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Will a Sex Strike Give a Bunch of Liberal Guys Blue Balls?

March 19, 2012


photo via flickr

Where reason fails, satire sometimes works — hence the sudden trend of tongue-in-cheek proposed sex laws, like the “personhood of semen” bill. And where satire fails — will a sex strike work? That’s the hope of a group called Liberal Ladies Who Lunch (love it!). They are proposing a national sex strike from April 28 until May 5 — tagline, “If our reproductive choices are denied, so are yours.”

Now, clearly this is a symbolic gesture more than anything else — after all, a week without sex sounds more like a long-term relationship than a sex strike to us. As compared to, say, the ancient Greek play Lysistrata, wherein the women of Greece go on an actual sex strike to end the decades-long Peloponnesian War. Meaning, they wouldn’t have sex until the war was over, whether that took a week or another decade. Or take Colombia, where in 2006 the girlfriends of gang members in one of the country’s most violent cities, Pereira (it had a murder rate at the time of 97 per 100,000 people), went on strike until their men gave up their weapons. As a result, in 2010, Pereira’s murder rate dropped by 26.5 percent, the steepest decline in the country.

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The Sexy Librarian Is a Man, Baby

October 27, 2011


Zack, Mr. January

We’re not sure which is the most pervasive stereotype about librarians — that she wears her hair in a bun, wears glasses, and likes to shush people, or that she is secretly a sex fiend who likes to shake out her bun and whip off her glasses. Either way, male librarians are decidedly absent. And not just male librarians, but young male librarians. Young, male librarians who are not opposed to showing a little skin. This oversight bothered Megan Perez — a young, male former librarian who is not opposed to showing a little skin.¬†Enter “The Men of the Stacks” calendar for 2012!

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Naked News: Schweddy Balls, Little Baldies and Baby Daddies

September 13, 2011


Naked News: Adam Lambert’s Impromptu On-Air Make-Out Sesh

November 24, 2009



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Happy Federal Holiday – See You Here Tomorrow!

October 12, 2009


In honor of Columbus Day, we’re taking the day off and reading¬†Eduardo Galeano’s “Memory of Fire.” Tune in tomorrow for new horoscopes, a dream interpretation and other fun stuff.


Comment of the Week: More Penis Empowerment

October 7, 2009


ruler_inchesphoto by Biking Nikon PDX

Guys, really, 5″ isn’t a small penis! It’s average; no woman in her right mind would look at you and feel short changed.¬† I can’t believe more than 1% of all women out there would think 5″ is too small. I had no idea so many of you [guys] feel this much pain about this issue. That was tough to read, especially since I know your dick size doesn’t matter! Don’t believe the hype!

SP, commenting on “My Boyfriend Has a Small Penis”

Happy Labor Day!

September 7, 2009


We hope you’re taking the day off too, and that the weather is nice where you are. We’ll be back tomorrow with your weekly horoscopes and the Wise Guys on circumcision. Mwah!

Your Call: Can a Marriage Survive a Consensual Third Party?

August 4, 2009



photo by linh.ng√Ęn

We know that a helpful answer to this question goes deeper than a multiple-choice poll, so we encourage you to cast your vote and then leave your advice/war stories/encouragement for Maybe Baby in the comments section below.

Dear Em & Lo,
I hope you can help me and my wife with our problem.We have been married 9 years, she is 40 and I’m 41.We are an attractive slim couple but for quite some time my wife has complained about our sex life. The main issue is quite simply that I have a very small penis — just 3 inches fully erect. My wife at first accepted this, but she has become increasingly unsatisfied during penetration, especially when she is aroused. She tells me that she is unable to feel me inside her. Now she has started to talk about a man she works with who has a reputation of being quite well endowed. My wife would like to sleep with him on occasion. I have to admit, this would be a bit of a turn-on, especially as she stated that I could be involved. She would never cheat on me behind my back, as we have such a strong loving relationship. She is very unselfish and has embraced and encouraged my fetish for dressing as a baby girl in diapers, plastic pants, frilly pink panties, nighties, etc, etc. I have a submissive side and this is something we could explore more. We have talked about me being dressed as her baby while she is with her “lover.” What are the positives and negatives of this kind of thing? And could this work out for us?
–Maybe Baby

Can’t see the poll? Click here to take it.

Reproduction, Us Weekly-style: Celebrity Look-a-Like Sperm Donors

August 3, 2009

1 Comment

sperm_bankAt the Cryobank sperm bank in (natch) L.A., you can select a donor based on which celebrity he resembles

Online dating neophytes will sometimes get lured into a blind date with someone whose profile boasts that they bear a striking resemblance to, say, Robert Pattinson. It takes only one — okay, maybe two or three — dating disappointments before the neophyte realizes that (a) some people have a very loose definition of “resemblance”; and (b) someone who truly believes that he resembles Robert Pattinson makes a terrible date. (Unless he does, actually, resemble Robert Pattinson, in which case you might be willing to give him a pass in the personality department for the night.) Seriously, though: Anyone who thinks they’re a celeb look-a-like is probably also still convinced they’re as special as their momma always told them they were.

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Not-So-Flat Stanley

July 9, 2009


prostitute_tombstonephoto via Hamburger Morgenpost

At first glance, this news story about a German prostitute’s tombstone being deemed “too slutty” seemed like just another one of those “Oddly Enough” stories that every paper traffics in (“Drunken Tractor Driver Leads Police on Slow Chase” et al). Until we got to the part about how the tombstone in question was designed by none other than illustrator Tomi Ungerer, best known for the classic — and brilliantly illustrated– children’s book Flat Stanley. (The book which launched a million grade-school projects.) Consider our minds blown. Apparently Ungerer was a long-time friend of Domenica Niehoff, who died earlier this year of a lung illness. Niehoff campaigned tirelessly for the rights of sex workers; thanks in large part to her advocacy work, Germany legalized prostitution in 2002. To honor her achievements, she was the first (retired) sex worker to be buried in Ohlsdorf Cemetery’s Garden of Women.

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