Comment of the Week – Lips Don't Have a Monopoly on Kisses

photo by Ezyan Y.

In response to Your Call: How Can They Maintain Intimacy If They Can’t Kiss, rhapsodyblue graciously proves that if you throw your problems into the community swap pile, you’ll most likely gladly take yours back. And the fact that rhapsodyblue gives such good, positive, supportive advice so gently, without telling the original author to stop whining, suck it up and just deal, makes her our favorite commenter of the week:

Don’t despair – having regular kissing not be an option can just encourage you to get more creative with your intimacy. When my beau was going through chemotherapy for lymphoma, his white blood cell count fell so low that we weren’t allowed to breathe on each other – we had to cuddle while wearing sterile face masks. Kiss his neck, his forehead, his earlobes, his hands – learn to be a little silly in the ways you show affections and bump noses with each other, or just rest your foreheads against one another and nuzzle. Lovely as lips may be, they are not the only body part it’s fun to kiss. You’ll figure something out.

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