Comment of the Week: Stop Treating Men Like Babies About Birth Control

Matbo, responding to the post “Would You Rely on a Male Birth Control Pill?”:

I want the male pill now!!!! I hate being on the pill — it makes my body feel weird, and frankly it’s no secret that condoms suck, they take away a layer of closeness and substitute it with rubber instead — the lube expenses are ludicrous.

And to all the women who wouldn’t trust a man to take birth control? Puh-lease! Can we please treat men like they are actual adults who are just as concerned about the baby thing as we are? I would be very comfortable and relieved if my boyfriend could take the pill and we could engage in coitus anywhere any place with out being all condomy about it…

(By the way, how awesome is the adjective “condomy”?! That alone was worth the Comment of the Week. — E&L)

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It is not that I don’t trust my boyfriend with birth control, but I have so much more to loose than he does. It is no secret that men can just walk out of their babies lives. Women have more incentive to take the pill because it is their life that gets affected. I think it would be beneficial if both parties were on the pill because then that closes the gap in unplanned pregnancies.