVP winner (“MVP” being defined at our discretion) and announce the winning Tweet here on EMandLO.com as well as on Twitter on Friday, the 7th. If that winner does not claim their prize by replying to our private message within a week, a new winner will be chosen.

Good luck! And may the best movie Kegelizer win a Luna Smart Bead!

Contest: #KegelizeAMovie

October 30, 2014


In honor of LELO’s launch of their revolutionary new pleasure object, Luna Smart Bead, we’re holding a Kegel Kontest! Pelvic health is an often overlooked but incredibly important element to sexual satisfaction: strong pelvic area muscles mean better sexual sensation and easier to come by orgasms. But remembering to do your Kegels on the grocery line can be challenging. The Luna Smart Bead is designed to practically do them for you! It offers a custom-made, vibration-guided routine that encourages you to work those muscles — almost involuntarily! — for better sex. (Click here for more info on how awesomely it works.)

So, do you want a Luna Smart Bead for yourself? Of course you do! Here’s how to enter for a chance to win one:

Tweet a movie title on Twitter.com and replace one key word with “Kegel,” so that it conveys the importance of pelvic health. Don’t forget to include these three things in your Tweet:

  1. the hashtag #kegelizeamovie
  2. @emandlo
  3. @Lelo_Official

Examples of Kegelized movies might include “How to Train Your Kegels,” “The Fault in Our Kegels,” and ”Citizen Kegel” (these will not be considered if you enter them as your own, duh.)

Feel free to submit your entries in the comments below also, though only Tweets that follow the guidelines above will be entered to win. Enter as many times as you like, though each entry should be a different kegelized movie title (NOT the same one over and over). You must be 18 or older to enter. And do NOT create multiple Twitter accounts to enter.

Deadline is EOD Thursday, November 6th at 11:59 EST. We’ll pick one MVP winner (“MVP” being defined at our discretion) and announce the winning Tweet here on EMandLO.com as well as on Twitter on Friday, the 7th. If that winner does not claim their prize by replying to our private message within a week, a new winner will be chosen.

Good luck! And may the best movie Kegelizer win a Luna Smart Bead!

A Personal Trainer for Your Orgasm: Luna Smart Bead

October 15, 2014

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Your pelvic area muscles are like any other muscle: you use them or you lose them. They need regular workouts, especially as you get older, especially if you’re a woman who’s procreated. After all, stronger pelvic muscles mean more intense orgasms that are easier to come by, as it were. You just need to be motivated to work them out — and there’s the rub (or should we say, there isn’t the rub?).

Now there’s a personal trainer for your naughty bits (that won’t yell at you): the LUNA Smart Bead™ by LELO! With touch-sensors that respond to your every squeeze, the LUNA Smart Bead™ measures your orgasm-potential and sets a routine that’s right for you, so you can enjoy longer, stronger orgasms in no time. Here’s how it works:

  • The touch-sensors measure your power from your first squeeze for a perfectly tailored workout.
  • Follow the vibration-guided routine by squeezing when you feel the pulse and relaxing when it stops.
  • As you become stronger, progress through its 5 vibration-guided levels.
  • Each routine lasts just 5 minutes and regular use will return fast results.

Other features include:

  • Intelligent memory function that remembers your progress
  • Continuous vibration mode for immediate pleasure
  • Up to 200 routines from a single AAA battery
  • Smooth Silicone 100% waterproof
  • 1-year Warranty and 10-year Quality Guarantee
  • Available in pink or deep rose

For only about $100, you may never need Kegels again! Check out this beautiful (and very relaxing) video below and LELO’s nice dedicated website for more info on the LUNA Smart Bead™:

Top 10 Tips for Finding a Sex Toy That’s Good for Your Body

September 4, 2014


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In honor of today being World Sexual Health Day, our friends at LELO have put together their top ten tips on selecting a sex toy that ensures sexual well-being. Because at least half of what’s out there shouldn’t go anywhere near your private parts! Especially anything labeled “for novelty use only.” Remember, the sex toy industry is still largely unregulated (unlike, say, kid toys or even dog toys) — which means that the onus is on you, dear reader, to find out for yourself what is and isn’t good for your body.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 tips (and they apply to all sex toys, not just those made by LELO!). And don’t forget to follow LELO on Twitter to check out their giveaways all day today! To celebrate this day, they are giving away a set of Luna Beads, a Mona 2 and an Ida. (Scroll down for more details.)

1. Look for certifications, avoid fakes
The pleasure product industry, like every industry, has its fraudsters who copy popular products, produce them cheaply and cut all the corners to make a profit. You can steer clear of these products by checking certification and buying from reputable retailers. Check the box also for the phrase “novelty use only” — it’s basically the same as saying “we are not accountable for the safety of this product.”

2. Never, ever settle for second best
When it comes to issues of intimacy, pleasure and health, you shouldn’t compromise. Don’t buy a cheap pleasure product because it looks like an affordable version of a more trustworthy brand. It’s just not worth the risk.

3. Keep your toys clean
Love your pleasure products and they’ll love you back. Treat them well, and they’ll treat you well. Wash them before using them, store them properly, check the materials for breaks, and use anti-bacterial wipes.

4. Sharing is caring, but…
If you’re sharing toys in the heat of the moment, it’s best to cover them with a condom and replace it each time. It’s just good sense, really.

5. Avoid the jellies!
A little knowledge goes a long way when it comes to using pleasure products. For example, the “jelly rubber” many sex toys have been made of is a material that’s been treated with one of any number of plastic softeners, or “phthalates.” Phthalates are potentially harmful, even carcinogenic. It’s that kind of information that will help you make the right buying decision and keep you safe.

6. Choose silicone…
Silicone is a remarkable material, resistant to bacteria and widely used by the most reputable brands in the pleasure product industry. Smooth, comfortable for use and easy to clean, it’s generally a sign the manufacturer is doing things right. Just avoid the sticky kind of silicone, which can attract dust.

7… and pay attention to glass and metals
While these products are excellent for cleaning, make sure any glass products of high-quality and perfectly smooth, while be sure to avoid any metals that may cause allergic reactions.

8. Read Reviews
Go online and check out what people are saying about the pleasure products you’re interested in. There’s a massive online community of sex toy bloggers and reviewers who can be trusted to give you all the information you could need.

9. Website
Make sure you check out the website of the brand who produces your sex toys. If they haven’t invested in a website, perhaps they won’t invest in safety either.

10. Nose-Testing purely for pleasure
And not to forget the pleasure aspect, if you are browsing for products in your local store, try looking like a professional and raising gently to your nose like a wine connoisseur. If the vibrations are strong enough to make you want to sneeze, it’s likely to bring full satisfaction when used elsewhere.

Interested in winning a sex toy that is seriously good for your body? (Everything made by LELO is, that’s one of the reasons we love them so much!) Follow LELO on Twitter to check out their giveaways all day today! LELO will post three questions about LELO and World Sexual Health Day (one every four hours) on Twitter. The answers can be found either in the list above, or in their World Sexual Health Day blog post. Just Tweet the answer using the competition hashtag #LELOtrivia — and don’t forget to mention @Lelo_Official, too! Winners will be announced tomorrow.

See Who Won the “UnDesign” Awards!

September 3, 2014


Here are the winners of LELO’s “UnDesign Award,” which asked designers in three categories to replace connectivity with genuine connection:

1. Fashion & Accessories Winner

Title: “Toque”

Designer: Aline Darc Piculo dos Santos

What: Lingerie with a micro sensor of touch that lights up when someone touches it.

About: “Nowadays, everyone is busy…” READ MORE


2. Graphic, Illustration & Painting Winner

Title: “Helios”

Designer: Ana D’Apuzzo

What:  A series of paintings dedicated to the Sun, “celebrating its Energy, Love and Life and its connection with a humans and nature.”

About: “I experienced the bad side of life…” READ MORE


3. Technology, Products and Spaces Winner

Title: “The City Lung”

Designer: Floriane Aubrit, Dan Baczynski, Paul Bouisset, Corentin Fabry

What:  A ”living” object that represents the air pollution index of different cities around the world.

About: “The aim of our object is to gather people…” READ MORE



Which Intimacy Design Would You Vote For?

August 25, 2014


sponsored post

LELO knows a thing or two about great intimacy design:

  • They’ve sold 7 million products as of January 2014
  • They’re currently sold in 50 international markets
  • They’ve won 15 major design and industry awards since 2009

But their most recent project is curiously called the UnDesign Award. They asked entrants to go back to design’s roots, to undesign something and conceptualize something original – and it could be anything at all: an app, an artifact, an image, an item, an accessory, whatever – with a single goal in mind: to encourage togetherness, and to inspire a real human interaction, for anyone, anywhere at any time. In short, to replace connectivity with genuine connection.

Here’s a great graphic short on the WHY of the Award:


Submitting closed on August 1st. The shortlist was announced on August 11th. Now you’ve got until August 31st to vote for your favorite “undesign.” Who deserves the following prizes?

  • $1,000 USD
  • $300 USD worth of LELO products
  • Feature design on Design Award website for a year long
  • Feature design on all LELO blogs
  • Opportunity for Feature & Interview on Major Design Publications

There will be one winner, announced on September 1st, in each of the following categories:

  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Technology, Products and Spaces
  • Graphic Illustration & Painting

Some entrants seem to have a leg up, as it were, with thousands of votes already counted, while other promising designs are lagging behind in the measly double digits. Is the somewhat cheesy “Intertwined Souls” really 1000 times better than the City Lung idea or the DandyLight? VOTE NOW to decide!



How “Fifty Shades” Has Changed Sex Over the Past 3 Years

August 8, 2014


sponsored post

As if the whole Internet going gaga over the first trailer for the movie adaptation of E.L. James’ erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” wasn’t evidence enough, our friends over at LELO have actually quantified just how influential the story of Ana, Christian and his woven tie have been on the world’s sexual habits. They surveyed over 10,000 women from 8 countries over the past few years and discovered that the interest in kinky accessories inspired by “Fifty Shades” served as a gateway to enjoying other intimate objects and activities:


The Year Vanilla Turned Grey

(click for infographic)

Women were becoming more adventurous. Sex out of the bedroom was on the increase, sex toys were on the increase and kinky liaisons were on the increase too. Sales of whips and teasers increased by more than 50% and sales of Pleasure beads increased by more than 200%. Fifty-eight percent of global sex toy owners were expected to use premium personal massagers with their partner.



The Kink Continues

(click for infographic)

The kinky liaisons between the sheets continued throughout the first two quarters of 2013 with women everywhere feeling a new sense of sexual empowerment. But by the end of 2013 LELO witnessed a shift in how women wanted their pleasure.  Sales of BDSM accessories, like whips and teasers, reached a plateau in the last quarter of 2013 compared with sales of premium couples’ massagers and vibrating couples’ rings worn during intercourse, which increased by 82%. By the end of 2013, 72% of sex toy owners used massagers or rings with their partner.



The Year of the Vanilla Revolution

(click for infographic)

LELO’s Global Sex Survey revealed women emerged from their kinky ‘Fifty Shades’ phase with liberated attitudes, finding ways beyond novelty and kink to enhance intimacy with their partners.

In 2014 LELO shows that 1 in 5 women have been involved in a threesome (double that of 2012’s findings). Similarly more than half of women in a relationship have made a home movie, and over a third have had sex in a public place. More women have lived out their fantasies over the past 2 years but a whopping 80% said their fantasy didn’t live up to expectations. Either women have become more sexually confident since “Fifty Shades,” or they’ve become more confident talking about their sex lives.

Kinkier ‘novelty-based’ products like whips and hand cuffs have still plateaued, but are expected to take a sharp rise around the release of the movie. However, sales of couples’ massagers, vibrators worn during intercourse, like IDA and Tara have increased by as much as 82% this year and are expected to continue to rise.


2015: Predictions for the Future of Sex

We would guess that immediately after Valentine’s Day next year, when the “Fifty Shades” movie premieres, LELO will be absolutely pummeled by increased requests for handcuffsblindfolds and teasers, not unlike Christian Grey on Ana’s bare bottom. Sales of kinky accessories will plateau (until the next movie in the series comes out), but by then even more women will have become comfortable buying and using bedroom accessories with their partners. A regular visit to LELO will be as normal as a dental checkup — but certainly much more pleasurable (unless, of course, you’re into pain).


6 Kinds of Lube & 6 Reasons to Use Them Every Time

July 25, 2014


LELO’s Personal Moisturizer (75 ml) 

Lube gets a bad rap, so we’d like to clear its name here once and for all: Store-bought personal lubricant is not a “crutch” for people with faulty machinery. And reaching for the wet stuff doesn’t mean you’re “not into it,” “frigid” or “kinky.” It just means you like to make sex even better:

  1. For women, natural lubrication doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with sexual arousal. You may be ready mentally, but your body could use a little catching up. It can happen any time, but it’ll be more common the older you get.
  2. Smoking, caffeine, booze, weed, stress, certain days in your menstrual cycle, and cold medicine can all dry you up. Lubricants can help combat these Saraha culprits.
  3. Adding extra lubrication means your sensitive parts can take more and more kinds of stimulation without getting over-sensitive.
  4. It helps prevent chaffing and the condom from breaking.
  5. With so many different kinds to choose from, you can find one that’s perfect for you (i.e. you like the consistency, the scent, maybe even the taste).
  6. It just feels good — even better than it does without!

But don’t even thinking about pulling a Marlon Brando and reaching for the butter (not even the olive oil, yuppie). Oils can degrade latex (i.e. break the condom!) and can also encourage vaginal infections. So when you’re a friend in need, manmade lubricant is a friend indeed.

Don’t have any on your nightstand? Here are 6 popular brands to check out:











Sexy World Cup Haiku Winners

July 13, 2014


As of pub time, we have no idea who will win the Germany vs Argentina final today (our guess: Germany; our hope: Argentina), but we do know who’s the winner in our LELO sexy World Cup haiku contest! You guys proved that sex toys and the World Cup go together like Suarez and animal behavior (think he’s a biter in bed?!).

As we reported here recently, men account for four of every five sex toy transactions at LELO.com in the week before a big sporting event; normally their transactions are split 50-50, men-women. Thank you to all our contestants who did their best to keep this World Cup sexed up! Without further ado, here is the lucky winner, who scores $200 to spend on the LELO swage of her choice…


Neymar on the brain,
My LELO in bed with me
That’s a golazo!
– Katie R.


A sports bar daydream
The Adidas Brazuca
Looks like my LELO
– Dave W.


Two hours of running
Footballers have stamina
ISLA lasts longer
– Dave W.

Playing on the field.
Running, panting, and sweating.
Winning with a goal.
– Molly M.

The ball and the field.
Take full control of Lyla.
You have possession.
– Molly M.

Hands are not allowed
In World Cup soccer, but are
Encouraged in bed!
– Mark

Don’t commit a foul,
Lest you feel the wrong end of
A penalty kick.
– Mark

Just like orgasms,
Multiples are pretty fun:
Goal goal goal goal goal!
– Mark

Endurance is key
In soccer and the bedroom.
Let LELO assist!
– Mark

They’re not just for kicks.
You’ll be playing extra time:
LELO Luna Beads.
– Mark

With LELO Ida,
You’ll be a FIFA World Champ
Scoring in the box.
– Mark

And a nod to reader Sand, who misunderstood the instructions — 5-7-5 refers to syllables, not word count — but who still wrote an entertaining poem. Better luck next time!

Ora the pitch, come Klose
Liv for football, Lelo making me Mona
Faster Soraya, leaving me Messi!
– Sand


How to Give a Great Couples Massage

July 5, 2014


sponsored post

When Denis Merkas, founder of “Melt: Massage for Couples,” asked us to review his online video series, we admit we were a bit trepidatious: images of sensitive ponytail men came to mind, the sound of cheesy tantric sitars filled our imaginations, and we thought we could suddenly smell a hint of patchouli in the air. But it turns out, we had nothing to worry about!

CouplesMassageCourses.com offers an informative, beautifully shot, sophisticated series of easy-to-follow instructional videos that can inspire couples to touch each other a little more deliberately and thoughtfully to make their lives together better (seriously, just watching the 2-minute promo below made us both want to be better partners). In each video, massage therapist Merkas — who has 13 years experience and has been perfecting these techniques for mass audiences since 2006 — tells you clearly what to do and why. His assistant in the videos is his own wife Emma — but before you start to worry the two are some HBO-ish “Real Sex,” hippy-dippy, swinging couple, rest assured, they’re adorable. And within the first minute of the quick intro video (see below), they make it clear their clothes are staying on: they provide the perfect back-rub techniques, then you can take it from there.

Here’s what we really liked about “Melt”:

  • Style: The website is beautifully designed. The videos are tastefully shot. Even their interstitial graphics are cool.
  • Charm: As host and instructor, Merkas seems like a genuinely nice guy who takes his job — and his wife’s pleasure — very seriously. But not too seriously. There’s a fine line between sophisticated seriousness and cheesy earnestness, and Merkas never crosses over to the dark side, even when he uses terms like “mushy mushy yum yum.” His cute Australian accent certainly doesn’t hurt!
  • Humor: We are automatically big fans of anyone who uses a Mr. Miyagi “wax on, wax off” reference when talking about massage do’s and don’ts.
  • Ease: Rather than one long daunting video that’s too intimidating to begin, Merkas breaks up the instruction into short, easy-to-process vids that are meticulously organized so you can ease into things, jump around, and review any specific technique you like at your own pace. Every technique is broken down and explained well with cute, easy-to-remember terms like “Train Tracks” and “The Cat Walk.”
  • Insider tips: No need for a massage table or other fancy props, just some useful tricks to make a sensual massage even better (for example, who knew the best place for a couples massage is not on the bed?!).
  • Choreographed routines: Included in the package are three massage “routines” — one 5 minutes, one 15 minutes, and one 30 minutes — that you can follow along with after you’ve mastered the various individual moves. Best part: Merkas offers each routine with or without commentary (hey, blindfold your partner and use the vids as a sort of silent cheat sheet!).
  • Effectiveness: Just ask Lo’s husband, who’s been in a zombie-like state of total bliss since she used him as her guinea pig.

Lifetime access to these 3 massage routines and 17 technique videos is usually $99. But from now until July 23rd, 2014, EMandLO.com readers can get Lifetime Access for ONLY $29, that’s more than 70% OFF! Use coupon code EMandLO to get the videos for ONLY $29. That’s certainly way less expensive than a date night out. So turn down the overheads, light some candles, and plan a great date night in with “Melt: Massage for Couples.”