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Win a $200 Bridal Pleasure Set in LELO’s Pinterest Contest!

June 25, 2013


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Yep, it’s wedding season again, that time of year when church bells ring to celebrate the joining of two souls in wedded bliss — and a million wedding inspiration pictures are pinned on Pinterest! Come on: If you don’t have a dream wedding board on Pinterest, can you really say that you have a dream wedding?

This year promises to be a little different, though: LELO is hosting a Pinterest contest until July 5th, and every day they will be giving away a Bridal Pleasure Set — worth $200! — to someone who enters. The kit contains three sensual items guaranteed to improve any honeymoon/bachelorette party… it’s the wedding gift you can be sure no one else will give. (And who really wants to give another toaster, anyway?) Read more about the Bridal Pleasure Set here.

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

    1. Follow LELO on Pinterest
    2. Create a new board called LELO Dream Wedding
    3. Fill this board with 5 pins from the LELO Dream Wedding board, and 1 image of the Bridal Pleasure Set*
    4.  Include the tags #LELOBridal and #wedding on each of the pins in your new board
    5. Copy and paste the link to your new board on the original contest pin in their LELO Dream Wedding board

Happy Pinning, everyone!

* Your LELO Dream Wedding Board should contain no less than 10 total pins, not all of which need to be repinned from the LELO Dream Wedding Board on LELO’s Pinterest Page.

The New and Improved Hitachi Magic Wand Is Here to Stay!

June 11, 2013


The new and improved Magic Wand is available at GoodVibes

We’re incredibly relieved that we didn’t find out how close the Hitachi Magic Wand came to being pulled from the market until after Vibratex swooped in to save the day. It turns out that after decades of people co-opting the famous back massager as a trusty sex toy, Hitachi finally got a bit uncomfortable with having their name associated with screaming O’s. Fortunately, Vibratex — who have been the sole importer of the Hitachi Magic Wand for more than a decade — agreed to take over, and they are now the official distributor of the renamed Magic Wand Vibrator.

Sure, you may pine for the awesome ’80s pics of women in leotards on the old school packaging, but the new¬†Magic Wand has been¬†updated so that it’s now even stronger, complete with modern circuitry and even stronger internal construction. We have been raving about this workhorse vibrator for years — it’s the best-selling vibrator at Good Vibrations — so we thought we’d excerpt some praise for it from our book Sex Toy: An A-Z Guide to Bedside Accessories:

Where to start? It’s the Cadillac of vibrators, the Tom Cruise of turbo-toys, the bestseller, the MVP, the woman’s best friend, the box-office sure thing, that ’70s toy. The Hitachi is the most popular vibrating sex toy in the world. The world! The Hitachi was initially marketed as a “muscle massager,” and it is still packaged that way. It makes sense‚ÄĒafter all, electric body massagers work by bringing blood to the area, which is‚ÄĒhey!‚ÄĒexactly what happens when you get turned on. And because the Hitachi was designed to be a work-horse, it can last for decades‚ÄĒunlike those crappy “novelty” items designed to last for the duration of a bachelorette party.

The Hitachi is the toy that inspired Joani Blank to found Good Vibrations. Masturbation maven Betty Dodson started ordering them by the case-load in the ’70s, to give out to women taking her self-love classes. Sure, the Hitachi sounds like a dying cow, but once you feel its strong vibrations you won’t care whether you’re waking the neighbors. Just try not to have an orgasm when you hold one of these puppies against your clit‚ÄĒthough we don’t recommend direct stimulation, even on the “low” setting. Try it over your jeans or a pillow, or just squeeze it between your thighs and let the vibes travel north. The Hitachi has a soft foam head covered in soft acrylic, about the size of a tennis ball, and a foot-long white plastic handle (so no arm cramps!).

Sure, it’s not as cute as the Rabbit‚ÄĒin fact, it’s rather medical-looking. But if you’ve got a nosy house cleaner or a dog who likes to drag inappropriate “presents” into the living room whenever your mother-in-law is over for tea, that might be a good thing. Plus, next time you get a real back-ache after a grueling transatlantic flight: hey presto! You own a back massager!

The new and improved Magic Wand Vibrator is for sale now at GoodVibes.com



Say “I Do” to Hot Monogamy with LELO’s Bridal Pleasure Set

June 5, 2013


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Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something… really blue. LELO’s Bridal Pleasure Set — gorgeously packaged in wedding white, naturally — is here to spice up this year’s wedding season. It’s a saucy and unique gift idea for a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or even a surprise wedding gift — trust us, this Pleasure Set will bring more joy than a piece of everyday china. Just make sure it arrives before the honeymoon!

Here are some more details about what this Pleasure Set contains…

1. Noa Couples’ Massager
This best-selling pleasure object, with six vibration patterns,¬†is worn by the woman during lovemaking. It’s waterproof and USB-Rechargeable. This special edition is wedding white and gold.

2. Suede Teaser Ring
This unique, soft white suede, one-size-fits-all Teaser Whip Ring features pearl detailing. Slip it¬†on his or her finger during foreplay to tempt and build arousal…

3. Pearl-Studded Blindfold
Love is truly blind! Like the Teaser Ring, this elegant, hand-sewn 100% silk and suede blindfold is adorned with river pearls. It’ll help enhance sensation and mystery. In white, of course.

4. LELO Lover’s Guide
A  beautifully illustrated and inspiring guide to all the positions and possibilities that the Bridal Pleasure Set offers

As with all LELO products, this set comes with a user manual, a satin storage pouch (white, natch), and a one-year warranty (with this gift, we’re pretty sure the marriage will outlast the warranty!). Better yet, you can get 15% off this Pleasure Set by using the code Em&Lo1 at checkout. Consider it our wedding gift to you all.

New & Novel: Vibrators for Voice Therapy

May 6, 2013

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Vibrators aren’t just for “back massages” anymore! University of Alberta professor David Ley has been using Lelo‘s ultra-powerful external vibe SIRI¬†(pictured above) to help Canada‚Äôs performing artists sing and speak with clearer, stronger voices. The SIRI massages vocal cords to reduce vocal tension — it works because the frequency emitted by SIRI, which is between 110 and 120 hertz, matches that of the human voice. The massage is not too hard, not too soft, but just right for relaxing the delicate vocal muscles that give us our voice. Now¬†laryngitis¬†is the perfect excuse to invest in a nice, new sex toy!


Top 10 Reasons to Love LELO

April 30, 2013


LELO is celebrating their tenth anniversary this year, which seems as good a time as any to count the ways we love them. They are this site’s major underwriter — which is reason enough to love them! — but we also consider them friends, and it is honestly a pleasure doing business with them. We’d shout from the rooftops about their awesome products¬†even if they didn’t pay us to do so! And so, under no obligation today, we present our top ten reasons to love LELO.

1. Innovation
The sex¬†toy industry has changed immeasurably over the last decade, and LELO has always been out front of the pack, setting a shining example. Remember when most sex toys were mostly cheap, plastic, gimmicky things that worked well as funny bachelorette party gags but never actually got the job done? No, neither do we — and LELO is one of the companies responsible for that.

2. Packaging
It sounds like a small thing, but tasteful, elegant, gorgeous packaging of sex toys was kind of ground-breaking when it first began. Presentation makes a huge difference — it means you feel good about giving your partner/best friend/sister/booty call a pleasure object… and they can feel good about receiving. Sex toys can suddenly make sensual, romantic gifts — and LELO is first and foremost in the industry when it comes to luxurious packaging.

3. Operating Instructions Included
In the bad old days of sex toys (see #1), they were considered “novelty items” and therefore couldn’t include instructions for use. Instead you’d find a tiny printed warning message along the lines of “not intended for actual use” or “for novelty use only.” LELO was one of the first companies to design products that were actually intended for use — shocking, we know! And they weren’t shy about including instructions telling you how to enjoy and care for your products, either.

4. No “Realistically Veined” Penis Substitutes
And yes, that is an actual term in the sex toy world! We love the way that LELO pleasure objects are not afraid to be themselves — they’re not trying to imitate anything else (i.e. most of them don’t even come close to phallic). In fact, if a nosy houseguest or a visiting aunt came across a LELO item in your house, they might just mistake it for coffee table art! (See #4)

5. They’re Rechargeable
Just about all of LELO’s products are rechargeable, meaning they’re good for your body and for the environment.

6. The Nea
You know those perfectly smooth little pebbles that you find on the beach and have to take home because they feel so wonderful in the palm of your hand? Well the gorgeously floral Nea vibrator is like that, except it feels so wonderful in many different places, including between two bodies. It’s powerful, quiet, smooth, strong, and barely larger than a pebble.

7. Technology
LELO is constantly refining their products to take advantage of the latest in technology — like the SenseMotion technology employed in the award-winning couples’ massager the Tiani 2.

8. Luna Beads
LELO is the maker of the world’s bestselling Kegel weights system, available in two sizes to ensure that every woman finds the perfect fit for the most effective pelvic floor workout. You know it’s true love when a company doesn’t just care about your orgasms — they care about your pelvic floor health, too.

9. Objects of Beauty
Sure, some sex toys can get the job done without winning any beauty contests — but why shouldn’t they do both? LELO’s pleasure objects are works of art, to admire both visually and¬†sensually¬†.

10. We Like Them, We Really Like Them!
LELO pleasure objects are designed with pleasure in mind, and they get the job done. What more can you ask for in life, really?

Calling All Creatives! LELO’s Search for New Forms of Pleasure!

April 24, 2013


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Are you as passionate about design as you are about passion? Have you always wanted to invent your own pleasure object? Do you dream at night of wonderful and gorgeous new ways to turn on the world? Then do we have a contest for you! As part of their ten-year anniversary celebration, LELO is launching its first ever pleasure objects design contest.

Here’s the deal: LELO has always prided itself on products that are as¬†aesthetically pleasing as they are erotically pleasing — in other words, toys that please your sense of touch and your sense of sight. But now LELO wants contestants to focus on the other three senses: sound, taste, and smell, using at least one of these senses as a launching point of inspiration. You can submit ideas in two different categories: 1) Fashion Accessories, and 2) Products & Spaces.

Here’s more straight from LELO, with specifics after the video:

Applicants are asked to give a personal interpretation of pleasure that pushes sensory boundaries of all kinds. You should create objects, accessories and experiences to enhance the possibility of pleasure in everyday life. It’s time to make creative use of neglected or overlooked ideas of pleasure ‚Äď positive design for positive experiences!

In what way can the clothes and accessories we wear become tools for pleasure and entertainment?
What playful and unexpected functions could they incorporate? Make fashion fun and explore new possibilities for pleasure!

Micro-technologies, augmented reality, responsive and smart materials are already changing the ways we interact with objects and spaces. Do something different and think about how interaction can deliver new forms of pleasure.

1. Innovation in delivering pleasure
2. Uniqueness and originality of design
3. Ability to involve multiple senses
4. Functionality

Applications will be accepted until August 1st, 2013, and 5 finalists will have their works exhibited at this year’s London Design Week and showcased on the LELO homepage (and the winner in each category will get a thousand Euros to boot). Check out the official LELO Design Award 2013 website for more details on how to enter the contest.

C Is for Costumes

April 12, 2013


The following is from our very own naughty dictionary,¬†150 SHADES OF PLAY: A Beginner’s Guide to Kink.¬†Bolded words signify individual entries that appear elsewhere in the A-to-Z section of the book. Anything with a tie icon¬†¬†indicates an activity or prop mentioned in the¬†Fifty Shades¬†series (symbolic of the famous woven tie¬†Christian Grey¬†uses to restrain¬†Anastasia Steele…and oh how we wished there’d been a gimp suit in Fifty!). The idea being: look up something you‚Äôre interested in and, from there,¬†make it a choose-your-own-adventure book by following any bolded words that pique your interest to their own dedicated entry. Or just start at A and don‚Äôt stop ‚Äėtil you get to Z‚ÄĒor ‚Äėtil you‚Äôre compelled to try something out with your partner, whichever comes first!:



If it’s a uniform of some sort that’s tight, revealing, and made of latex, there’s a 99.99% chance it’s a fetish outfit. However, you can certainly go for more realistic costumes by using things lying around the house (D.I.Y.-style), renting one from a non-fetish costume shop, or getting your hands on an authentic uniform (try eBay or industry supply shops). The idea is to get into character and find your motivation for a littlerole-playing, or at least for feeling like someone you’re not: There’s nothing like a naughty nurse’s outfit to give you the confidence to finally poke your boyfriend with a lubed, latex-gloved, index finger.

Other popular costumes (most of which come in handy latex versions) include: doctor, patient, priest, nun, military personnel, interrogator, vampire, Victorian, school marm, (Catholic) school girl/boy, cheerleader, governess, little kid/baby, police officer, Canadian mountie‚ÄĒbasically anything that helps create or emphasize a certain sexual¬†power¬†dynamic.

If you’re feeling less than adventurous, know that wearing something just a little more sensuous than usual can help get you in the right mood for play (remember, Ana swapped her big T-shirts for some nice silk numbers). See also wigs.

For more on roleplaying, BDSM, and other kinky endeavors, pick up a copy 150 SHADES OF PLAY, on sale now at Amazon!

Top 6 Toys I Fantasize About

April 11, 2013


Our contributor Jewely Hoxie studies Human Sexuality at the University of California Santa Cruz (read her blog here). She has this to say about the sex toys she wishes were a part of her collection…

1. Whipsmart’s Pleasure Swing
A sex swing sounds like a combination of two of the greatest pleasures in life: playing on the swings and playing with your partner. A full-body, couples’ sex toy seems like a fantastic place to begin opening up to more possibilities for sex.





2. Cobra Libre
I know what you’re thinking, it’s a sex toy for men, but just look at it! It is so sleek and powerful. If I could be a man for one day, this is definitely one of the many things I would experiment with that day. But even as a women with a little bit of imagination, I could figure out how to make this toy just as enjoyable.


3. Knead Me Massage Stones and Candle from Jimmyjane
I’ve often heard that smell is the best aphrodisiac out of all our senses, which is why perfume and deodorant are always advertised in such a sexual manner. I also think that the massage part of a couples’ spa retreat is almost universally known as the pre-jump-my-bones part of the spa retreat. This combo has it all.


4. We-Vibe III
I’ve tried multiple cock rings to get that vibrating stimulation I love so much while I’m with my partner, but the We-Vibe has a whole new take on that sensation. The internal and external stimulation makes it the dual rabbit vibrator of the couples’ sex toy world.



5. Lelo’s Lyla 2 Vibrator with SenseMotion Technology
The trailer (see above) was enough to show me that my ultimate sex fantasy is to have my partner surprise me with orgasms while we have a dance party together. (Read more about Lelo’s SenseMotion technology here.)


6. Jimmyjane’s Eternity
It’s a 24K gold vibrator with 28 round-cut diamonds around it. I’m not much for jewelry — but on a vibrator? That is what I call a girl’s best friend. I don’t know how you could not get off from something that luxe.


Today (Fri) Is Your Last Chance to Win a Real LELO Accessory!

April 5, 2013


We’ll hand it to our sponsor LELO: they came up with a pretty subtle April Fool’s joke in the¬†G√ĄSM. We mean, who wouldn’t want a cool looking, eco-friendly vibe with excellent customer service and anywhere recharge-ability? Maybe the “fact” that it’s made out of compressed wood pulp and old tires was a bit of a giveaway. But who could blame you for being hopeful?

Congratulations to our G√ĄSM¬†Contest¬†winner Ana! She may not get the fictional¬†G√ĄSM, but she does get her choice of one of the following fabulous LELO¬†pleasure objects:


Here’s how:

  • Mention and link (http://tinyurl.com/cgjr5qe)¬†to LELO’s¬†awesome April 1st joke between now and this Friday, April 5th at midnight EST. (And it’s not like you’re promoting your favorite toy to all your friends and family, you’re just appreciating a good joke!)
  • Let us know you‚Äôve done so by¬†mailing us a screenshot¬†of each FB post/Tweet (on a Mac, Command+Shiftshift+4¬†lets you drag and capture an area of the screen;¬†click here for instructions¬†on taking screenshots on either a PC or a Mac).
  • The more you share, the greater your chances of winning! One lucky winner randomly drawn will get their choice of one of the following fabulous LELO¬†accessories!:

Dear Em & Lo, I Secretly Used My Wife’s Sex Toy…Up My Butt

April 4, 2013


Billy, LELO’s male massager

Get Personal Advice Publicly on EMandLO.comTry Our New
*PRIVATE* Advice Service!

Hello Ladies,

I am a married guy who occasionally reads your site for some ideas to share with my wife.¬† It seems like anal play both for him and her is a popular topic. My wife enjoys some occasional backside attention, and I’ve been trying to get her to give me some too. One time she used a butt plug on me while giving me a handjob. This resulted in the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced!¬† After that, I secretly used her dildo on myself just to see if it would fit, and it did. Now, I’ve asked her to use it on me, but she’s afraid of hurting me.¬† I don’t want her to freak out knowing I’ve already done it. Do you have any advice as to how to get her to play along?


Dear Dad (no wait, that’s all wrong…),

Have you heard of those urban legends of people getting their vacation camera film developed only to find pictures of their toothbrushes stuck up strangers’ butts? Well, this is practically the same thing… Read the rest of this entry »