Blog Snog: 3 Inexpensive But Romantic Holiday Gifts

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Ancient Pompeii Graffiti Reveals Potty Mouths, Penis Jokes

photo via flickr A friend just emailed us a link to this collection of awesome (and dirty!) graffiti from Pompeii. We know it seems like it couldn’t possibly be real, but Pompeiana.org seems like a legitimate academic site. (They describe themselves as “an online resource for all things Pompeian… a place for original research by […]

Happy Fourth!

photo by foxypar4 We’re taking it a bit easy this week to celebrate the fourth, and we hope you are, too. No posts today, and just two posts a day for the rest of the week. (Please tell us you do notice that we typically bring you three posts a day!!) We’ll return to our regularly […]

Great Music to Have Sex To: Patrick Watson

photo via Flickr Or maybe we should say “great music to make love to” (if we actually used that terminology). It definitely works for making out to. Not frantic rip-off-each-others’-clothes sessions, but more deliberate, sensual interludes that last longer than an hour, the kind earnest teenagers in love engage in. Patrick Watson, the Montreal-based band (fronted by singer-songwriter […]

Blog Snog: 007 Signs He Doesn’t Want a Relationship (Or Is a Spy)

photo via Flickr College Candy: How to turn down a date. The Frisky: “Should I be more scarred by my date rape?“ Your Tango: A roundup of dating sites — which is best for you? (gay sites included!) How About We: 50 places to make out at before you die. TresSugar: The evolution of TV […]

Will a Sex Strike Give a Bunch of Liberal Guys Blue Balls?

photo via flickr Where reason fails, satire sometimes works — hence the sudden trend of tongue-in-cheek proposed sex laws, like the “personhood of semen” bill. And where satire fails — will a sex strike work? That’s the hope of a group called Liberal Ladies Who Lunch (love it!). They are proposing a national sex strike […]

The Sexy Librarian Is a Man, Baby

Zack, Mr. January We’re not sure which is the most pervasive stereotype about librarians — that she wears her hair in a bun, wears glasses, and likes to shush people, or that she is secretly a sex fiend who likes to shake out her bun and whip off her glasses. Either way, male librarians are […]

Naked News: Schweddy Balls, Little Baldies and Baby Daddies

Ben & Jerry’s best flavor ever: Schweddy Balls! A little baldy on little baldies: Moby wants to make a porno with average-sized willies. Study shows testosterone drops when men become dads. Young women have orgasms during intercourse less than half the time as men. Read the rest of this post on SUNfiltered

Naked News: Adam Lambert’s Impromptu On-Air Make-Out Sesh

Adam Lambert calls the west coast feed editing of his American Music Awards performance this past Sunday (which included simulating receiving oral sex and tonguing a dude) “discrimination.” A new study analyzed 914 films released widely between 2001 and 2005 and concluded that “sex and nudity do not, on the average, boost box office performance, […]